Version 20.05 General Feedback

Just a note on that point, the half of the materials that remains is not going to cost as much, for example I have watched the price of the “auto-integrity preservation seal” collapse over the course of today.

Many of the ships are only going to use a quarter of these items that they did before, demand is collapsing as well


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after reading everything i can about the big reveal and this patch it is very very clear that CCP is more about art and visual effects than actual game substance. The structure changes seem to serve no purpose other than to help the mega alliances clear space of pesky non members. I see no future for my accounts. i too much vote with my wallet. but apparently that is what CCP wants. dump the vets with their expectations of gameplay and replace them with the ooh and ahhh crowd. sad really after 14 years


usually these days

I would be curious to see the metric of how many Pilots start out with a small independent corp and either:

A) build it to the point of joining one of the big alliances
B) leave smaller corps to eventually move into the large groups.

Because even small gang PvP or PvE corps are going to suffer when their operations bases pop so easily.

As a population, we all used to respect those who were willing to slog through killing station after station for their steadfastness. This will make them more into the scavengers of some dystopian galaxy. The “Reavers” of EvE. Come, spend a week or so clearing an area … then move on.

This will generate fewer fights , after the initial glut of kills, as people just write stations off.

I guess this will also solve the glut of manufacturing slots, except for those larger groups who are relatively safe in their core systems. Which tend to be the same people who max out all available reactions and builds on multiples of toons. Hmmm, maybe it won’t make that much difference … to them.


Look to correct what you perceive as an issue with multiple, smaller changes. The fix for every problem doesn’t need to be a “marketing moment”. Those only continue to push the pendulum farther and farther to each extreme.

Pretty much all small to medium groups throughout EVE are gonna have trouble. Not that they weren’t already, but CCP continues to screw the little guys.


It’s been the same with updates from CCP for at least the last 4 years I’ve been playing (took a few years break before that… started in '06). Everything get’s nerfed, but changed disproportionately affect small groups and high sec players. If the big null sec boys aren’t affect too much, they go ahead and change it. As soon as those players start crying, adjustments soon follow.

Thanks. I wondering why I shooting citadels so long. Now my maths make sense. :slight_smile:

Another day with a sizeable patch but no patch notes. Guess another bunch of Event Arc stuff was released today. Good to know. :thinking:


Agreed. Why were pirate Frigs not touched?

Than you make things worse there’s a claim of it helping larger numbers of people. It’s text book survivor bias pretending to be logic. Sad.

“Transparency” does not work without “Enable window blur”.

  • Dear developers, isn’t this a bug?

The party might have taken an unintended tone if the patch had been released before the event and it turned out that capsuleers weren’t happy with the changes. So, the decision was made, no doubt, to release the patch afterwards, thus reducing the risk of any backlash that could not be ignored.

By avoiding any serious customer feedback at the event, the customer facing employees of CCP can cover their butts by forcing capsuleers (customers) to rant (as usual) in this forum or via bug reports, where the customer support staff can dismiss any undesired/inconvenient comments/bug reports with statements/thoughts such as ‘you’re the only one with the issue’, ‘the problem is client-side at your end’, ‘we can’t replicate the problem’, ‘you’re just an Elite Danger bot’, or ‘you just have a bad attitude’. In the forum, dissenting voices are often lost in the mass of communication (particularly long threads such as the ‘Patch’ threads). Because Bug Reports are private, any feedback given in them is not seen by any others in the community. (Ironically, there are bugs in the Bug Reporting system.)

Personally, I’ve given up on reporting anything as I know nothing will be fixed (e.g. Connection losses on arrival to the next system after jumping through a gate). I’ve seen this kind of attitude in other IT companies where they continuously release new updates where new features are added, old paradigms adjusted, but rarely are bugs actually fixed (with some persisting from the earliest release versions).

So, if at some point I get bored with Eve, I’ll just quit; no skin off my nose and I can allocate my money to something else.

Wrong section header.


Not only wrong section header. The PATCH NOTES for todays release are not there! This was the previous release 2022-05-06…

You are completely right. Didn’t even pay attention to that. I just assumed that it’s the new patch notes content because the card in the launcher was updated. Yay.


so putting citadels in wormhole space will be futile. your corp dont show up for timer,loss of evrything… you can miss timer because of no internet,real life stuff and even broken computer. sure friends can keep going and may have time for evacuation but your stuff probably will be gone.

citadels in wormhole should have shield timer and armor timer as it was before. removing hull and shield timer made wormholers a nightmare,people used to shield bash for troll and good fight,now good fight will be not eoungh and kicking small corp castles gonna be common until no content in wormholes,sure big alliances will replace small corps but if big alliances keep truce between them there would be no fights betwen two battlefronts in wormhole space,blues wont be fighting another blues right?

astrahus is nerfed to ground and bringing fortizar will bring more risk… i guess poses gonna be used alot more these days now.