Version 19.03 - General Feedback

Auto-Integrity Preservation Seal:

"Auto-Integrity Preservation Seals are specialized components used for automatic damage control in key space vessel zones where crew and other personnel aboard ship are operating. While most ships have a variety of internal forcefields, bulkhead dividers, air-locks and similar systems built into the basic design, breaches of all kinds can occur in the heat of space combat.

To address small but potentially dangerous breaches, temporary force-fields, smart materials and nanotechnology have often been used but can be energy intensive or use otherwise valuable resources such as nanite paste.

The new auto-integrity technology takes a leaf out of the Triglavian Collective’s book and uses mutaplasmid technology as the inspiration for cheaper, standard components that release biotech nanobes tailored to seek and repair microfractures and other defects threatening physical compartment integrity."

WHAT?? are we getting ship mutaplasmids next or what is this even for, I’m intrigued!

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CCP, this is absolute stupidity, I am appalled.

First, you introduce DBS and MESS, so only bots can do ratting in nullsec.

Then, YOU BUFF IT so BOTS GET MORE FOR THEIR RATTING, while players still get nothing (only botted ratting is feasible with DBS and MESS, humans can’t deal with it).

Are you even sane there? What the hell is going on inside your heads? I have been SCREAMING at you to stop buffing bots and nerfing living players, and you do exactly the opposite of what you’re supposed to do!!! STOP BUFFING BOTS OMGWTFBBQ.

Well, that just proves one thing. I have sensed, although a bit late, but correctly, that bot is considered a better customer than myself, and everything done to this point reinforces this belief. I am not wanted and I shouldn’t come back. I get it, ok, but hell, does bots even need all those buffs?


Would have edited my post but for some reason they disallowed it in this thread

Guess i should be thankful you deployed this the day before my alt was due to be renewed, might be time to take a break again :confused:

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Wasn´t aware of that tbh. My apologize.
Thought that was one of the typical troll answers to postings like mine.

Yeah honestly how the ■■■■ is salvaging not a serious thing yet. Doing the whole follow other PVE’ers thing is slow and painful as ■■■■. Why not double the returns? Why not add in random high value drops on specific qualifying wrecks that are more common in general? Currently salvage is just a more mechanically intensive version of mining that pays literally like 10% of what mining would. Just add some god damned bonuses to the higher tier salvage ships so that they can actively turn worthless scrap heaps into 2-5x as much salvage as if you salvaged with a non salvage ship.

Also why oh why can you not make exploration more consistent. It takes ■■■■■■■ years to get into an appropriate section of null, where you’re constantly hunted, and you find a data site that has 3/5 cans empty or less than 20k Isk. ??? This is madness. I get that once in a blue moon it’s nice to have crazy loot drop out of data/relics. But if you’ve already associated loot value with npc pirate region then you’ve basically already assigned exact loot drops from each site. Except you havnt. Two people could explo for 6-8 hours in the same region and one could have just terrible spawns in their crates and get like 25m vs the lucky guy who gets like 120-160m. If that wasn’t terrible enough you could have a total noob attempt exploration in the wrong npc pirate region (serpentis and angel) and they could literally spend 6-8 hours and find less than 5m. Where as if you walk into sansha null with a mildly fit heron you’re guaranteed to leave with over 100m if you can stay alive. Just reduce the number of empty or useless container spawns. When you’re out there for ages searching and giving up all your time to do any manufacturing or industry or ratting or literally anything else and you finally find a data/relic but it has empty cans you essentially feel like quitting the game lol. Just a bit more consistency?


No they shouldn’t, I like camping you while you screw around with ESS.
Remember, you are always in range of someone you can’t see who has something horrible in mind.
And yes, you should be paranoid because we are out to get you and there are so many of us CCP should change everything to please you.

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You say in your patch notes you have removed empty asteroid belts but upon travelling around you have removed all asteroid belts in null-sec , you say empty belts they had ore in them so there hardly empty are they? Why was this not mentioned in dev notes? and how can you work on ADM’s now if you have just taken sov? you cannot, what faction spawns and officer spawns that normally spawn in belts that no longer exist? @CCP_Dopamine

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No worries. S’why I clarified.

And hey, isn’t it great how slow mode’s promoted thoughtful discussion? Hasn’t had any of those pesky, entirely predictable results like suppressing discussion and feedback, and pushing that even more onto /r/eve.


I suppose this is more pedantic, but I went to use one of the new reaction blueprints available - Axosomatic Neurolink Enhancer Reaction Formula - at an Athanor that has Hybrid Reactions and Composite Reactions capability, and was surprised that I couldn’t… so the new reaction BPs are considered Biochemical reactions? If you look at the description of the Biochemical Reactor module for athanors, it specifically says it’s for creating boosters, which the new BPs are very much not. Is the description for the Biochemical reactor going to be updated? Were these BPs intended to be covered under the Composite Reactions module?

It feels like anyone who tried discussing things simply went up and left the game.

Gotta admit, CCP went so deep into the unplayable territory that I abandoned multiple caps in staging just because I don’t want to log in anymore, even to war, and I don’t give a ■■■■ what happens to them, because I’ve ran out of cares and can’t care anymore.

2021 eve is hopelessly unplayable.


already check becuase i have a toon there for “content” and no ore dont have the bpo yet

I didn’t complain about the red dot but turned it off first thing when we finally were able to. So what is my punishment?

The BLUE BOX. Please can we disable this terrible add-on?


Wait, you can turn the red dot off?


In a future production update, you reported that one of the goals is to restore the value of the base ore.
How will this happen if the quantity required for production decreases?

Not sure if it’s this patch, but with the removal of asteroid belts, you can no longer find and kill Tobias officer rats that spawned exclusively in Curse.

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Perhaps the most significant line in the entire patch note, with drastic repercussions through the entire game:

Removed empty Asteroid Belts that have no asteroids left available.

The numbers on ccp’s spreadsheets probably make it look good for the economy - or fancier word the “ecosystem”. But what are they really willing to sacrifice in terms of gameplay ?? Is Eve going to become another Dust514 debacle with similar quality decisions as back then ?? How does it make any sense in a sandbox game when players are getting increasingly restricted in the most basic of activities. I know of at least one entire region without a single asteroid belt in it, and it wasn’t an economic flesh pot to begin with. No sov no mining ? No mining for non-members at all ? wthccp…

If this is (part of) what was meant with " Lay the foundations for future resource distribution" in the blog then we should fear what is next. It won’t be stunning in diversity or rich in content, the direction this is going… Royally pissed off by this patch, and I’m not even a miner.


Just to throw some salt in. The belts only seem to be removed in the eastern/southern part of the map. From Geminate going north then west and south down to querious, the regions still have all their belts.


CCP removing Asteroid Belts to fix the game by removing the only mining feature that worked well and as expected and actually did something meaningful and interactive to limit unchecked mining. The level of mindboggling in CCP reaches truly staggering levels.


yeah @CCP_Dopamine you guys know that even if the belts are broken there are other mechanics that players use them for right? not everyone anom rats, many people belt rat to hope to get an officer spawn (in fact i believe its the ONLY way to get an officer spawn) and nuking those belts out the game is a straight nerf to that activity.)

Before throwing shade to you guys im sure you guys knew this and have adjusted/moved the belt rat spawns to happen at all other celestial locations right?

…right? :eyes:

id love to hear from CCP whether you guys feel this form of gameplay being nerfed is just ‘collateral damage’ or not? and if not how you’re redressing the balance.

straight up deleting gameplay is just the best way to antagonise your playerbase and tempt them to look at your competitors in the gaming scene.