Update on Security of the Empire

(Aldrith Shutaq) #61

Because massacring civilians is also something a Sani Sabik sympathizer commanding a company called ‘The Black Hand’ might do as false flag. You know, considering the Blood Raiders caused all of this in the first place to destabilize the Empire and escalate violence to the maximum point attainable so they might capitalize on the chaos. As the Minmatar seem to be doing as well.

(Alizabeth Vea) #62

I am forced to agree with Daphiti. Maybe a glorious death on the battlefield will ease this suffering.

(Mizhara Del'thul) #63

While anything coming out of his mouth is pretty certain to be utter twaddle and fabrication, you don’t really get to foist the whole “massacring civilians” thing off on others given which of the nations have this whole “glassing planets because extermination is better than letting someone go free” thing going on. Or when your Jammies murdered children for the crime of having been freed.

(Elsebeth Rhiannon) #64

The funny part is not the one where he does ask Vlad.

(Edamielle Nulvelith) #65

The roots of corruption spread deep and wide beneath the soil which nurtures our Empire. Eradicating the flowered heresies has been a focal point, but it is clear that we must dig deeper and scour the depths of society in order to fully accomplish the weeding of this divine garden of New Eden.

(Deitra Vess) #66

The problem is they started this by weeding out the crops along with the weeds.

(Arrendis) #67

For a start, you might try jettisoning any idea of a doctrine of infallibility when you can’t even demonstrate the core conceits of it are accurate. Don’t claim that people who say they’re speaking for some infallible divine will should be seen as anything but either raving lunatics or power-mad maniacs until you can demonstrate that that divine will even exists in the first place. Believe in your god if you want, if it makes you feel better. Just don’t claim that you’ve any right to try to convince other people to believe in it.

(Akrasjel Lanate) #68

It’s interesting to watch this situation develop… hope the Republic will react in a reasonable way.

(Arrendis) #69

Define ‘reasonable’. Is it reasonable to stand around with your thumb up your butt, saying ‘you’re being bad,’ while you watch someone murder children? That’s what the Fed’s doing right now.

(Akrasjel Lanate) #70

The Federation is not omnipotent.
It makes different decisions, be it good or bad that are not always consistent.
I would expect we are doing something in the shadows.

(Arrendis) #71

It’s cute that you trust the authority of people who won’t let you close enough with a handgun to express your disapproval of their actions.

(Gaven Lok'ri) #72

The entire PIE deployment of 5 legions, outlined above, has landed and are now engaged in combat and pacification efforts. They continue to work with local authorities to help end this regrettable situation.

In the local system PIE has also declared war on Cail Avetatu and The Ghosts of Kahah, both of which have set up citadels in close vicinity to Thebeka III with clear plans to support the rebels rather than to restore peace.

Tonight there was some minor skirmishing with Mordor Industries Inc, a previously unknown to PIE group that has joined the war in support of The Ghosts of Kahah. This skirmishing resulted in the destruction of a Mordor Apocalypse, Ferox, and three frigates with no Excubitoris losses.

(Bjorn Tyrson) #73

I think I have some operations that pass by that area from time to time. for the right price I could arrange to have some supplies redirected to where they are needed.

(Armast Darkar) #74

The Ghosts of Kahah condemn PIE’s actions for its prejudicial execution. War was declared without the issuance of an ultimatum nor a missive explaining PIE’s demands. Such an arrogant gesture betrays PIE’s contempt for the Ammatar Mandate and its support for the vitriolic propaganda spewed by Sa-Baron Alar Chakaid.

We reaffirm that we are loyal to the Ammatar Mandate and to Lord Arim Ardishapur and additionally reaffirm our right to maintain a structure in space in House Ardishapur’s demesne. For past actions conducted in Kahah, I submit to the authority of the Office of the Consulate Governor of the Ammatar Mandate and to Lord Arim Ardishapur. To be judged prematurely by ‘loyalist’ capsuleers is an affront to House Ardishapur and is not meted out by God but by those who believe they can play god. We fight this war reluctantly and in self-defense, having committed no hostile acts towards Imperial or House Ardishapur forces.

The Ghosts of Kahah and its allies in Mordor Industries Inc., which maintains Headquarters in Derelik, have engaged in skirmishes with opportunistic pilots who would loot our wrecks and thus flagrantly become suspects and have challenged pilots who aggressively posture at Thebeka - Ammatar Mandate Observation Post. These casualties are unfortunate and need not have occurred at all for we do not seek to destabilize further the holdings within the demesne of House Ardishapur.

In retaliation for this declaration of war, which only fuels Sa-Baron Alar Chakaid’s personal crusade to provoke anti-Ammatar hostilities within Holy Amarr, the Ghosts of Kahah and Mordor Industries Inc. launched an attack on what is presumably the “Dresi Rapid Response Spearhead” HQ in the system of Dresi. The citadel was reinforced without Ghosts of Kahah or Mordor Industries Inc. casualties.

