Update on Security of the Empire

(Mizhara Del'thul) #261

And pretending to be law enforcement as capsuleers is not ridiculous?

(Kalaratiri) #262

Depends entirely on whether or not you consider it necessary to be officially tasked with performing a role in order to act in that role.

I can pick a law and go out and enforce it. It doesn’t make me an officer of the law, but the law is still being enforced.

(Mizhara Del'thul) #263

Reasonably sure that’s called vigilantism most places. Enforcing the law tends to require being a recognized agent of it, no? More importantly, enforce it against who? Again, we’re not subject to said law.

(Kalaratiri) #264

As I’m fairly sure it’s at least tacitly accepted by the Empire that PIE/SFRIM acts in their interests, I’m pretty sure it’s closer to Privateering.

I think “My house, my rules” might apply here.

(Arrendis) #265

Did they? Are Khimi Harar intending to attack a hospital, then?

(Kalaratiri) #266

If they are, they wouldn’t be the only ones willing to take that step.

(Mizhara Del'thul) #267

"This message is to inform you on behalf of Khimi Harar that due to credible intelligence* that your Fortizar in the Sarum Prime system is being used for military purposes, we are now classifying it as a military target rather than a humanitarian structure. Given this, we do not recognize any protections we might have previously recognized it as having due to its former status as a humanitarian structure, and will now consider it a valid target for attacks in the future. Similarly I have to revise my personal stance as a result.

Given the fact that it may now be targeted by attacks, we strongly urge you to move all humanitarian operations off of said structure for the protection of all civilians involved. If not, Upwell will do is work I suppose.

If you feel that our intelligence is in error, and that your structure has not been used for any military purpose (aside from recognized protected purposes such as a military hospital or POW facility), please inform us as soon as possible with as much detailed evidence as you can provide. Inspectors and neutral observers may be asked for further verification. Any further diplomatic communication should be ddressed to the diplomats copied on this mail."

This of course coming in quite a while after Project Mekhios had already been hit by PIRAT and the first timer - armor - had been set. If they wish to whore, that’s up to them of course, but it’s kind of sad that they try to come up with justification for whoring so late in the process. That they call it “military” is adorable in its own way, as anyone of a military mindset that knows me can attest to. Me and militaries of any kind do not mix. At all.

That the station of course is home to all manner of people, like any sizable city in space, and given its purpose - Slave Liberation and Treatment - it’ll be home to a lot of people with that kind of interest across all manner of social strata, races, nationalities and creeds. No surprise there and nothing has changed in that regard since the place went up. I’m pretty sure that was stated in the very first thread on the subject.

Call it what you will though, it doesn’t matter much. Of course they’ll come peck at it when PIRAT finishes it off, no one expects them not to. I’m just disappointed that the excuse for it is this blatant and see-through. “Military target” though? No. It’s a Liberation and Treatment Center. It’s a City. It’s a place for healing and it’s a place for wrath if it proves necessary. It’s everything you should fear.

No one blames you for wanting to shoot at it, now that someone else does the heavy lifting for you. It’s okay. Just don’t call it ‘military’. That’s an insult to me and mine, and a worse one to actual military installations and people.

(Elsebeth Rhiannon) #268

Such as Mizhara pretty much saying so on the IGS? Congratulations, LUMEN, stellar intel work there.

(Garion Avarr) #270

Yes, well, sometimes your enemy makes it easy for you.

I cannot confirm or deny that we are intending to attack, only that we consider it a valid target, after taking into account military benefit and likely risk to civilians (which, given the combination of the time available to evacuate afforded by reinforcement timers and Upwell safety systems is minimal barring gross negligence or deliberate attempt to put civilian lives at risk on Ms. Del’thul’s part). It is highly unfortunate that Ms. Del’thul has located a hospital and staging point for violent militants together – if this is a deliberate attempt to use human shields I cannot say, a conscious decision to avoid this is why Khimi Harar’s medical and humanitarian facilities remain outside the PIE citadel at Thebeka, though this has not stopped them from being attacked – but that is the situation in which we find ourselves in.

