User generated content tools as equipment

I wondered whether Eve could create some tools to allow User to generate some in game items, such as Skins, commodities and equipment.
For Instance, A skin designer Tool could be a higher level piece of equipment in itself, once purchased it would allow users to create skins. These items could be put on a marketplace and earn income for the creator with Eve taking a %.
A Commodity/Equipment factory could turn out user designed items, with bonuses and penalties controlled by the menu options available.
I think it would be a great way for the Eve community to add something to the game whilst Eve keep a hold of the reins.

ETA to user generated Iteron V skin that captures it’s nickname? Instantly.

Avatars and Armageddons skinned to look even more like dicks would ruin imersion. Same for the inevitable Hello Kitty, My Little Pony additions. CCP are kinda protective over the “feel” out there in space, hence all the dark dreary skins so far that match the rest of the world.

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No. Just no. Why? Because people, that’s why…

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If I recall correctly, CCP once stated back in 2009? No because, they where concerned about people posting pictures of nude women, swastikas and penises on the sides of the ships.

They did a test server and it was a thing.

IF eve create the tools, then eve can restrict what the users can do with it, Any artwork would have to be approved.

But yeah I get the “people” response. I’m thinking the level you’d have to achieve to own the kit and the outlay in ISK to buy one might well filter out the Penis drawers. The devil is in the detail as always with such things.

CCP aren’t going to pay people to approve random ship artwork. It currently takes approx 4-6 MONTHS to get a single alliance logo approved and added to the game.

Very doubtful.

The Thorax would never be seen the same way again.

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