Why XL torpedo sucks?

CCplz, just change the number from 17 km to 1 km, XL torpedo will be fixed. Am I right?

Wtf is the problem again?


Maybe it’s a typo? They meant 1.7 km and made it 17.0 km instead?

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Sounds balanced

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that is L torpedo =D

That’s the point. Large are already big. They are designed to shoot capitals the same way the L is for battleship’s

Yeah, a torpedo that does 100% more dmg than L with approx. the same explosion radius does not sound broken at all…

Anyway, why do you even care about XL torps? You are not even close to consider flying anything that can use that, since you still afraid of losing a 50m pod.


774m < 17,000m

Can you even read bro?

I’m not in the client but the op’s picture says 17.0km. Or seventeen kilometres

Vs 774m

Try reading the OP again, then maybe you’ll see what my issue is.


The larger the explosion radius, the smaller the damage dealt. If L and XL missile has the same damage, XL has 10x more explosive radius than the L while maintaing the same damage, XL will deal 90% less damage compared to the L one. Correct if I am wrong.

Oh dam that 50mil pod, xD

The damage will depend on the speed and signature radius of the target. There is a formula somewhere (probably in the help section or eve uni wiki), but the simplified explanation is that XL missiles will have a harder time to project damage on smaller and faster targets, while it projects damage just fine on bigger targets.

You conquered your fear of losing the pod? If you have, then I’m proud of you.

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he did have a topic the other day and shown that he was flying… so looks like he did over come his fear.

I don’t see a reason why the explosion radius for XL Rage torpedoes couldn’t be half the value it currently is. They should apply perfectly to any capital ship.

undocked and got raped, went back to jita44 to duck again… and never want to come out again… jk xD

I don’t understand. What was the problem that needed to be fixed in the first place? Xl torpedoes are designed to take down capitals and structures. That’s why they have large explosion radius. If you want something to take down smaller targets, use a rapid torp launcher instead.

oic, how about the 2500mm quad cannon from naglfar? used for pos bashing only?

Quad cannon variants do not come in 2500mm form, and are high angle weapons, meaning they are designed for sub capital threats. So no, most people would not knowingly bring a quad cannon to a pos bash.