However, given that PIRAT appear to have started a process of destroying it themselves (and, I will admit, our intelligence somehow failed us here and we were completely unaware of this before Ms. Del’thul informed us), there is every possibility we will not be involved in its destruction.

(Arrendis) #271

PIRAT is not a thing anyone should be concerned about.

(Mizhara Del'thul) #272

I don’t think they pose a threat to Delve, but I think most people in this thread could find cause for concern with the number of Leshaks, Rattlesnakes, Vindicators and other nasties fielded on the regular by them during their highsec demolition jobs.

… of course, when the target isn’t stationary, they tend to be harmless, yes.

(Kithrus) #273

I always found it convenient you act with agression then put your feet up at night in a hospital.

I’m not saying it’s a medical center, I’m not implying you lied but if you pulled that same tactic planetside your enimies would have blown it to peices.

Justifiably so.

Now if you had created it, opened it to humanitarian interests and only visited when you needed to instead of pearching on it when before hunting…

Well, let’s not dwell on hypothetical.

You based yourself from hospital/medical aid center. You carried out attacks of opportunity from there and when finished shored up there.

Spin it anyway you like that is what happened.

(Mizhara Del'thul) #274

Who says otherwise? The thing is though: That would have been true of anywhere I staged from and as discussed elsewhere it would have been both cheaper and far more convenient to do so in actual freeports. You got the cart before the horse: I lived at Project Mekhios because that’s where Project Mekhios and its various services was. Where I administrated the research, treatment and education. “Attacks of opportunity” were not provided by neither the location nor facility. In fact, me staging in a giant city with a humongous sign saying “Miz lives here” is frankly rather unhelpful in staging ambushes, hunts and so on. It’d be a little bit like trying to ambush prey dirtside while having a rock concert in your hide and blaring sirens mounted to your head when out stalking.

You know where I sat when actually playing predator? Off of Madirmilire and other such places that aren’t entirely on any routes, while having nearby locator agents. Romi comes to mind. I carried out attacks of opportunity from wherever I was, and the existence or lack of Project Mekhios? Makes absolutely zero difference in that regard.

(Gaven Lok'ri) #275

With our objectives on the ground accomplished, Excubitoris Chapter forces are now withdrawing back to headquarters for extraction from Thebeka III.

All prisoners have been turned over to the local authorities and all refugee populations within our area of operation have been returned to their proper Holders.

(Garion Avarr) #276

With the changing situation on the ground, ground forces that had been operating under LUMEN control are now preparing for a withdrawal from the planet.

LUMEN had been providing a variety of logistical, medical, and special operations support to MIO troops along with a sizable humanitarian presence. We are now, however, preparing to withdraw military assets and restructuring our civilian deployment to transition to a fully humanitarian role in preparation for rebuilding efforts on the planet.

(Aldrith Shutaq) #277

Once this is done, the real work of finding and bringing justice to the perpetrators begins. We stand ready.

(Arrendis) #278

You’ll forgive me if I express a bit of skepticism on that goal.

(Gaven Lok'ri) #279

PIE ground forces have completely withdrawn from Thebeka. We pray that the last areas of resistance will be pacified quickly and that those responsible for the terrorist attacks will be found and brought to justice. It was an honor for our legions to serve under the command of Governor Numayr and alongside the forces of The Order of Tetrimon, the CVA, and SFRIM.

The situation in space was extremely violent over the weekend with several fleet engagements having occurred. Cail Avetatu’s citadel was destroyed while Electus Matari’s was successfully defended. As Electus Matari’s citadel is now unanchoring, it seems quite likely that this will have been the peak of the fighting.

(Graelyn) #280

Hopefully the next phase of this terrible business can involve striking back at those truly responsible for these chemical attacks. I think most of the entities involved in Thebeka would find accord in this.

(Arrendis) #281

The Amarr God?

Go for it.