Update on Security of the Empire

(Armast Darkar) #201

Following the successful, bloodless, and seemingly miraculous defense of The Ghosts of Kahah Raitaru in Thebeka on 25.12.YC120, after discussion with those sympathetic to our cause, The Ghosts of Kahah will withdraw from Thebeka. Although the structure stood firm, unbroken, and proudly against the combined might of the Praetoria Imperialis Excubitoris and Khimi Harar who chose to not engage, I have scheduled the Raitaru to unanchor at an undisclosed time and have further evacuated the secondary and tertiary waves of personnel from the structure.

Additionally, the Praetoria Imperialis Excubitoris has allowed CONCORD to invalidate the state of war between our organizations. This was done without fanfare nor negotiation. The Ghosts of Kahah accept this informal ceasefire and will respond in kind by ceasing any further military action in Thebeka. Should the Raitaru come under siege during the remaining unanchoring period or if PIE re-initiates the state of war, The Ghosts of Kahah will assume the ceasefire to be null and void and will recommence military action as necessary in self-defense.

This is not a capitulation, as neither demands nor terms were presented conditional to this ceasefire. The totality of this agreement is informal. The Ghosts of Kahah voluntarily withdraw to fight another battle another day, be it in the Kingdom to end its brutal practices or within the Mandate to free our people from the corruption that festers in the Throne Worlds of Holy Amarr.

Diplomacy 101 in the style of Elsebeth Rhiannon:

TL;DR We are withdrawing because we want to, not because you made us. Thanks for the informal ceasefire, here is our informal response: If you shoot at us while we are withdrawing, we will be forced to defend ourselves… again.

(Elsebeth Rhiannon) #202

I am honored.

(Arrendis) #203

Half a dozen Tornados are suddenly an act of God…

… though that statement gets funnier and more ironic when considering what half a dozen tornados would mean if we weren’t talking about hulls…

(Vollhov Jr) #204

Another cry for help to the False Empress :fu:

You negotiated with our enemies after the death of the Great Empress Jamyl Sarum.
You still haven’t punished those who were responsible for security in Safizon.
You still have not figured out with the Council where you are sitting six heirs (even number) and should be a maximum of five.

Your rule of the Empire:

  • Dawn of the Covenant
  • Every year the Covenant arranges a Crimson harvest
  • Capital ships available to covenant
  • Defeat from Drifter
  • Defeat in the war (faction wars)

Only the blind and the fool will go to war for you. What a pity that a lot of them. But for herds this is typical.
I will pray to our god so that he will free the throne from the False Empress.

Off-Topic Thread
(Elsebeth Rhiannon) #205

Out of curiosity: is your god the same as the Amarrian God, the one I know as the Evil God, the Nameless God, the God-in-Exile?

(Alizabeth Vea) #206

Quick correction:
The blood Raider Covenant has been around for a rather long time, decades, if not centuries. They started out sacrificing children (since they had the purest blood) and mostly switched to clones when independent capsuleers started to be a thing, though some stuck with the old ways.
And the Empire didn’t lose the Drifter War. I was there. I fought. We won. There were losses, but we won. We actually won before Empress Catiz I ascended to the Sacred Throne, such was the ferocity of Amarrian forces.

(Vollhov Jr) #207
  1. Yes, the Covenant has existed for a very long time, but they received the technology of capital ships during the reign of the Catiz.
    The bloody harvest began precisely under the rule of the Catiz.
    Have you ever thought that someone handed over the drawings to them? Tash-Murkon love to trade and sell a variety of information. (which, by the way, we have already seen, read the briefing by one of Amarr Missions 3 lvl)

  2. Do not exaggerate, and do not console yourself.
    This is a lost war on all fronts. Billions of casualties and thousands of ships of the Imperial fleet were destroyed. The drifters just left when they had nothing to look for. After this defeat, many of the Imperial Navy became Purists.

And as for you. You are guilty of not protecting her Majesty Jamyl Sarum.

You very quickly, like all the other sycophants, ran to bow to the False Empress.

