Using GeForce Now = ban?

Using GeForce Now will get you permabanned immediately.

So now you know.

EDIT: Its not me getting banned, just warning people, as the streaming platform start being popular.
EDIT2: CCP can ban you for doing something they allow. But you can file a ticket to remove permaban. :joy:


The only reason I can think of is you are using GeForce Now. You need to read the EULA, where that should be clearly stated.

Also Google Stadia.

Also maybe this:

none of those are related, I think. He does not bypass anything.
Server emulator refer to SERVER emulator, not client emulator. Because anyhow a computer is an emulator in itself (each program is emulated its own physical access and memory) so …

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Unless the definition of ‘streaming’ has changed (considerably) since last I checked, I can’t see anywhere in the EULA (en) or their Terms of Service (en) that prevents streaming services (hell they had Twitch integration for a while).

So I can’t see how using GeForce Now (or anything similar) would get you banned, and therefore think there is indeed more to this than the Reddit OP would have you believe.



Server emulator was only example.

“System” - Client. In first screenshot I posted is mentioned that you are not allowed to use software that enable access to Client by others and that also can mean streaming. Since streaming allows to remote access game client (“System” in EULA).

But that’s only my rough understanding and I bet that we won’t see any CCP employee here to explain.

@Cypr3ss_Deteis This and Twich are two different things.

Dude, that’s a computer. By definition, you use it with devices that allow a remote interaction with the program you use - unless you are physically moving the bits one by one before sending the buffer to the program and reading the bits directly from it output buffer.

In any computer there is a “remote” access. And in any computer nowadays there is “emulation” - see CPU rings for more doc.

The more likely issue, is that CCP banned the IP addresses of the streaming program, for security reasons.


I think you’re getting the terms mixed up here. Afaict the client == the “Software”, but the “System” is the CCP Servers, which allow interaction within the game environment.

So you can’t use the “Software” (client) to bypass or avoid the System (server) login architecture (from your first post highlighted part)… though the part about “Or provide any other means through which the System may be accessed and/or the Game may be played by others” could mean ‘no remote access software allowed to run’ but I think it means ‘you can’t let people play our game, only we can do that’.

The second highlighted part of your first post is (as I read it) simply saying “you can’t make your own Software or System based on anything we provide” i.e. don’t steal our stuff.

On this we agree :slight_smile:



Well, that means reddit trolls did great job this time. I from beginning suspected that this ban is something more.

Anyway, no more speculations.


“banned pending investigation”
“Breach of EULA”

Nothing more specific than that. Cue the conspiracy theories. Oh look, I’m late to the party again.

Cant be both? Client with launcher + server = system? Thats very inclusive term, same as software. For legal reasons perhaps. Usually these terms are defined more specifically in some legal document when they are signing any deal.

For EULA its what they use to “cover all bases”.


No. You can’t use the words outside of their contextual definition.
A software is a package of binaries, among them a program that is supposed to be executed on a processor(without a program, it can be library, or just resource package eg texture, etc). A running program is a “process”.

You are granted access to Eve online only through the execution of the software provided by CCP (the launcher).

6.A.4 forbids you from using another way to connect in Eve than through the unmodified client, or to anything else than the CCP servers.

9.C forbids you from altering the execution of the client, and from looking at how it works.

That’s all.


I’ve played the game via Steam Link more than a few times to play on the telly in the front room. Doubt the ban is a result of simply streaming the game from your computer to another device in the house.

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I’ve been logging on and playing through GeForce for a couple of months now. This doesn’t seem accurate.

So that means connecting to a server that is running the Eve client and sending you the resulting data is not clearly not in violation of the EULA - i.e. it could be a violation, since you are not directly interacting with the unmodified client, itself.

This makes sense from a business perspective, as well. You want control over the connectivity through such platforms so that you can license your game to the owners of the platform.

No. It 's nowhere forbidden in the EULA.
You are NEVER directly interacting with the client itself.

yet it is wrong.


I agree that it is indeed very wrong to comment on things as if you know exactly what is going on.

the inclusive I wrote about was more about what this software actually consists of, not exactly if they are binaries or not. But it have to come from CCP.

The system without launcher, game files, server and client code, or server hardware cant be used to play in environment created by CCP. I cant think of simpler word than system for describing all of the stuffs CCP provides to play EVE. So the client system is build from many bricks in my understanding.

I wonder what CCP opinion would be on software used to remotely control the machine the game is installed into. But that machine would be yours and you would be playing it, only remotely.

None of the bits of EULA posted so far are even in the same zipcode as anything that might be pertinent.

Using NOW (or similar services) is not specifically verboten. It is, however, begging for problems because it is a platform that…

A: Is basically ideal for anyone intending to cheat, bot, multibox alphas, RMT, or otherwise abuse the system


B: Makes accurate account-player association extremely difficult (because it’s all just a bunch of connections from a bank of VMs in a datacenter)

It’s not, itself, an offense under the EULA, but you’re extremely likely to wind up as collateral damage if you use it, because you’re indistinguishable (or, at least, a lot more difficult to distinguish) from people who are misusing the system via NOW.

You don’t have a fully functional sense of irony, do you?