Version 18.05 - General Feedback

Just looking to give some quick feedback, really just a suggestion that could be implemented. With all the BPO’s capped at full research, I often spend time organizing and looking though to find ones that are not fully researched. It would be nice to have a icon on a BPO in a corner of the clipart that notes a BPO is at full research. Also a way of organizing blueprints I believe is long overdue.

Also just a small bug when I click on industrial cyno on a ventures Traits page it goes to the normal cyno and not the industrial version…



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I’m fine with the idea of great risks but that’s just nuts. Youre talking about completely removing someone’s ability to travel hisec safely, ever. Tell me who would like to never be allowed in hisec again just to make some systems turn nullsec, and its not guaranteed cuz nobody knows exactly how this works

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CONCORD are further extending their power.

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