Upwell Hangars Evolved

Hello space friends!

We have just released an Upwell Hangars article, outlining various aspects of the development pipeline, which you can find HERE.
Hope you enjoy!



you still need to fix the camera as it does not work half the time also how in the world did you get that venture to do a barrel role

I literally unsubbed all 3 of my accounts and started playing Albion because of these hangars lol. I can no longer play on my laptop without turning off all graphics and I still can’t use citadels (I have a PC at the house but travel a lot so I seldom play on it).

Actually after a couple weeks of playing Albion I’m sad I didn’t start Albion when it came out. It’s a far better game than Eve all around. The devs at least seem like they listen (and seem to have a better grasp on how their game functions. CCP has not the first clue). Plus, I can play it on my laptop AND phone.

I say this to say, I doubt many of us want better graphics if it costs performance. Many of us multibox and decreased performance hits hard.

But I guess y’all are only in it to milk whales nowadays. Y’all used to really be a good company. Now you’re sad and outright predatory.


Can we have the option to turn hangars off? I don’t even want my client to load the resources for a hangar as it adds nothing to my experience.


CCP, thanks for the updates. A significant part of this game is the visual experience. I’ve enjoyed the updates, and I look forward to see what is next. This adds quite a bit to my experience.


As nice as this hanger stuff is and all. Maybe you should have spent the time making more actuall ingame content!!


When I saw this I thought we were finally getting shareable ACL hangars. My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined.


Lets see if we can do that


Where can we expect 2D hangars that dont consume precious energy from peoples grid and suck money out of their walets?

Hangars that dont make CO2 meters go off scale in a nearby Ministry of the Environment office?

Not everywhere people live on volcano, so they dont have energy from warm rock underneath them.


Is quite too much, as it removes all graphics.

Perfect would be to have 2D option when in hargars.


Right. Nobody wants to play with their graphics turned all the way off. This is not a valid fix :joy:.


How much plex to get my FPS back?

When system requirements will “Evolve” to be on pair with actual hardware requirements for EVE client?

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I didn’t even know this existed, is this like Skyrim cause I love Skyrim.

Looks amazing! A shame I don’t have access to upwells to see. Maybe this will be rolled out to NPC stations too. I know people were struggling to find reasons to keep their ships docked, but hopefully this feature and continued effort will help convince more players to stay docked and keep winning with ever bigger stockpiles of shiny things that’ll never touch the vacuum of space! Pretty hangars!

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@CCP_Bee Thanks for posting that…

Gotta say that was very informative and entertaining.

In fact my good friend here can sum it up in one word:

And like somebody else mentioned, any chance for the various NPC stations having similar interiors like that? Don’t have to be exactly the same, more like a scaled down version would be great.

Also it seems to me you guys are leaning towards making an Eve movie, definitely looks like big screen quality visuals…


New Upwell hangar looks gorgeous, shame I have to use <ctrl><shift><F9> before docking to prevent my GFX card having a seizure. A low complexity hangar option would be very much appreciated for us players without a high end GFX card.


If only there were a button next to undock that says “view outside”

Hi All, I love the new docking sequences one addition could be to show a pod leaving the ship, when you leave your ship rather than your pod appearing on a small platform on the other side of the hangar. Thanks EJ


Now please optimize the hangars in structures and Jita because they are massive performance hogs.


I humbly suggest you have an option to render the generated 3D scene inside structures into a static image so that those of us with potato mode computers can both enjoy your artistic work and actually play the game. Thanks!


Yet you keep coming here and flagging people’s posts. Maybe you should concentrate on…