UI Request: Keyboard Shortcut to switch between 0% (No) and 100% (Full) Window Transparency

When I’m docked I want No Window Transparency (by default) because “Spreadsheets Online” :slight_smile:

When I undock I’d like Full Window Transparancy (by default) because “Internet Spaceships”

Currently, I need to hit ESC and fiddle with a slider every time I dock/undock.
Can we please get the option to bind the above to shortcuts and/or have the ability to specify separate defaults for when docked vs undocked?


Please use the Features & Ideas forum section.

When a suggestion is simple enough then one can also directly post into the Small QoL Suggestions thread. Your suggestion seems to fit right in. Use the format as described by CCP Karkur to make it easier for CCP to search through the thread.

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Willdo in future. Thanks
Hopefully this will get moved to the right place.

EDIT: I’ve created a QoL suggestion as recommended so this thread is now redundant and can be closed. Apologies ISD!

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Closed At Op’s Request.

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