Version 20.07 - Known Issues

Something came up while your jump clones were being loaded. Please try again later. Need Extra Fix!

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Noticed a few bugs earlier:

  • Scarcity isn’t fixed.
  • Ratting isn’t fixed.
  • Cap indy isn’t fixed.

Perhaps it will be useful - I ran the characters on the second computer, and there was no such problem.
Now, while waiting for an official answer, in order to change clones, I first download the characters on the second computer… Convenient (no).

Sound like a good idea but sad - i dont have 2nd PC). So this case cant help in my situation. Strange that from all chars only half with less jump clones works correctly and another half dont work (dont show clones). Reset all of them to default interface will be max pain for me. I think this issues came from this: “Removed Jump Clone Cooldown when swapping clones at NPC stations”. May be something changed in settings or in code. Anyway it is CCP work not my but whole day i cant play game because need jump clones instantly. So will be w8 for answer mate? Hope CCP reaction will be +100 a.e warp speed :wink:

New patch causes client to freeze the moment eve is launched. New technical issues introduced?

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and ■■■■■■■ stuck petition gm sent me in a circle like an idiot
writing bug reports and ■■■■
in the end he told me to link it here and now i see i m OF COURSE not the only on (my 1st thought on this)
still he let me do it like a fool
really sadge about CCP’s current state
taking more money for more bugs and fooling those who as for them to be fixed lol

Experiencing same problem reported above with jump clones and effectively unable to play…

JC gone

This is happening on my three accounts.

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By the way, JCs are not visible in EVE Portal as well:

JC gone 2|403x500

779,583 represent how much FREE SP you have - if you fill in the max number it will only take what it needs to bring the skill to 768,000

That’s not how it was earlier (yesterday?)


Temporary fix for “something unexpected came up while your jump clones were being loaded”

yeah thx but an UI reset would be worse for me than losing high-grade jump clones lol

all assets - empty

Will this “Temporary fix” change only client profile settings or will reset ingame UI also?

As i told - half from all chars got this problem (with more then 3 JC). See this issue going warm. Hope Devs will check it faster and fix as fast as they can. SP issue worried too but not so critical as this one.

Photon UI item window sidebar doesn’t hold resize after patch. Close window and it resets to smallest possible sidebar.

EBR-237414 UI Item window resize issue - YouTube

Prior to today’s patch, the remaining skill points to finish training the current skill/level would be displayed in the apply skill points dialog box above the set quantity line.


* Asteroid Belt NPCs were not spawning at the Desolate Asteroid Field, this will be resolved on Wednesday’s downtime.

one job. literally one job. Did this even get a pass from QA or how different is Sisi to main branch?


Noticed a few bugs earlier [2]:

Scarcity isn’t fixed.
Ratting isn’t fixed.
Cap indy isn’t fixed.

UPDATE: Upon further investigation, this behavior only exists in the native client, the web client seems to be working fine.