Version 19.05 - Known Issues

I agree it can be a bit annoying, but I love that I’m now alerted to it when anything decloaks my ship apart from myself. Bomber messing up and decloaking the fleet? Sound. Object too close? Sound. Mobile Observatory ping decloak? Sound.

I do think this decloaking sound is a new feature for cloaks and not just for the interaction with mobile observatories. I just missed it in the patch notes.

By the way, if you decloak right before you take the gate, you won’t hear the sound. :wink:

This persists to this day and is getting worse. I now seem to have this issue every time I log-off to char select screen instead of quitting the game.

  1. Hotkeys to open station hangar and ship hangar do not function in citadels anymore
  2. I cannot hide search new eden bar and save this setting between game restarts. You can temporarily hide it during current session only.
  3. I have noticed that disable all button blinking option in neocom bar does not stop all button blinking. Just tested “redeem items button” is blinking after game restart, but “disable all button blinking” is ON
  4. Every time you join new channel, chat channel window resets its “light background” state
  5. When you install new buy order and use current maximal buy price (do not outbid existing top order), your order (blue) is dropped to the top position. I think this is a visual bug as order with best price did not change. Sell orders are shown correctly.
  6. There are two hotkeys with the same name: Settings->Shortcuts->Window->2 x The Agency

I don’t get what is “enable always above full screen views”. Nothing happens if you use this option for any window in full screen or in windowed mode. Somebody can explain?

Is in game bug reporting function abandoned?

If disabled, that window will disappear to the background when you open a full screen tab (such as the PI interface or map). With that option turned on you will always see those windows, which is useful for your overview, HUD and for example local chat.

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New gates are in but the server or ESI or whatever doesn’t recognize them on killmails.

As you can see, this ship died near a gate and it says so.

This ship also died near a gate but it does not say so.



Be careful with a comment like that, you’ll just get downtime jumping removed :stuck_out_tongue:

Mobile observatory is missing from scanner filter editor.

Also some other inconsistency with overview tab filter in Deployables.
What is mobile storage ?

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Adding new chats to an existing chat tab still makes these windows transparent.

Factional Warfare Enlistment still has wait time.
The wording in the update is very vague and lacking a description of the specific change (as usual).
Until the update, the Corp would be enlisted by next Down-Time (even if Enlistment happens within 10 minutes from Down-Time), and it seems that post-update nothing has changed.

Allies do not appear as allies (purple star) nor enemies as enemies (orange star).
No access to “Militia Chat”.
Entering a plex will apply “Suspect Timer”.
Cannot contribute to plex capture.

After logging off for 5 minutes and re-launching without any other Corp member online, nothing has changed.

Please enlighten us as to what exactly changed here, or am I experiencing a bug?

p.s. There are ways to concisely detail changes, and although there has been a vast improvement in this recently, I ask it be more consistent, especially with such impactful subjects like enlisting an entire Corporation into Factional Warfare and then have the entire Corp sit stagnantly waiting to contribute towards the war effort due to vague promises.

I think they meant Fighting will begin in 24 hours,
rather than may begin within 24 hours.
in other words your war will start
12:36 on 13.06.2021

What they are saying in the OP is downtime is no longer involved in the operation.

Well that doesn’t come across as being an improvement!
At least before this I could count on the Corp being enlisted by Down-Time, so I could plan to hop on and enlist us a few minutes before DT and Corp members wouldn’t be shaking in their boots and being useless (the Corp is against piracy and Fac-War provides viable targets) for another 2 days. Now I have to wait 24 hrs regardless?
Maybe an actual DEV or Admin of sorts has something to clarify in this dedicated thread (once the weekend is over)?

Update, now (5 hours after enlistment) the Character selection displays being in a “mutual war”, yet when logging in the situation hasn’t changed.
Allies do not appear as allies (purple star) nor enemies as enemies (orange star) .
No access to “Militia Chat”.
Entering a plex will apply “Suspect Timer”.
Cannot contribute to plex capture.
And there is no icon at top-right showing the Corp/Character is at war.


profile pictures arent updating

what you on about mate