When she returns, everyone will get what they deserve.
We, the Puritans, will be at the head of its Army and cleanse the Empire of filth !!!

(Gaven Lok'ri) #208

It might be the first time anyone ever saw Goons show up and went “It’s a Miracle!”

(Alizabeth Vea) #209

So–And God, I hate even saying this–there were threats that came into being during the reign of Empress Jamyl I. Is she responsible for the Drifters? Obviously not. You’re not making a leap of logic, but pole vaulting across a gorge of fallacy.

And they withdrew because we were killing them in gross lots. By the end of the attack, anti-Drifter forces had cracked Drifter doctrines, and countered their singular advantage. This continues. Drifters die all the time. So much so I even stepped away.

I love Empress Jamyl I as much as anyone, really. However, that doesn’t mean I lost my damn mind when she died.

Though, I mean, you can condemn me as guilty for failing to protect Lord Merimeth Sarum. That’s pretty true.

(Arrendis) #210

You have to admit, it would be kinda funny if we started running CODE-esque ‘War Police’ fleets, killing any and all neutral logi we find the moment they go suspect.

(Alizabeth Vea) #211

That might not be the Lord’s work, but it’s a half step from there. Honestly.

(Mizhara Del'thul) #212

Funny, glorious, ethically not even questionable?

Yeah this isn’t a goon thing. I mean, prove me wrong please.

(Akali Sharisa) #213

I would happily watch that news entry on the Scope if there were CODE-esque ‘War Police’

(Gaven Lok'ri) #214

The Legio XI Mehatoor and Legio III Amarr report that the last remaining pockets of resistance that had been besieged in the Lake Shiravad region have been neutralized.

With hostile pressure internal to the PIE lines relieved, the Legio XX Abath and Legio XLII Kazari have advanced south towards the Dabara Peninsula to support operations against remaining rebel controlled areas.

Certain Electus Matari support for the rebels continues to be evident throughout PIEs area of operations. There has also been resistance from groups of what seem to be Kernherite radicals, though whether these groups are actively supported by Samira is currently unclear. Both groups are needlessly aggressive and their actions have resulted in the unnecessary deaths of many Thebekan civilians. In operations so far, we have also seen a good deal of evidence of armed radicals having used their foreign supplied military equipment to violently conscript peaceful civilians.

Our forensic analysts are hard at work and are sending all evidence of illegal and immoral foreign support of violent criminals on Thebeka to the MIO.

(Isha Vuld) #215

That whole garbage dump of PIE propaganda aside.

I have to ask.

What exactly is a “Kernherite radical”? As in, what sort of actions and beliefs must one espouse to qualify as a “Kernherite radical”?

(Gaven Lok'ri) #216

As a new heresy, our understanding of its belief system has not entirely solidified. But having ideas that Samira Kernher is some sort of prophetic figure and actively fighting in her name seem to be common elements.

(Deitra Vess) #217

For some reason PIE now seems to think Samira is the next Nauplius or Otto, with a cult following and devotees… Ya I don’t get it but somehow through years of faithful service they couldn’t find heritics within their own ranks, unless… It’s just a convenient ploy to explain why they couldn’t raise a finger to help the kin of an esteemed members’ family.

Am I wrong? They call her these things yet her service record has her under their employ for years…

(Gaven Lok'ri) #218

Have you even looked at Cail Avetatu’s corp description? Samira has taken that role on herself.

But as a point of fact, Samira had left PAux and started on her new heretical path well before the Rens attack.

Of course, despite that departure she would have had our aid if she had asked for it rather than responding to terrorism with her own senseless act of terrorism.

(Arrendis) #219


He said, while the Amarr Empire responds to a Blood Raider terrorist attack with its own senseless acts of terrorism upon populations of abuse victims who have finally said ‘enough already’.

(Aldrith Shutaq) #220

If the realities of slave uprisings make you all uncomfortable, I suggest you lot admit that rather than deny groups of untrained and desperate armed people commit atrocities regularly.