Uedama anti-gank

Its cool :slight_smile:

Ive said many times that I think your initiatives are a great thing to see in the game.

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CCP just needs to arm haulers/miners…Ohhhh Spicey.

Anyone can be ganked. Nothing is stopping you from ganking the gankers.

Uh, cause they have magic powers? All of that takes locking. And if you don’t understand what being locked on to means, plz biomass kthx.

They are in fact not heavily weighted. If I was mining and I got locked by a random slasher, I’d already be warping to pre-aligned to a safe. Plz learn to EVE. Hell, once they got into local I’d nope out already.

I’ll never understand this perspective. Its like you believe gankers have magical powers.

or yennoe they just gotta find friends to guard and pay them out from the mining proceeds.

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I’m a witch, in real-life.

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Apparently. I think the hard part is most of these peeps have never actively hunted another player in EVE. A player who is paying attention is much harder to kill than one who isn’t.

As it should be. No one is above being ganked. You can always gank the gankers.

You know what you should do? You should go into rookie help in game and tell the newbros how to make safes. Buy an atron or condor or slasher, speed fit that thing and go around making some BMs man.

  1. Make deep safes, more than 14 AU away from any celestial
  2. Make scanning safes for gates and belts, so you can peek in there with d-scan
  3. Make insta dock BMs
  4. Make BMs where you can still see the gate, but so far away you can warp away in more than enough time
  5. Add all the big ganking alliances/corps/members to red standings. Study zkills to learn their haunts. Use DOTLAN and F10 to find quieter systems.
  6. Watch local and d-scan, learn the ganking ships, learn the scanner fits, learn that even a venture can come along and do some work

Now I know you’re gonna say, bUt iT tAkEs sO mUcH tImE.

Welp. You wanna spend time making BMs that’ll save your life or you wanna spend time grinding ISK for the ship you lost cause you didn’t wanna take the precautions?

You do realize that there is no need for you right? Any freighter pilot that doesn’t use an untargetable sub second align hecate with 3 webbers is just being lazy right?


It is absolute statements like that which Ganker aligned players come out with that make me laugh big time. The Hecate will have to get close enough to the freighter to apply those unbonused webs which makes any mention of its own fast align time rather silly, as in meaningless. But more important the sensor boosted tackle cruiser will have the freighter well and truly pointed within the three to five seconds that the Freighter will still be there. I used to use twin faction webs on a bonuses Loki, so yeah…

The lazyness is in fact posting without any thought on the subject.

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Here’s a thought.

What if CCP doesn’t actually want it to be balanced?

What if CCP wants the freighters to die?

I wonder if they make more money, when expensive spaceships explode?

Just a thought.


When you can directly buy a replacement freighter with RL cash you will have your answer.

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Completely unrelated:


I did say directly for this reason. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I did say completely unrelated for this reason. :wink:


Actually I think this is related, which is why I did use the word directly, but I appreciate you linking it as we are almost there perhaps…

To be honest I think plex has always been that.

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Yes that was my point that CCP has this in plans and despite they removed it for now (at least claimed to do so) due to the backlash, this is the road we are heading towards just will take a more subtle path (meaning they will wait until nobody cares anymore and re-implement it).

It is the exact same trick companies use to make their gambling lootbox mechanics legal by implementing a barrier in the form of one or even several layers of currency to can claim players are not buying random lootbox content directly thus not gambling they just buy in-game currency that they spend on whatever they choose to. Which we all know is just a made up excuse not to directly purchase the random content which would be direct gambling in exchange for real life CA$H.

Same here, they might be using PLEX as a mediator but it is clear to see they are as directly selling things for $$$ as possible under the current situation and aim to do more in the future is the trend over time as we can witness ourselves.


Yeah very much so, I agree with you 100%.

On a side note I think having Aiko indirectly admit that it is not balanced was kinda fun, I would rather it was not like this. But I think it has been like this since I started playing as Dracvlad, it is just a little bit more obvious.

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Yeah, this is relevant.

It often seems that people think of balance as an equal chance. Like if the mechanics for predators were on one side of a set of scales and the mechanics for prey were on the other, they’d somehow be equally balanced, even with little or no effort.

That isn’t what balance is at all. In game design, it’s adjusting the settings to provide the experience that the game designers want players to be able to experience, and often it means that the players need to be actively using the mechanics, in order to have that experience.

Too many people want to be able to autopilot or blindly solo from Amarr to Jita and still have a chance of survival if they get engaged. They only want “the other guys” to have to be actively using all of the mechanics. Not them personally.

Luckily, that isn’t the balance that CCP wants the players to have.


What’s funny is you use all these hypotheticals cause you aren’t ever yennoe, in Uedama and actually witness what happens :smiley:

All you got is theorycraft my man.

It is balanced. Most of these peeps being ganked have terrible ship fits. They practically gank themselves. And its nice you admit you’re Rroff :smiley: So she got you to re-sub and stop using Rroff. Sheesh.

Preach it brother.

Back to forum stalking I see, I was not talking to you, begone knave.

Game of alts, part of the desire for more cash.

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I notice you didn’t dispute it. Good job Rroff.