Upgrade as You Fly Meta 8

Some ships and modules, based on certain situations, would improve stats in a certain area.

For example, a new Critical Class Cruiser, you select the stats that you want to upgrade that are part of a package, such as a Damage/Optimal/Rate package.

During certain events throughout the year and when the missions are offered, two to three times a month for six months, is when you could earn the points that upgrade your chosen module package and ship as well.

Critical Class Ships would be unique ships because once you purchase them from an NPC store and from only NPC’s, during limited times of the year, the ship would set you apart from the rest of space faders as having a very powerful ship.

A powerful ship, that as you advance the points on your ship, each new level unlocks a random new trait. For example the five trait levels to a Caldari Critical Class Cruiser could be:

1.Improved shield resistance 5% bonus to all shield resistances.(10 second use / 30 second recharge)
2.Radiant Aversion Signal : Reduces your ships signature by 5%.
3.Spirited:Increases base engine output by 25% or reduces capacity use by 25% for AB or 15% for MWD.(15 second use / 45 second recharge)
4.Brawler:Boosts your damage by 10% for 25 seconds with a 45 second recharge)
5.Shield Syphon: drains shield strength by 100 points every second for ten seconds / 30 second recharge time.

The package that you select would allow you to add points to each category of the critical for that ship that you collect from certain events and special missions that are offered.

You would always be able ro max out the special triats for you Critical Ship but pointing up the package that select would be a delicate balance due to the low amount of points that are earnable along with the time frame in which you are to earn your package skill points in.

Critical Class Cruisers could be upgraded in the manner above to create a Meta 8 level class of cruiser that would be powerful enough for most engagements,but still able to be destroyed and not nearly as powerful as the Jovian. Driters and Triglavian elite ships.

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