Version 19.04 - Known Issues

If i ship scan the same target twice, instead of refreshing the window it closes it…

I’m amazed how every time you manage to break things unrelated to what’s in the patches… it’s all POS code amirite?

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Courier contracts appear to be rounding security status a bit oddly, causing 0.5 systems to appear as lowsec in the list.


ya this is driving me crazy. how the hell do I move it back.

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I had a problem with the launcher where it would stick downloading and would not update. Even trying to download the latest version of the launcher did not work. To get around the issue, I had to use a vpn and change my location.

I’ve an issue with the corporation window, i launch and lock it and it systematically dissapear when i log off and log back.

That’s normal and has been like that for years. As in standard, mathematics, everything beyond 5 is rounded up, which makes 0.45 a 0.5 system and therefore high sec.

Related to that: I just jumpcloned to a structure and that closed my Item Hangar and Ship Hangar windows. I cannot reopen them until I undocked and redocked.

I don’t understand why the scanner layout was changed. How do we revert to the pre-patch layout?


Probe window is docked on the wrong side AND clips off the window

The new Jita hangar is pretty but it puts a heavy processing burden on the computers. Loading into Jita station impacts the client performance on other accounts considerably.

this is happening to one of my officers too

Lovely how reliable chats are. Corp chat shows 1 out of 5 logged in chars, while local shows all for me, but does not show any chars for another corp mate. One char has no corp or alliance chat to begin with. :+1:

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  1. My Corporation and Alliance Chat window are gone. (not hidden, or stacked, or behind. GONE)
  2. Local is broken. My other account can see me listed in their local window, but does not see my messages.
  3. My other account cannot see me in the corporate chat, but can see me in station.

This same issue is on multiple alt pilots.

Nice. Weapons don’t have sound now. I just fired a few volley of my missile launchers and they are completely silent.

I used to get information when hovering over the “daily campaign” icon in the top left. This is now gone.

The UI no longer seems to display that you are orbiting something.

It used to be the case that if you were, for example, orbiting a wormhole to provide intel that you would see that displayed just above the HUD but it’s no longer being displayed and it appears that you are sat there not moving which is not great.

You mean the rotation buttons are ovelaping the ship HUD.
Actually the entire map overlaps the Ship HUD.

The ship HUD is way more important than two buttons that I doubt anyone care for their existance.
There is no ship HUD in the Solar System Map!
This is quite a very BIG issue!

Also opening and closing the Solar System Map causes the Overland AND 3D engine to reset! Can we get some aknoledgement that you guys are looking into this?

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How about returning the old Aura? Slightly biting. Slightly patronizing. And overly helpful in her own, unique way.

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Following up on the issue that it seems that its not being taken into consideration.

  • Entering and Exiting Fullscreen Galaxy map or Solar System Map will cause the overlay to be reset, and aparently also the 3D engine, which results is loss of performance for a short time.

  • PC specs are GTX 1080 with R7 3700X, etc. and my pc is runing just fine.

  • The effect is identical to the once that you experience when jumping into a new system, now caused by F9 and F10

  • Also the Ship HUD is not being displayed in full screen, please resolve this as its causing issues for many of us.

  • As someone said above, this patch is messing with our muscle memory, please stop doing that.

  • Targeted items are not shown above full screen system map (see image below) or general galaxy map (later is less critical)

Image: top no system map, bottom system map in FS, item is targeted on both as seen in overview

There is no option to set them to be always on top that i could find.
Issue prevents multitasking aka scanning while doing activities requring active target selection (combat sites / hacking / fighting… ).

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