Version 20.10 - Known Issues

100% agree…

For years the playerbase has been asking for that…

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look it is the same Problem like october 21:

Dat Michelle in se Chanelle told again “Failed to get a valid ballpark in time after trying 30 times”.
Is Michelle wiedermal bussy :slight_smile:
Fix was at that time a propper patch - patch - patch…
now go tell the CCP Hamster to
Fix it
… and give Michelle a raise so she doesnt do the same Bug every Year :sweat_smile:

Has been marked as resolved in the patch notes (but I have been unable to test)

Are still outstanding

I can show you screen shots and video of my GPU core temp before and after game launch… The game is no longer playable as im not about to risk damaging my computer because of your poorly written update… Contact me if you want an experienced PC builders input…

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Definitely seeing the flashing on upwell structures.

I wrote at length in a Photon thread about the “minimalistic” scroll bars. If you’re a new player, are they even scroll bars, or just some vertical line separator?


For the ships that lost slots–HAC low slots, turret slots, etc.-- where do the modules that were in those slots in existing ships go? Mine seem to have disappeared.

Frigate wormhole lifetimes reduced from 16 hours to 4.5 hours for E004, L005, Z006, M001, C008, G008 and Q003 type wormholes

We’ve had a M001 for 8+ hours in system now, with EOL for 3+ hours. Reduced lifetime seems to be bugged.

The Paragon missions do not recognize if you have the item in your hauler’s fleet hold. It only looks in the cargo hold.

Propaganda Broadcast Structures do not appear to add anything to the advantage %.

EDIT: Also, friendly FW NPCs in Supply Caches as the attacker in a system are shooting their own cache, destroying it, and causing auto-loss of attacker advantage %.


A number of issues:
skins icons are too small when admiring them. make the skins more accessable and buyable.
have many advanced settings, such as scrolling sensitivity , items display like in “ES File Explorer”, they did a great job, from large to small detail. use that app all the time.
maybe create a more full docking animation, as the ship is tethered, dragged, and brought on the launchpad?
make docking animation togglable from the settings?
have an “advanced” section in the settings where stuff like ^ will be placed. gives moreoption for us users.


This has started happening randomly. It affects hangers, structure exteriors, celestials, and even the character select screen. Had no problems a couple of days ago.

Have tried just about everything to fix it short of wiping the hard drive and re-installing the OS.


LOTS of black screens when undocking from Jita on first time.


HI, what happened to the mining laser sound, it’s completely gone… same with in-station docking sound it’s gone… was it supposed to be like this? I’ve tried almost everything…

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I found this to be related to the shadow setting. I switched off shadows, and the flickering stopped…

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I am not sure is this has been covered, but I am too lazy to read through all the comments.

The new graphics in stations/citadels looks awesome, but when you have multiple accounts logged in and you using one that’s docked it just drops the frame rate big time on the other accounts. This doesn’t happen when all are undocked. Please fix this as it’s bloody annoying.

Should have just made everything look like inside Jita 4-4.


My Marshal at times spawn inside the station berth

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Yep. I hope CCP Team already know this?

Amarr WZ

  1. The NPC spawns are appearing with the wrong faction (I assume) & I guess we are supposed to destroy all the spawns to ‘save the Supply Depot’.

  2. There is no timer on the depot to confirm how long it needs to be protected.

  3. Whilst I can destroy wave after wave of the NPC spawns, they just keep coming back. They continuously respawn, perhaps endlessly. (Think I gave up somewhere between 10-12).

  4. Spent way too much time to make this worth it.

This needs an urgent fix.
The Advantage system appears to be broken. People do a couple of rendezvous and then give up as the supply depot cannot be saved.

Edit: Pictures Added

All damage done to Amarr supply depot by “Amarr” NPC Spawn


Caldari Encoder Splice spawn rate is nearly non-existant or non-existant. 0:82 drops comparable to the data encoder.

The text on the Small NVY site is incorrect. I’ve not checked them all, but this is at least one case that needs updating

And the Medium sites are also incorrect