Unknown Soldiers - Military Realism

(Sov Null Alliances, UNKSO is looking for you)

UNKSO is an Sov Null Sec corporation led by members of the Military Realism Clan “Unknown Soldiers”. Unknown Soldiers is a Gaming Society dedicated to the Art of Military Realism in support of all of our brothers and sisters in arms who are fighting for our countries. Corporation membership consists of active, former, and non-military players. Clan membership is not a requirement to join the corporation and game with us.

-Karval Gryphon
-Skippy Hinrichs
-Davnan Fletcher
-Zain-ul’Abdin en Chasteaux

UNKSO Null Sec focus:

  1. Combat PVE (ratting and filaments)
  2. PVP (Alliance and Coalition Fleets)
  3. Industry (mining and production)

What are we looking for? Pilots who are:

  1. Active (naturally, real-life comes first)
  2. Discord (voice comms; we want to get to know you)
  3. Non-Toxic (drama cynos will be ruthlessly extinguished)
  4. Omega + 5,000,000 SP min. We’re looking for pilots committed to this great game of ours


We also play: COD, Escape From Tarkov, Battlefield, Squad and more
In-game recruitment channel: UNKSO Office
Discord recruitment channel: https://discord.gg/Ww5GTVV
Website: https://clanunknownsoldiers.com/

Seeking a parter to help build corp
174 million skillpoint toon returning to EVE
110m sp looking for new corp
Active 24M SP PVP PVE in Lonetrek looking for large active corp lowsec
30 mil exp old player is looking for corp (nulls and pvp focused in prior)
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LF Mining Corp - Open to all options (USTZ)
Newbro looking to be thrown in the deep end and learn!
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New player looking for a new corp
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Returning Pilot
Returning Vet looking Battleship PVP and Manufacturing
5 Mining Toons Looking for mining corp
75M SP Subcap and Dread capable pilot looking for corp
Looking for somewhere to go and stuff to do
70m & 120m PVP pilots looking for Corp
Returning player - Looking for corp after a year off
New player seeking corp to support with trade/industry
Returning Player looking for Coroporation
Looking for an easy going corp
Indy Pilot looking for US Corp
Returning bitter vet looking for potential PVP home (Hisec/Lo/WH)
BitterVet LF Home
Returning player. 88m SP Looking for Corp
Returning but Inexperienced player looking for corp
Returning Player Looking for Active Multirole Corporation
Returning EU Player 115m sp & Alts
Looking for a new player friendly corp
2003 player, 95m SP returning and looking for a hand hold
Awakening from a Long Nap
Account reactivated and completly lost ! :-)
Looking for corp
Newbie looking to join a corp and learn
New player looking for a place to grow and learn
329m SP (bitter?)vet looking for options
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Returning 138m Player LF PvE Corp - UK/EU Timezone
Active 24M SP PVP PVE in Lonetrek looking for large active corp lowsec
110m sp looking for new corp
22mil SP Returning Caldari Pilot LF Null/Lowsec Corp
Very Active Indy and PVP Looking for a Null sec home
40M SP Indy/Trade/Mining Returning Player - LF Home
Old warhound.. looking for new hunting ground's & drinking buddy's
Two u.k players looking for active pvp chill corp
Looking For Corp!
LF Corp
62m SP pilot looking for a lowsec corp
90M SP Indy Main + 84M SP Subcap toon + Assorted Supporting Alts Looking for Nullsec Home
36 Million SP pilot returning and looking for a corp
Oldie seeking to learn again 57,9 mil sp
New Gallente Player Looking For Corp
Looking for new bros
Looking for Mining/Industry corp
Miner looking for Industry Corp
Looking for a nullsec corp
USTZ Wormhole corp building a wormhole crew
Please close
Returning Player LF Null Home
High SP group looking for corporation in null-sec or c5-c6 land
Looking for established and mature SOV corp
Looking for (small-gang PVP ) community more than corp
Returning Player 95mill SP LF Corp
32.5M SP Combat Skills only! Looking for Corp!
180+ SP Pilot looking for Fleets and Activity (USTZ)

Bumping 11/25/2019

Wait…How do you have

-Access to Moon Mining through an Alliance. Over 50 Moons.

If you’re not in an alliance?

and with the requirement of a meeting every friday let’s say I couldn’t make it for some unknown reason would you just auto kick me?

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We are and are not part of an alliance. We have access to a specific alliance’s structures and moons. We are working towards being an Alliance’s “For Hire Guns”. We were part of this alliance before we split to make a pvp corp outside the alliance. They do not want to have war in the alliance it self.

and no, we allow excuses. We have a formal system we use to keep track of member’s excuses of not showing up to meetings. The meetings usually last less than 30 minutes on Fridays. And the 1 hour meetup for EVE we have is currently scheduled on Thursday nights at 9pm EST.

Joining the “Clan” is not required to join the corp. But it adds perks. The actual “Clan” communicates through discord and we role play military. People who don’t want to join the clan but do want to play with us and join the corp will be considered “Civilians”.

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I approve of this content. We should talk in game.

Im almost always online. Discord and ingame. Except when im sleeping of course