[UNF-A][Humanitarian Aid] Lirsautton VI Medical Response

(Lauralite Anne Brezia) #1

In light of the recent news report about the situation on Lirsautton VI in Everyshore, the UNF will be deploying several specialized medical ships based off the exequror hull to the system, with hopes to support the Aidonis Foundation and others with humanitarian interest.

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(Lauralite Anne Brezia) #2

UNF will also be deploying an Astrahus class citadel as a temporary staging over Lirsautton VI in the next few hours.

(Makoto Priano) #3

Good evening, Ms. Brezia! You have mail.

(Lauralite Anne Brezia) #4

A brief update, the UNF Medical Response Center over Lirsautton VI will be completing its anchor phase within the next eleven hours and will be ready for use as staging for relief efforts.

(Veskin Sentinel) #5

Donating to the humanitarian effort. I hope we can take good care of these people.

(Deceiver's Echo) #6

My Stratios, SAR Sparrowhawk , is in system. I have also deployed a mobile depot for rapid deployment, along with some medical supplies and food. My vessel is ready for immediate rescue or medical evac operations should the need arise.

(Taloris Aldercain) #7

I’ve brought a small shipment of zemnar and water to help with the effort. Roughly 7950 and 5020 units respectively.

(Lauralite Anne Brezia) #8

The Medical Center is now active in Lirsautton and is accepting docking requests.

Thank you, everyone who has contributed thus far.

(Lunarisse Aspenstar) #9

As promised, SFRIM will be making a specific delivery of water and and foodstuffs to the Medical Center as I understand that is the immediate need.

(Lauralite Anne Brezia) #10

The UNF will be deploying a prefabricated planetary command center with landing pads to act as a groundside hub for material receiving and staging, while the Medical Center in orbit will remain the primary coordination center for material, vessels, and personnel prior to surface deployment.

The UNF will be providing all services and medical services to the relief effort free of charge of isk or planetary currencies.

(Maira Blackfire) #11

Sorn Industry will soon be leaving Nishah III with supplies for the humanitarian effort. we are sadly not a medical frim still, we would like to help both planetside and station wise.

So expect an Impel to arrive in Lirsautton later today, with the following goods onboard

(Makoto Priano) #12

Pursuant to conversations had elsewhere, ARC stood down from its planned deployment of a facility in orbit, and will instead be staging resources at the UNF-A facility, given that it is currently operating as a freeport. This will preserve resources for future humanitarian needs.

As we seem to be doing a bit of show-and-tell, the following was re-staged to the astrahus yesterday, and will be transferred to Aidonis Foundation authorities as soon as possible. Please note that given that some of these aid materials are being provided by Matari or Amarr sources, suitability may need to be verified by the Aidonis Foundation.

Notably, this shipment includes a significant volume of foodstuffs, and a significant value of commonly-needed vaccines and antibiotics that will hopefully be suitable for use in this situation. Specialized treatments will be deployed in the case that the Aidonis Foundation determines a need for said specialized treatments.

(Diana Kim) #13

And this is why the Federation must be destroyed.

I won’t be surprised that this illness they contracted is an indecently transmitted one. So, I’d say, let it rot.

And I strongly advise for all State and Empire supporters to hold off any sort of help to any sort of Federal people until the whole Federation surrenders first. It’s their internal business, and we shouldn’t offer them even a single isk, especially while they wage their aggressive wars against us.

(Isha Vuld) #14

Due to the chaos in Rens and on the front, I am sadly unable to remain in Lirsautton for long. I have, however, arrived with a shipment of supplies to help the people on the surface get by.

As your people are operating in the system, I have contracted the supplies to you, miss Brezia. I hope they help.

(Lauralite Anne Brezia) #15

The groundhub on Lirsautton VI is operational, and will begin receiving personnel and materials shortly. Thank you to those who have contributed to the stockpiles of materials that will be transferred to the surface, particularly @Veskin_Sentinel, @Isha_Vuld, @Maira_Blackfire, and @Lunarisse_Aspenstar in no particular order. The supplies will be put to good use.

(Lauralite Anne Brezia) #16

I would also like to thank @Deceiver_s_Echo for bringing her vessel and crews forward to assist.

(Maira Blackfire) #17

You’re welcome Ms. Brezia.
Im glad to see the progress that have been made, And should you need any more help. I would be happy to lend a hand.

(Makoto Priano) #18

A small update. It appears the Sang Do dislike humanitarian assistance to exiles.

(Akrasjel Lanate) #19

They dislike if someone encroaches on their sovereignty.

(Isha Vuld) #20

Yeah, how dare we help exiles who are suffering and in need!

…I truly hope that this will not deter UNF-A and ARC. Humans are not symbols to be mistreated just to send a message. Somebody must help them.