Version 20.01 - General Feedback

Don’t forget that you can find all these fits - and many others - in the Fitting section of your NEOCOM!

So it’s probably just you :thinking:

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Linking the fittings in the dev blog via would have been helpful, though, for people who cannot be ingame when they read this blog. You know, to have something to link when you indicate that a link should follow a colon, to make people aware of third party partner tools and to support EVE Partners. But it’s probably just me.


  • Tweeting at a certain dev won’t get cat ears in the game any sooner (looking at you Squishy and LQZ).

This is ■■■■■■■■! Cat ears nao!

Nice simulation history, when we will be able to simulate implants?


Yuck, that looks like a pickle with a growth on the side.

The current lambda Imicus model is a lot better in my opinion.

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I have distorted them a bit

What do you think? Too pretty? Or ugly enough?

Looks like something hit the forehead of the right version. Too much bonking, eh? :joy: But I like all of the concepts.


Blue Ice belts have begun to be distributed once again.

This problem is still occurring.

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Abyssal runners, obviously. But I agree it should not be limited to some “elitist” items That’s shortsighted.

Plus… filaments can’t even be added to the fitting when you use the Import from clipboard function. Failed. Very shortsighted.

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Or varying levels of command bursts.

Nor can you find Filaments in the Fitting window when you work on your fitting. Oh dear… This change feels like a hamfisted feature just for this WHOVIAN event and it was not thought through till the end at all…

Of course, you also can’t find MoDes but still …


There was another - albeit much more rare- issue affecting all mining sites fixed in todays patch. Sites that were not properly respawning as a result may take a few days to despawn before respawning in the fixed state.

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Why cant buy Capital Industrial Ships skillbooks in NPC Academy station?
I ask question at ticket month ago :confused:
The rep doesn’t seem to understand my question.