United Nations in New Eden?

Eve being said to be a reflection of the real world in many respects, I believe having won various awards for it’s market in the past, why does it not have a real world equivalent of the United Nations ?

I was thinking of using one of my toons to form a Corporation/Alliance for such a purpose. However am posting to gather the feelings and thoughts of the community on such an idea before I do. After all Eve is well known for its trust issues among it’s players, along with acts of grand theft, espionage, revenge schemes that would make even some real world events blush in comparison.

The Corporation/Alliance would in essence fulfil somewhat the same roles as the real world United Nations. Brokering peace among large power blocks, when peace fails going out to border zones to monitor situations and attempt to secure no fire zones in which refugees may exit war torn areas in relative safety. A general rule of do not fire unless fired upon would be in operation.

Not seeking blue status from any power block, alliance, or corporation, instead seeking a simple recognition of the existence of this group in game, would those power blocks, alliances, or coporations diplomats work with such a group ? Is there a place in Eve for such a group ? Would there be pilots that have a flair for both combat and diplomacy be willing to attempt to form such a group and make it work in the Eve universe ?

An interesting idea when set in New Eden. Over to you…

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Isnt that CONCORD?

And if you mean for only player groups, isnt that the CSM?


In highsec yes. I am talking about a group based upon the real world model of the United Nations for lowsec, nullsec, and yes to a degree highsec (to monitor and if needed to assist in wars in the current war mechanic for highsec) made up of players not NPC’s.

The CSM model is a good one in the sense of the periodical feedback to CCP, however a group based as suggested would be able to operate in real time in game.

I think my question would be why not be based on an organisation that works?

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The United Nations is an ideological organisation that somewhat works to a degree in the real world. I don’t want to digress and discuss the real world UN and the schematics of does it work or not. The idea I am putting forth is as above, would such a model work in New Eden equally is there a place for such ?

Well as there arent any refugees or even treaties, Im not sure what youd actually do

Maybe there could be a place, but as for it working, not a snowflake’s chance in hell.


We already have multiple ‘UN’s’ in the game. Blocs have groups/leadership within them that organise trade, support and diplomacy within their ‘member states’.

What you’re perhaps not realising is that in our reality there is only one bloc. These nations trade, they allow the movement of citizens across borders, they don’t shoot eachother on sight…etc

Our only enemies are terrorists, pirates etc.

Where as in eve we have multiple blocs. Imperium are at war with panfam are at war with legacy are at war with winter.

The UN is effectively worthless. What are you going to do? Embargo panfam? Fine the imperium? What leverage are you going use?

ISIS were the latest example of an entity we were ‘at war’ with and how useful were the UN there?

And let’s not gloss over the whole point of the UN would be to make the game as boring as possible…


Was going to suggest the High Safe lobby might like it, but how do you do an embargo if no one wants to pvp?

I can’t imagine how it would even work. Embargo me all you want, even if the game stopped me from trading on the market, i can still pop to jita or use an alt.


We already have one, they call it the “blue donut” in this game.

The csm, is more like when all the different competing criminal organizations meet up to discuss mutual ideas and gather information for future schemes against one another.


I like the idea, we should force the leaders of each alliance to meet irl every month to discuss things until they get pissed off at each other enough to go to war.


Sounds like an idea looking for a purpose not an issue seeking a solution.


because the majority of players in high sec are there because its safe and they play solo, i am there simply because i dont deal with nullsec politics

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No one is going to pay attention to some random and give recognize a silly idea like a UN in Eve. Why should anyone care or trust it? What would be the point when major player groups already broker peace and diplomatic agreements. Why would you specifically be the face of it?

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I would be only the face of creating an organisation in which every block, and alliance in the game could have an opportunity with which to delegate a representative to join a “senate” as it were for issues to be discussed. War, Trade, Territory, Resources, the list is extensive. Of course during wars there are those that wish to leave the war zone, that have no desire to fight, it could be that through the “senate” a unilateral agreement could be made incorporating a no fire agreement as to evacuate those players and relocate them to a safe zone whilst the war is fought. Proliferation of Capitals in game could be seen as the proliferation of nuclear arms in the real world, attaining a level of M.A.D (Mutually Assured Destruction) and through this a cold war era began. Maybe Eve is about to see this reflected in game, who can say ? So an organisation based on the model of the real world United Nations could broker through a “senate” of those powers a similar situation to that in the real world. An uneasy and sometimes stretched peace, albeit with regular conflicts breaking out. Agreed though in New Eden who would pay any attention to such a group ? Who would care about it or even trust it ? This is why I created this thread for discussion, to see if New Eden would attempt such an experiment. After all IF the leaders of the power blocks as well as the lesser Alliances got on board elected a representative to sit in the “senate” then agreed on mandates such as an embargo, then passed that directive down through the ranks, (as they do with deployments) who in those member alliances wouldn’t follow orders ? Of course Alts would be in play then, along with others ignoring a directive of this sort. Then the option of combined military force would be open to enforce the Embargo. Who knows really ? This is just spit-balling and seeing what the community thinks.

They won’t. Nor should they.

I think this is a pretty bad idea. The opening part where you seem to just want to take credit for all of this without actually doing any of the real work just makes me think you’re doing this for the sake of trying to become eve-famous or some other selfish approach.

Why should people trust you to be the “face” of this organization? If you’re just spitballing for ideas, why does the face need to be you, specifically?

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The face doesn’t need to be mine, it could be anybody’s. Someone could pick up this idea perfect it and run with it.

Scoots it’s a bad idea to you as you have said with your opinion, it may not be for others in the game your one out of perhaps 30K ? As for the real work, that would come opening diplomatic channels with pretty much 95% of eve and talking with the diplos, directors, ceo’s, and execs to have the idea go forward.

Again your opinion that it shouldn’t go forward, I may agree I may disagree, I only desire to see what the community thinks, not a single person, unless of course you have been elected to speak for the entire community ?

Have you tried reaching out to the rest of this 30k?
What other channels have you been using to reach out to people?
Facebook? Twitter? r/eve? In-game?

Again, you’ve never actually explained why this would be good. Alliances already have diplo agreements. Alliances already engage in embargoes. Alliances already form agreements. Why would this be better than the systems we’ve already got?

I can’t think of anyone who would be willing to give up any amount of control and power by throwing it away to some random unknown kid on the forums and their made up “United Nations” project. Why should I be bound to follow the decisions of the UN when the most they can do is make an angry post on the forums?

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There is no good reason, or need, for any org to even consider this.