Version 19.05 - General Feedback

it’s a point to view, the buff blops make them more interesting to me and my friends

Not sure whether it’s bug or not since I haven’t used agency much before the patch.

If it does not look like an expected behavior, report it.

Most functions in Agency ignores route settings, Agent Finder, Anomalies, Signatures … etc. It’s been like that forever, so it’s not just this patch. More as WAI, but of course, could use QOL fix on it.

Folks, it doesn’t look like that many of you realize that CCP is a private company.
And as such its main purpose is TO MAKE GOD DAMN MONEY
i dont think it is any where near smart to complain that a business is trying to make money by selling something, this is how they survive, this is how they make it possible to deliver value.

customers have every right to be upset when services/goods delivered not worth the money charged.

When people sound like “OH they try to sell more plex”, or “Oh CCP is money grabbing” you sound very very silly ( if not stupid )
Hell yeah, they want to make money, and need to make money to continue the business, to continue support and develop Eve.

When they do charge the money and deliver crappy updates, ruin existing gameplay instead of improving it, then it gets upsetting.

They dont have to listen to crying player base, but then player base will vote with their dollars and legs. Then even those that stay will suffer because Eve becomes less popular and less populated. Eventually this may lead to point of no return when the game may not be salvageable.
It is up to those evil people of CCP :slight_smile: to realize mistakes they make and correct them fast.
Better yet to learn from past mistakes and try not to make new ones.

Online participation lately is declining at alarming rate.

They have done a good job of making every play style in Eve a lot worse with a rapid succession of changes. All of the mining shortages, followed by very aggressive industry changes, then messing with nullification, then cloaks. Games are supposed to be fun. Counting on an OCD playerbase to adapt and overcome against anything CCP can brainstorm - that might not be a successful approach.

I guess they haven’t messed up mission running yet.


For now but I’m that’s still to come. Salami slices…

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Mission running for the most part is very boring, repetitive grind, and been boring for many many years ( some burners are fun however ). It needs major improvement.
But i have no doubt some “talent” at CCP can make it worse…


Ugh, well, CCP quality.

You keep giving them ideas. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Always has been