This need not go further. The true enemy of Holy Amarr is the Khanid Kingdom and its mouthpiece Sa-Baron Alar Chakaid. If PIE agrees to end hostilities and acknowledges that the jurisdiction of judgment for my past actions rests solely with the governing powers of the Ammatar Mandate, we are prepared to return to status quo ante. And in doing so, we can end this sideshow conflict and refocus our efforts on locating Lord Khalil Numayr and eradicating the filth that is the Khanid tumor in the heart of Holy Amarr.

I urge PIE, in the name of Lord Arim Ardishapur and with respect to the memory of Lord Yonis Ardishapur, to not allow Sa-Baron Alar Chakaid the satisfaction of driving further this wedge.

(Gaven Lok'ri) #75

Well, all sorts of things to correct, it seems.

First of all, are you really confusing a support satellite built from a mobile depot with a citadel? Those small facilities were used in the initial landing and have been superceeded now that the Excubitoris forces are all landed. It would have been quite remarkable if you had taken losses reinforcing said mobile depot.

Second, Legionary HQs are on the ground, not in space, and the Dresi Rapid Response that you mentioned is only a single Solaria [Autotranslate: PIE unit roughly analogous to a cohort] of the Legio XII Zakara.

Third, you chose your side when you decided to work closely with the terrorist organization Ushra’Khan to invade a planet under Amarr protection. Your actions have spoken loudly enough on their own that we feel no need to treat you as anything but a confirmed hostile.

Fourth, you have actively done more to aid Chakaid in his vilification of the Ammatar than any other one person. Because of the actions of individuals like you and Samira, his otherwise clearly fabricated claims have been given weight they do not deserve.

So, in short, you cannot be trusted and we will not negotiate with you.

(Mizhara Del'thul) #76

Wait, you’re giving credence to Chaklefuck’s Ammatar rants and ravings by siding with him against Ammatar (who have yet to engage in any kind of hostile action against Amarr anything) and then try to make the Ammatar one out to be the one giving Chaklefuck’s blather weight? Really?

You’re engaging every person Chaklefuck rails against as if you’re on his damned payroll, both here and out there.

Schizophrenic organization you’ve got there, Gavvy.

(Armast Darkar) #77
  1. No, I mean citadel. In Dresi. Your obtuse remarks are either an incredibly weak display of downplaying your strategic situation or you are ridiculously poorly informed both as an Admiral and as a Lord.

  2. Call it a home, a staging point, or what have you. We have reinforced PIE’s citadel in Dresi. I had surmised that your nomenclature was based on geographic location:

  3. We launched an invasion against a Khanid planet for which no Imperial forces were deployed beyond proxies like yourself. Treating me as hostile without a ruling from a higher authority is, again, an affront to the Ammatar Mandate and the memory of Lord Yonis.

  4. Deflect all you like. Your poor treatment of loyal Ammatar who willingly face the judgment of House Ardishapur only demonstrates that you have taken his propaganda to heart.

Conclusion: Let it be shown that it was I who reached out and sought peace. The bloodshed stemming from this war is on your hands.

(Kalaratiri) #78

It does confuse me that suddenly the Khanid are not “Imperial”. They are an heir family still are they not?

(Mizhara Del'thul) #79

Yup. Whether or not they’re Imperial or Amarr is a difficult question if we’re being serious. They’re culturally and ideologically quite different, they quite literally rebelled and separated from the Empire, they engage in vastly different practices and there’s of course the open secret that they’re heavily Sani Sabik infested. Still, they and the Empire like to play pretend and officially say otherwise, which legally does mean they’re Amarr/Imperial. So, what definition do you go by? The one defined on paper or the one that’s a bit more based in reality?

On paper, the Republic is also Imperial and everything else is technically too, so personally I don’t put much weight in what the Imperial or Khanid governments say on the matter. They don’t seem to be making these definitions particularly honestly.

Edit: All that said, as far as I’m concerned they’re both much the same in terms of where they land on the ‘in dire need of getting burned off the face of the cluster’ scale and as long as they mouth that they’re the one and the same entity, they get to share responsibility for each other’s actions.

(Elsebeth Rhiannon) #80

You worked with bloody Ushra’Khan at Kahah. Without them, you could not have gotten close, and it was their freedom fighters going down in flames on the orbital dropships.

You, for all means and purposes, attempted to land a terrorist and a rebel force on an Amarrian vassal planet.

It was a bold move, and it fanned the spark of something greater than we have seen in decades. It is something to be proud of.

Don’t diminish it by trying to portray U’K of all people as some Ammatar loyalist force. I mean, I have not always been a fan myself, but some limits to insulting them.

PS. Please send details on the PIE timer.