Version 20.08 Known Issues

The persistent sounds have returned after using a cloaky ship. The issue starts after decloaking and using a microwarpdrive. This time disabling and re-enabling sounds does not temporarily fix the problem ! Filed under EBR-238960.

When closing the F10 map, occasionally old windows that were open earlier, will open all at once. This was fixed. Now it’s back !

still cannot use the new UI with the market keeps forgetting my settings, ill just stick to the old UI as i just cannot arsed setting up on 1 account then logging out and hay presto it forgot my settings, @CCP_Arcade If ain’t broke why try and fix stuff, on new UI or are you going to just give In after trying to get to work as you did with the new map feature?

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Unable to add people to watchlist from the My Fleet window any longer.

This wasn’t just a photon UI issue, as others have said in the thread already… the fact that wallets won’t remember which tab you like them to open on with the classic UI still after weeks now… is pretty abysmal.


I can’t activate multiple combat boosters at once from the ship cargo in space.

For at least 2 patches now (since the wallet doesn’t reopen in the last tab before it was closed), the fleet window does the exact same thing. When I join my fleet, sometimes it opens in the to be expected and desired My Fleet tab, other times it opens in the Broadcast History tab, occasionally even in the Fleet Finder. This is just as annoying as the wallet not doing what it is supposed to do.


Not sure if anyone mentioned this before.

The activity tracker no longer keeps track of regions and systems visited. Checked this on a few characters, on one of them there were even zero regions and systems after traveling from hisec into deep nullsec, and that was a month ago. The F10 maps (old and new) still keep track of systems visited.

Filed under EBR-239053

The tracker has been totally wonky for ages. It does not track my mining on certain chars even though I have mined millions of M3, but tracks it just fine on other chars.

yup, same here, but on all chars