Use alpha for 5M slow but free SP or buy omega?

Is the meta to max out SP ALPHA or upgrade to OMEGA early?

The upside is you can train that back faster (around 3 months?) and you have a bit more freedom in what skills to train.

But is there any other upside to OMEGA upgrade early?

Is there a “typical” way players time their upgrade from alphas?


It saves time. You can train and use omega locked skills, modules and ships. You can multibox with other omega accounts.

Depends on what you want to do.

If what you want to accomplish can be done using Alpha, then no need to upgrade to omega.

If what you want is to play the game to its fullest and experience the full experience, and you want to fly a certain ship that is only accessible via omega, then upgrade to omega.

imo if you ever even think if it’s worth it to go omega then it’s worth it to go omega.

When you start uising a buddy program link, you start already Omega.
I think it was worth the money I used to spend for “normal” computer games in a shop. I wonder how you folks think all those servers and staff is paid.

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