Update on Security of the Empire

(Elsebeth Rhiannon) #41

Excuse me, but why the ■■■■ wouldn’t they? They are loyalist, and military, and the slaves are openly hostile?

God-beyond-the-Gate, looks like even I have more respect for PIE than you.

(Gaven Lok'ri) #42

I am amused that he thinks Vitoc is relevant in a situation sparked by a cocktail of crazy drugs including Insorum.

(Alizabeth Vea) #43

Never have I felt so dirty after a compliment, even an inadvertent.

(Karene Avarr) #44

As the SFRIM Force Commander on the ground, I assure you that if any mob, squad, cohort, group, lone child, or other living or non-living entity enters the perimeter kill zone, I and those under my command shall fire until the threat is neutralized. In the highly unlikely event that any personnel should fail in this duty, I shall personally send them packing off-world with a pending court martial.

Addendum: It should be noted for those unfamiliar with Marine doctrine that the perimeter kill zone is preceded by zones with less lethal response. The number, size, and exact response shall not be stated due to operational security.

(Andelain al-Cid ur-Melenkari) #45

An attack was made by terrorist forces against the breeding facilities of the Abbey of the Purified Heart on the isle of Ilushu-nasir of Alkabsi IV.

It was clearly an ill-considered and opportunist action by a splinter group, as their intelligence (in both senses of the word) was severely lacking. A contingent of Brutor, bred for the “Askura” regiment of the Imperial Marines was within a week of graduation to service. Made operational and led by Gunnery Sergeant Emeritus Kumakatok with the prayers and favour of my brother, the Abbot Palatine, the putative marines easily dispatched the rag-tag savages after a short fire-fight as they tried to land on the island’s north beach.

This was an excellent training exercise for the new warriors. The several survivors have been handed over to His Grace’s military inquisitors. Should the Commander of Sarum forces on Alkabsi IV require, the marines can be commissioned into his service a week early by request.

All monastics and slaves on the Abbey island are safe, and the latter rewarded with gifts and a festival for their true service to God and the Empire.

Virtue, Valor, Victory.

(Alizabeth Vea) #46

I am confused. This is my confused face. You’re doing what with what for what?

It reads like you’re using breeder slaves to create Brutor slaves to conscript into the Imperial Marines in some parallel of the Kameira program.

(Nauplius) #47

I suspect that the “perimeter kill zone” consists of a few square meters around the emergency SFRIM evac shuttles, while the rest of the planet consists of “human rights lawyer deployment zones”.

(Karene Avarr) #48

I invite you to test that theory.

(Aldrith Shutaq) #49

Ah, blamed by the Minmatar for being cruel, blamed by the Butcher for not being cruel enough. Truly the truth is a challenge to the IGS.

(Andelain al-Cid ur-Melenkari) #50

The Abbey breeds slaves from a centuries old, complex pedigree, still best described as ‘Brutor’, for use as frontline soldiers and naval crew. It is not claimed to be anywhere near as sophisticated as the Kameira program, but military units have a consistent need for replacements.

I had not considered, Lady Marshal Protector, that you might be a liberal. How else are our ships and regiments crewed, now that we are not permitted to take new slaves? Slaves are bred for war, just as they are for the farm or household.

(Alizabeth Vea) #51

I think this one has some steel. Napkins, please go test that theory.

(Alizabeth Vea) #52

I grew up in the Caldari State and only recently came to the Empire. I think it’s safe to say that I am still learning about Imperial traditions, customs and history. Joining in the middle of a war (with the Drifters) I focused mostly on martial affairs. Lady Newelle is quite patient with my Caldari sensibilities that remain, offering guidance where she needs to; I am quite fortunate.

However, when it comes to Para’nashu’s formations, they are raised from Imperial subjects, not slaves. The 331st is actually comprised of completely Ni-Kunni women and men. In an empire of ~15,000,000,000,000 Amarr subjects, I have not had an issue finding new recruits. Additionally, as a new holding, and one with Ni-Kunni holders, Damnidos Para’nashu has attracted a lot of Ni-Kunni immigration from other parts of the Empire. Military service is a good way for one to establish themselves in the holding, and like joining the Imperial Navy, a good way for Ni-Kunni to raise their status.

(Andelain al-Cid ur-Melenkari) #53

I quite understand, Marshal Protector. In the current climate, too many Amarr apologise for our way of life instead of being proud of the gifts with which God has rewarded us.

In House Melekurion, we consider our slaves to be Imperial subjects too. The Ni-Kunni were such once and have taken a step on the ladder. The opportunity for the warriors bred and raised by the Abbey for advancement and salvation is glorious compared to those stock working the mines, for example. (Though good, honest, hard work is a sacred path to salvation).

My brother often frees the best of the warrior stock. Indeed, consideration is being given by the monastic council to bestow just such freedoms on some of those involved in defending the Abbey as part of the festival. Almost all of our soldiers gain martyrdom or freedom through service, and great acts will free their families too.

I honour the service of the Para’nashu regiments and the Ni-Kunni thereby serving God in defending our home.

As one born of Alkabsi IV (though not the desert regions, thankfully) let me offer a small counsel about any Vherokior among the rebel slaves. Fellow Holders tell me they are highly skilled in the ways of the desert, almost supernaturally able to survive there where reptiles might perish, and particularly devious and dishonourable in war.

(Da Dom) #54

Still just a bunch of lions lead by a sheep it seems.

(Arrendis) #55

Yup. A step on the ladder. Careful, though, Aldrith. One little twitch the wrong way, and your kids are back in chains!

And some wonder why we call the Amarr out for the uncivilized, brutal primitives that they are. A scam dipped in gold is still a scam.

(Vlad Cetes) #56



Rebel forces appear to be crumbling under the combined assaults. Light field munitions have been sightedin rebel control (mortars, man portable anti armor and man portable anti air weapons).

Soldiers in Shining Flames colors massacred unarmed combatants at the Empress Jamyl Memorial Water Plant, after an attempt was made to contaminate the water supply. Approximately 30 men, women, and children were bound and then executed by the plant’s gate.


Rebel control is more secure and intelligence teams report rebel bands able to move without harassment. Rebel forces appear better supplied than on Alkabsi. Matari sourced munitions have also been spotted by intelligence teams on the surface, complementing looted equipment.

Further reports to be provided as the situation changes.

(Nana Skalski) #57

Empires security is in shambles! All of them! Pirates roaming free everywhere, killing capsuleers even. Thats the real problem!

Why Amarr try to make news out of something so unworthy. Its an attempt to pull the wool over our eyes!

(Aldrith Shutaq) #58

And your source for that?

(Elsebeth Rhiannon) #59

Funny how selectively you ask for sources.

(Maria Daphiti) #60

Puhlease, it’s Vlad. Everyone should ask for sources when it comes to Vlad.