Utari's Puppies (Formerly Off-Topic Thread)

I might suggest a well brewed oleander blend.

"When all ways are closed
The Way of the Knife opens"
(trad, Sb., Mikramurka)

“And when you should take the way of the knife, you can also decide to just… not.”
(Yours truly, just yesterday)


I see what your intent is here, and it’s worth appreciating. Endearing, even.

But no Marine, or any military personnel anywhere, should be expected to behave as a military machine all the time. They are allowed to have feelings and engage in introspection–

–and despite snippy comments like this, Alizabeth is also allowed to have those moments.

If she is posting them here on the widely uncaring cesspool of unsolicited opinions (including mine) that is the IGS, then I’m willing to guess that she doesn’t have anyone nearer by with whom to vent these frustrations. But I’ll stop my speculation there.

Long story short: Don’t belittle anyone for being vulnerable.

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I’m not belittling her for being vulnerable, I’m pointing out that the very reason she’s feeling excluded in the first place is for doing exactly the same kind of thing she’s doing here.

If there’s one thing I do respect about the Amarr capsuleers, it’s their particular understanding of how to keep their mouths shut. Something Vea seems to continually struggle with.

Pouring your heart out over the IGS might work once in a blue moon, but my sympathy for someone bemoaning a self-inflicted “predicament” (please, someone exile me to the land of free money), is Not High.

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I don’t think either you or I are familiar enough with the situation to be able to make these kinds of determinations.

And as she’s said multiple times, her name’s not “Vea.”

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She can attempt to rebrand herself as much as she likes, but some of us have long memories.

She will always be Vea.



For me also. Safe travels, suuolo.

Funny ha ha , or funny peculiar ?

Well … yes?



This strikes me as a bit tone-deaf given what I was talking about. Does that social contract say anything about the Federation having no obligation to restore the homeworld of one of the oldest foundational members of the Federation, whom comprise a massive percentage of the Federal military? Thus ignoring a basic need of any nation? If so, that’s not a very balanced social contract for us.

Why isn’t Aria Jenneth treated the same way?

I’m not aware of Alizabeth’s situation since I was away, but I can say that Aria is treated differently than before because she has become a better, more complete person than she was before. When what you become is greater than what you were, it becomes more noteworthy. Sometimes, it takes time, perseverance, and patience. Judgment does change, though, if one is determined to do so.

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I’d say Alizabeth is also a better person than she once was. Though she may have shifted from one extreme to another, but that’s a subjective matter. And others know her better than I.


No offence intended.

That said, maybe you should remind yourself of the text of the petition. It acknowledges the existence of the planetary rejuvenation programme sponsored by the Federal Administration. All the petition asks for is an update on the progress of this programme.

As I am sure you know, the programme began in YC 46 (as soon as the security situation made it practicable) and is expected to take at least another 30 years or so to take effect.

Given this, I am not sure what your point is. Mannar is being restored; it takes time.

If you are complaining about the lack of response to the petition, perhaps the Senate did not feel obliged to provide one given that results are decades away at the earliest.

Aria functionally is a different person. Comparing the personalities and actions of Aria and her prior shows a radical shift from one to the other.

Vea, while attempting and perhaps at times even succeeding to change, remains very much herself.

As well as I. I can’t comment on Alizabeth’s current state as I haven’t heard anything about it, one way or the other. All I could certainly comment on was why we see Aria differently than before.

She is, by many.

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Pfu, Lord Consort Shutaq-Newelle calls her “Vesper” once in a while, but I have never seen anything worse than that, and I certainly have never seen him keep doing it when she tells him to stop, because she hasn’t done that. And I don’t doubt that if she did, he would. Alizabeth tells people to not use Vea all the time. ALL the time! And here we are. It is not the same.