Version 18.06 - General Feedback

So here’s a good question, post event, any idea how we’ll get ammo for the edencom stuff?

Major bug with the new feature to log back to character selection and then re-enter as an alt on the same account. When you swap using the new feature it carries over the clones (including implants) and jump clone timer from the first character you log in as to the alt you swapped to using the new feature.

for example: you have two characters on the account one with jump clones and one without. Log in with the one with jump clones and then use the new feature and the one who previously had no jump clones now looks like it has the jump clones from the other alt.

if you log in with the one who has no clones and then use the new feature to swap to the one who has clones it will hide those clones making it look like it does not have them.

quitting all the way out and re-entering the game cleans up the data.

I do not know what happens if you try do something with the carried over data… like jump to a clone that was from the other character… but seems like it would not go well.

likewise jump clone delay timers look like they carry over when you use the new feature… though the time may be adjusted based on the skills of the current character

new EDENCOM-flavored abyssal filaments…

10 minutes now instead of 20 minutes with even more socket disconnect random chance!

try your luck!

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Update 25 June - I’ve just tested this, and can confirm that the issue of missing wormhole sounds is fixed on Linux Mint 17.3 & 19.3.

Removed some offensive comments. First warning. Keep it civil and on topic. Thank you.


Thank you, CCP, for finally fixing the turret sounds! Patch 2020-06-25.1 on Linux Mint 19.3.

Project Discovery : UI Feature request

On right click, the last point connects to the first point automatically.

Haven’t really notice much. Many enjoying the new Endencom sites and anxiously wondering where they’ll get the materials to build the new ships even as they try them out mostly out of curiosity rather than seeing them as useful.

Haven’t tried the character switch because can’t figure out how. Sounds cool but frustratingly like so many cool things (e.g. bookmark system) there’s no tutorial and few people understanding it.

Fully support more changes though–just offer a bit more help. The more chaos the better.

hit escape. hit the new “log off” button next to quit game. it takes you back to character select screen.

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I bet you are the type that wont stop complaining about obsolete and useless headphone jacks on your phone too

do you guys at ccp even play EVE? because it amazes me that, a massive war is about to start and some are saying its going to be the biggest one in EVE history, but then u cyno jam most of lowsec! which is a pain the ass, but you could still kill them. but today u give them OP AF reinforcement rats and make almost impossible to kill. what about the guys trying to deploy? or what about the guys in JF trying to supply low sec markets? or are u just trying to nerf content now seeing that you have run out of things to nerf?

i painted a picture for you, hope you like it!


Yes, a function that would allow us to disable or enable this “Red Dot” :red_circle: thingy whatcha ma thing do dad would really be nice.

yup yup

:red_circle: Remember when these morons gave the Eagle drones? We just had to recall the drones of our fleet because they caused too much tidi. Such a great addition to this ship. :roll_eyes:

:red_circle: Why do I get a security status penalty in a liminality system when I attack a triglavian supporter who has positive trig standing when I have positive Edencom standing? This should work like FW where attacks on the opposing faction does not hit your security status. (And if it does not work like that in FW, it should work like that in invasions.) It is utterly illogical why enforcing the law actually treats you like a criminal.

(FW militia are at war with each other just like how wardecced corps and alliances in general are as well and shooting war targets is a legitimate aggression thus does not involve a security penalty.)

cat red dot

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they working 16 or 5 hours per day?

Right, so, it’s the exact same situation? Trigs are literally invading empire space, and the four empires are at war with them. Unless we’re supposed to believe that the empire didn’t really want those systems anyway.

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