Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2 - Extended Gameplay Trailer - A WoD Game made by competant devs

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So, the company that bought WoD from CCP/White Wolf made a cookie-cutter single-player RPG game, instead of the hugely over-optimistic MMO CCP was trying to make.

Nothing wrong with a good RPG, really. One of my favorite genres. However this game is in no way like the game CCP was attempting.

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From what I’ve seen of the Bloodlines 2 gameplay footage so far, it seems but a shadow compared to the first Bloodlines, with terrible animations and predictable gameplay. I know it’s still in development, but I’m not holding out much hope for a true successor to one of the greatest vampire games of all time.

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CCP was setting itself up to fail.

CCP was attempting fail and realized it, of course THEY had no idea lol. Because of PSHHHHH! Briliantly. Same as with making DUST on console generation that lived its last years upon release of the game.

Valkyrie being build on platform that never was set up to be a huge success because of ergonomy.

And all of that was predicted by people who knew more than them, and warned CCP even on the official forums…

CCP is now just janitors, keeping the servers up. They have managed to waste all the potential along the years. Managers…

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That’s a cynical way of looking at this. Granted, releasing Dust on the PS3 was dumb tho.

WoD failed because they are trying to do something new and innovative, not because they didn’t realize the danger of that but because they wanted to try and do something great. I can’t fault them for that. Any idiot can dogpile onto the current best-selling concept to make a quick buck. I’d personally rather see them try to make something new and great then to see them building some multi-platform EVE battle-royal monstrosity.

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Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.

About this one, I only can say I like the setting. Seems like 2020 will be a good year for RPGs.

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Na-ah, it was this:

"One email sent on the eve of the company’s 2010 team-building trip stated that all teams had to work through the weekend - and that this necessary overtime was the fault of the teams, that it was their failure to plan and scope their project accordingly. Never mind that management insisted on changing requirements and designs on a weekly basis, without pushing the schedule out to accommodate the changes.”

And then its this:

One manager couldn’t answer questions on gameplay or focus. I remember him standing over the shoulder of a programmer putting his finger to his lips and saying 'No - make it more… psssshhhh

The budget for the game was also affected by the lack of oversight. While no one interviewed for this article was in a position to quote exact numbers, all were under the impression that CCP dealt with one unified research and development fund, rather than allocating money by project. Former staff claim this explains why teams shifted regularly between WoD and Eve.

They were incompetent!

I dont think they learned anything.

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Yea I’ve read that article. I couldn’t help thinking much of it stunk of former employees who had just lost their jobs venting that anger at the reporters. I know I’d have been less the complementary of my former bosses if the 9 years of work I’d just done had been deleted and my job with it. Worth taking with a grain of salt.

But at the same time I don’t doubt there were management problems. However when you’re innovating new things it’s not as simple as when you’re making a cookie-cutter game that fits an existing format. You can find yourself half way through realizing that what you were planing to do isn’t workable, and have to go back and redo a bunch of stuff to work around it. That may well look like disorganization to people not in on the high-level picture of things.

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Then again everything is adding up, facts, not slander.

Of course, problems that you solve by removing managers that are incompetent.

Its not about “simple” or “hard” things, rather about what will work in that setting and what you are able to do, its about what the game have to contain and working on it. To this day the games were already “reinvented” multiple times and in different forms. Incompetent people will want to climb the highest mountain without even achieving first step of climbing the nearest hill, without knowing even how the high mountain looks. Setting themselves up to fail. Not knowing their own capabilities and the obstacles that they will have to face.

Look like CDPR have done games. There were 2 parts of witcher before witcher 3.

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Lets see, T20, boot.ini, DUST 514, VR, Eve Gate, Project Nova.

They certainly innovate a lot of failure.

But the case with WoD is that they had an IP that others have used successfully and couldn’t come up with anything not even Bloodlines 2. Paradox have come up with something and even if it is not an MMO then Im pretty sure if an they are thinking of an MMO then that particular MMO is in better hands.

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Innovation is risky business. Rate of failure is high.

Not sure what T20 and boot.ini have to do with this context tho. One was a scumbag CCP dude breaking the rules, and the other a bug. Seems like you’re reaching pretty far to find examples to support your argument.

Yes. Others have used it to build something fairly unoriginal. CCP was actually trying to do something impressive. I’ve got more respect for trying something great and failing, rather than just assuming you can’t do anything great and gong for mediocrity to be safe.

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They used to place criminals in coffins even in the 1900s.

compared to:

a 1897 Gothic horror novel by Irish author Bram Stoker.
It’s also the 2nd best seller book after the Bible.
That is the book I had to study for one of my English class.

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Something great like a great chicken cutlett? What was so great they wanted to realize? They did not know.

They are responsible for wasting company money and yours too, to deliver nothing really. Human beings without knowing anything about what they want. Nobody is really able to deliver more than his competences allow him to deliver. No imagination, no ability to foresee, no passion, no game. No matter the pay and level of management.