Variety is the Spice of Life

Ran a mission tonight and was a little disappointed with the scenery I saw. I can understand removing mine-able asteroids from Mission sites for gameplay balance reasons but I don’t feel like it’s a lot to ask for a little bit of variety in what they were replaced with, felt like a rushed job.


I can only embed one photo per post apparently


Am I supposed to care?

Definitely a lazy person did that. I know, I am lazy myself.

But I would rather replace with a silos or container or habitation module or bunker than the same looking asteroids. At least silos are supposed to look the same.


Everyone is entitled to their own thoughts and opinions but saying nothing hurts no-one.


So it would be best for you to say nothing? Thank you!

Yeah, that looks like crap. But they mentioned that missions needed a complete rework a while back. Thus, I doubt they want to invest a lot of time purdying up mission pockets when it just might end up getting scrapped. Of course, they’ve been backburnering missions for a while now, so who knows when they’ll get to it.

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Why are you in here making a comment if you have nothing to say? The guy is posting a crappy ctrl-v ctrl-c of crappy looking asteroid objects.


For me it looks like the rework they talked about, but scaled down a bit…

Reminds me of those 8-bit NES games in which they reused enemy sprites by changing the colour of the npc. You just knew a change in colour meant it was more difficult.

This is the same … BUT LAZIER! In CCP’s style.


I think the art director should be fired, things cant be like this.

I vote TheSoleMandalorian for new art director.


This is such a disgrace that some one needs to build a time machine and stop Erik The Red discovering Iceland.

Or is that too hyperbolic…?


lol - that should be standard in every grrccp thread now!


Comment of the year.

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I think CCP Copy and Paste is responsible.

Definitely a work in progress, OP. Shows that the devs are working overtime. I’m curious what next major feature they’re working on now that the Trigs event has somewhat settled.
Thanks for posting that pic.

That’s a lot of work. I hope they come up with some new and cool stuff.


That reminds me of games from about 25 years ago, not what you would expect these days.

shakes head in disbelieve


Being a former L4 runner… This is pretty disappointing to see.

No likes? No simps running to prop you up?

Something weird has befallen the queen.

As to the OP. I remember back when I first started, you’d see fences and wainscotting floating around in mission space. They must have bought cheap asset packs back then instead of hiring people that could make their own space themed stuff.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses: