Version 19.09 - General Feedback

Eve is a digital endless waterfall of tears

Tis a sad day when the players have to fix the launcher to actually launch the game on Linux themselves.

Digital duct tape.

a bug… by the next DT, they’ll be back where they belong.

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Not sure, let’s see. I used it already heavily in Tama yesterday, but general lack of targets, not much to catch.

  1. is there documentation on the ESS? If so where?
  2. Auto appying Quafe is a terrible move

Edit: ah ess is a mistake. Gotcha

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Well done on the prediction :smiley:

Just got the game running in steam one day ago, was excited and paid my Omega account up for a month…now i am out 14 bucks and they break the game ? I feel a bit ripped off . Ive always loved EVE but knowing your breaking the game for people and not having a patch to fix it is stupid. Ill never buy a steam deck …i play games on PC only and always will. Test servers showed the issue and they did it anyway? Come on :frowning: this was murder of a whole community of gamers who love the game and just want to play !

Try the pyd file fix? That worked for me on Proton 5.0-10. Not sure how long for though.

It’s like a deal with Darth Vader “I Am Altering the Deal, Pray I Don’t Alter It Any Further.”

wasn’t a prediction, just going by what ccp said.

The thing about the ESS, We still need documentation on, Theyve changed the threshold but not told us by what, for all we know, they could of made another nerf to ratting which at this point with what ccp have been doing, it would not suprise me.

and thats something that null seccers can do… you guys and gals are in the thralls of using it… make the documentation.

Every single problem in eve can be traced to one thing. Too many active alts. People playing 20+ characters at a time.



This is totally fine and balanced. If only CCP would do something about these SoCT ships that take away massive amounts of production potential and mineral consumption potential from players.


The ships are actually fairly weak compared to any hull with propper bonus to your fitting.
This is more likely people can’t afford anything else due to the giant mass of turd CCP shat all over the economy

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Judging by these numbers, they are not nearly weak enough.

Judgeing by these numbers, we’d have like 30% less people in space if it wasn’t for the stock piles of cheap hulls people can still buy at reasonable prices.

What CCP needs to do is unfuck the economy.
What CCP should do is fire Rattadi and perma ban Kenneth Ponzi.


The lag between ALT+Tab has been fixed! Thank you all for the hard work.

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Bastion Modules’ maximum lock targets bonus has been deleted on the latest patch, the change is not on the patch note.
Is this a silent nerf, or an unintended change ?

It was only a matter of time before they started nerfing L4 mission running. It was pretty much the only way to make decent ISK in high sec left.

Sooner or later, CCP will realize that “carebears” don’t want to play PvP, no matter how shitty they make high sec. We’ll just quit playing.


People using multiple alts can itself be traced back to CCPs obsession with nerfing all income generating activity to absolute ■■■■. You can’t just hop in and mine anymore, you have to have boosts and haulers and at least a hand-full of mining ships to be able to mine enough to make money. You can’t run missions without having a salvage alt because salvaging and shooting with one char makes ■■■■ income. And recent months have seen this get MUCH worse with resource scarcity.

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Well, one day, a patch will be released that makes this chart go up. Don’t know which day but, it had better be soon.

Perhaps stop hindering Linux users from playing, that might help.