Unfair-ness of XL torps/cruises vs other capital weapons?

Anyone else see how it is unfair that you have to skill 2 different types of weapons for missiles to get the T2 variants for both, and that it costs the same number of skillpoints, as opposed to having to skill only 1 for turrets?

You have to skill XL Torpedos to 5, which takes like 24 days, plus XL Cruise missiles to 5, which takes another 24 days, to get XL Torp/Cruise Specialization. Whereas you only have to skill, for example, Capital Hybrid turret 5 to get access to both Cap Blast and Cap Railgun Spec.

Seems a little ridiculous, dont you agree. They shouldve cut it down to maybe even 2/3 of the skilltime it takes now, maybe 17 days for each skill, to balance it out.

If everyone has to do it, it is by definition not “unfair”.

And it’s no different than the double-skilling you have to do for advanced drones and certain ships.


Its unfair with regards to Tech 2 capital weapons. Hybrid, laser and autocannon T2s have the same amount of skilling for both their variants, but cruise/torps have 2.

And again, if everybody has to do it, it’s not unfair. Don’t like it? Just don’t use torps. Use one of the other types of weapons.


I didnt say it was unfair in that regard. I said it was unfair when compared to the other capital weapons.

Im not a big fan of the “Dont like it, dont use it” argument. Its lazy.


I don’t understand your problem. I just looked, XL Torp, and XL Cruise Specs, don’t mention the other. if you wanna use XL Cruise, you don’t need to worry about the torp and having to get it to 5 to train the XL Cruise spec.

It’s just the way how the entire Missile Skilltree works, with the advantage over Turrets that you get Rapid Lights, Rapid Heavies and Rapid Torps.

I think it’s fine.


Thats the problem.

If you wanna use BOTH XL cruise spec and XL Torp spec, you need to get BOTH XL cruise and XL torp to 5. That takes exactly twice as long as the other Capital weapons.

See my post above.

Plus, you already get a Capital Missile Weapon system for not even training a Capital Missile Skill

  • Rapid Torpedo Launcher

Why can’t everything taste like chocolate? It’s so unfair …

What you mean is that it is different, which is what makes for the diversity in EVE.

I believe he means that for Capital Blasters Spec. and Capital Railguns Spec. both share Capital Hybrid Turrent as prerequisite, whereas for XL Cruises and Torps is there not much overlap in training time. All it means really is that Cruise Missiles are more different from Torpedoes than he expects them to be.

Cruise Missiles fly … Torpedoes swim … maybe that’s why.

Ah, i see says the blind man. I don’t use XL, or turrets, my turret skills are low as it is, so maybe thats where I was getting confused. But his first statement made it sound like you had to train BOTH to be able to use the individual spec for each XL.

Tech 2 missiles and torpedoes can select there damage type, that’s not fair to Blasters


No, you have to actually skill twice for turrets; once for the long range t2, and once again for the short range t2; rails and blasters, beams and pulses, and autos and arty.


I know thats the way it works. I just dont see how it should be this way.

Sure. So you have to skill three times for missiles. One for the long range T2, once again for the short range T2, and a third to get the Long or Short range T2 to begin with.

Uhm yeah same thing for Turrets dummy…

Turrets also need certain other skills like Sharpshooter to a certain level for Rails as an example.

1.) Base Missile skill
1a.) Long rang MSL skill
2b.) Short rng msl skill

2.) Base Turret Skill
2a.) Lng Rng Wpn Skill
3b.) Sht Rng Wpn Skill

Now for 2, there is 3 different wpn system involved if you want them all, and there are some other skills unlike missiles required as pre-reqs for some of them when it comes to T2.

In my opinion missiles are an easier train compared to the amount you have to do for turrets, especially if you need to be well rounded in all 3 wpn types.


You train twice for Turrets if you want 1 x T2, you train thrice for Turrets if you want 2 x T2.

You train twice for Missiles if you want 1 x T2, you train four times for missiles if you want 2 x T2.

But, you already get an additional T2 Capital Weapon System for Missiles if you simply finish the sub-cap Torpedo Skill.

I don’t know. It just is.

The one thing I could understand would be an argument about how you have to train a higher amount of Missile Support Skill SP compared to Turret Support Skills, while a higher variety of Weapon Systems profits from the latter.

If I’m not mistaken you have 8 Subcapital T2 (including RL and RH) + 3 Capital Missile Systems T2 (including RT), influenced by roughly 5.25M SP in Missile-only Support Skills.

At the same time you have 21 (18 + Triglavian) Subcapital T2 + 6 Capital Turret Systems T2, influenced by roughly 4.5M SP in Turret-only Support Skills.

Umm, no, not even comparable, idiot.

When we take a look at missiles, what do you need?

  1. Base long range missile skill (1.7 million SP)
    1a) Previous Long Range missile skill to 5 (1.2 million SP)
    1b) Long range Missile skill spec to level 1

  2. Base short range missile skill(1.7 million SP)
    2a) Previous Long Range missile skill to 5(1 million SP)
    2b) short range missile skill spec to level 1

Total SP required for the Specialzation of both types of missiles: 5.6 million SP roughly.

Now compare it to turrets.

  1. Base turret skill (1.7 mill SP)
    1a) Previous base turret skill to 5(1.2 million SP)
    1b) Long range weapon skill to 5(500k SP)
    1c) Short range weapon skill to 5(500k SP)
    1d) Long/short range weapon spec to atleast 1

Total SP required? 3.9 million SP roughly.

5.6 > 3.9 incase you didnt know.

But have you ever taken a look at the difference in SP between Cruise missiles and Torpedoes? Not the XL, the regular. Its 1.2 million SP for Cruise Missiles, and only 1 million SP for Torpedoes. Its deliberately less on one than the other. You could say that this was because we had ships like the Stealth Bombers that use torps and therefore they made it necessariliy lower to lower the bar in order to get T2 torps for your ship, but then again, the same thing happens to be true for Light Missiles VS Rockets, (500k and 250k SP required, respectively) and im not aware of any ship that can only fit rockets without being able to fit light missiles.

This thread is an argument in favor of removing injectors. This thread wouldn’t exist if OP had built an actual base of skills and game knowledge instead of just cashing up a toon.