Uedama anti-gank

Love the sound of that

Would you like to purchase a mining permit?

In the context of Eve and hi-sec, griefing would be repeated, deliberate and targetted (all 3 in combination) harassment of a player. Ganking someone in high-sec, in and of itself is not griefing. Ganking someone multiple times in the normal course of trying to find people to gank (in other words, not searching exclusively for them and ignoring other equally available targets) is also not griefing because it is not targetted.

As to your ranking of motive, why do you get to judge what is a worthy motive or not in others? Eve online isn’t a civilisation, it’s an Attenborough nature documentary. The Nile Crocodile lying in wait for the fat wildebeest to cross the river isn’t questioned on its ethics, nor is the cheetah for targetting the youngest and slowest gazelle because it’s easier to catch even though it doesn’t provide as much sustenance. It’s entirely possible that the thrill of the hunt and chase is the motive for gankers - the planning, the successful execution, the heart-thumping adrenaline rush, the uncertainty of outcome. That is their sustenance, not the end result.

(Full disclosure - I’ve only been playing this game for 4 months and never been killed in High-sec, so never been ganked. Nor have I ganked. I’ve died plenty - gatecamps, ambushes, afk stupidity, been hunted, went to fight someone and lost in FW space, but that was all in low-sec and wormholes, so can’t be considered ganking. I’ve even been killed multiple times by the same person who one-shotted me to oblivion each time. But it wasn’t griefing, it was just in the normal course of them visiting their hunting spots at the same time I was visiting for ratting purposes. I’ve even had a go at trying to catch my own prey a few times - mostly I suck, but even from that limited experience I can see why people would want to do it, regardless of ISK-based rewards/losses)


This person gets it

And verily the EVE gods do reward the faithful. This, this perspective IS EVE Online.

I managed to get a venture/gila last night in low and then listened to my instincts and noped out afterwards, avoided the gate camp just as it was being set up :smiley:

But that’s my whole point. A PvP police force could be a bunch of saints…or be totally corrupt. Beats having a bunch of indestructible unthinking NPCs.

Haha ! This entire thread is jam packed with gankers or their supporters deciding the worth and motive of others. Ganker threads here are full of gankers deciding that solitary miners in highsec are a waste of pixels. The entire ganker ethos in itself entirely a value judgement on others. The same hypocrisy is applied with the ‘freedom’ to gank…by people who never talk about the ‘freedom’ to mine.

The African plains ? ‘Nature, red in tooth and claw’ ?. Let me know when Attenborough does a documentary showing 15 crocs suicide ganking a wildebeast.

I don’t think anyone is saying you aren’t free to mine. In fact if you buy a permit and follow its terms you can mine as much as you like.

The Hunt (2015) - Episode 1. Not just crocodiles, but the epitome of group gankers, the African Wild Dogs (Lycaeon pictus).

Or see Great Migration River Crossing Masai Mara, Kenya - Zebras & Wildebeests @LowisandLeakey Safaris - YouTube

And of course miners are free to mine, just not free to mine unmolested - which applies to all occupations and activities in Eve.

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Gotta love the way everyone is unfree to roam Eve unmolested …apart from gankers. A miner, or anyone else, transporting anything across Eve faces an all or nothing risk. They either 100% make it, or 100% don’t. Gankers, on the other hand, simply don’t face that dilemma. They can see exactly what cargo a person has, exactly what rig and fittings and defence they have, and can know exactly how many ships to bring in…which means the stakes are not all or nothing but are heavily weighted in favour of the ganker.

So the idea that there’s some sort of ‘equal freedom’ or ‘unfreedom’ is just plain nonsense.

Why are gankers protected?

Generally, anyone is free to engage them, either due to outlaw status or kill rights.

Gankers are ‘protected’ by having weighted up the odds in advance. The fact that someone else, or Concord, can take them out is part of that calculation. That is precisely why it is called suicide ganking. Anyone even remotely proficient at ganking thus cannot lose…which is more than you can say for their targets.

Ganking is the casino equivalent of playing with loaded dice.

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So they take steps to protect themselves then?

What stops anyone doing that?

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I see your point and it often seems that way but we use all the above to hunt them .

In the last week I have taken part in or chatted to people who have - hunted using KR , stopped ganks and saved ships , ganker station destroyed , stopped large fleets ganking because we arrived on the scene, ganked gankers off gates, people just have to do it

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Ganking the gankers is particularly poetic justice, as there isn’t a single reason gankers use to justify ganking that cannot be turned back on them.

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Gankers dont have an issue with it.

Thats something you just made up.

You mean, there’s an effective counter if one is able to make use of it?

I knew you’d get it eventually, Cilla!


Go do it. Fun for everyone. Exactly what a game is about.


Gankers don’t like being ganked or pulled it of fleets and killed, but in reality no one does.

They dont have a problem that the same mechanism they use is usable against them.

I didnt think I needed to be quite that specific.

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