Version 21.05 - General Feedback

Still no login rewards for Foundation Day :confused: Come on CCP, ya gave one to Minmatar, why doesn’t Amarr get one?

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still no way to see how many AK we have left?

You missed the opportunity to remove NPC corps from the LP list when there are 0 LP with that specfifc NPC corp

I love that the weight of PI materials were reduced. One thing that I believe would also benefit the PI aspect of the game is if we could save a layout for extractor setups, and our factory setups. A lot of people hate setting up PI because of this. Another QOL would be if there was simply a button in the PI window under each planet that would reset the cycle of the extractors. This would be a huge time saver for people such as myself whom have multiple planets.

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I second a button to simply reset (all) extractors…


Please let us know your honest opinions as they can affect New Eden.

Patch Notes For 2023-09-12.1

Features & Changes:


The SCC surcharge for all industrial activities, such as manufacturing and invention, has been increased from 0.75% to 1.5%.

This is not great for small scale industrialists, again… too extreme to soon. Could you not have just tried 1% first?

lets hope its not disastrous. So much more to say on this but I’ll stick to the point. What on earth made you decide to make that an isk a sink rather than go to the structure owner? Having 2 large block industrialists advising you on the CSM has been utterly awful for the little guy.

We have adjusted the System Cost Index formula to make it more volatile.

what does that even mean… Common…

adjective: volatile

    1. (of a substance) easily evaporated at normal temperatures.
      “volatile solvents such as petroleum ether, hexane, and benzene”
  1. liable to change rapidly and unpredictably especially for the worse.
    “the political situation was becoming more volatile”

I can only assume you are looking at the 2nd definition, So,

How is it going to make it more volatile? Quicker to rise with use? Quicker to fall if unused?
Over produced ares are not high enough and more out of the way locations are not low enough.


It means it went from 3% to 4% over the night for some systems

More volatile means that a peak in activity will produce a peak in the index faster.

Now if you could also fix the rig mats adjusted price, so as to not make them have effective tax cost of 0% …


EIV is 4% of market SO.

Imagine if your Government doubled taxes overnight … there’d be absolute anarchy with seething rioters bashing down the doors of every Capitol !

These “taxes” in Eve become imbedded costs for everything so I guess get ready for all your stuff to cost more now.

And once again this is likely to hit the smaller industry people harder.
They have to compete already with those that have larger operations, often in null sec with more security and cost advantages from access to facilities with better bonuses and more costly resources.

It also greatly disadvantages any new comers.

The last change had issues for starters in things like BPO research.

The earlier changes for example seemed to also come with a hike in the Process Time Values.
A carrier BPO for example use to be about 50 to 90 mill to research Me9 to Me10.
After the last change that jumped up to about 5 times as much. Mainly as the cost was now based on a PVT of over 30 billion … wtf does that value come from? Did someone at CCP decide carriers and supers had the same value now ?

And then the Tax now being based on the PVT instead of the Job cost meant a fair jump in the amount even at 0.25%.
That gave a fair bit more to help structure owners fuel structures but a huge increase in the job costs.
Tweaking such small factions of a % to balance costs seems like a confusing and poor way to do things (0.3% or 0.2%??) It also means the variation based on System cost index is significantly more noticeable too. 1.0% vs 3.0% is a significant difference in base job cost alone.

With this recent change the research cost is hiked yet again.
Looking at a Bowhead BPO for example the PVT is 30.3 billion :person_shrugging:

The job cost alone even in a low Cost index system is now over 200 mill. Then there’s the taxes on top.

At 0.75% that was bad enough - Over 200mill
Now at 1.5% it’s over 400mill.

So even without a tax amount to the structure owner that’s over 600mill for one level of research (granted the highest level) on a BPO that costs just under 2 bill.

Plus then the Cost to make copies is also pretty much doubled now and so anyone with lots of existing copies will benefit when selling those over anyone now looking to make copies.

This is likely a higher level example but now everything in Industry has become more costly to do and that pressure is mostly and I feel unfairly going to impact the smaller players.


Except government taxes are used to enhance the infrastructures.

Ideally yeah :sweat_smile: … While in Eve they tend to add inflationary pressure through an increase in production costs.

It’s actually the opposite, if they add isk sinks, then the monetary mass will shrink, so the prices should follow and it’s called deflation. Inflation is the result of having more isk faucets than isk sinks, or a reduction in the production power.
Of course that’s only true as long as the sinks don’t have an effect on the production/destruction ration, which seems not very realistic.

In the long term, it should however indeed produce deflation. The price increase will be applied to the consumption of items, therefore the materials price should be reduced.

okay I listed the mats and their “adjusted” diff to JitaSO/“average”.Only keeping here those that have a log10 of the diff 100 or more (log10>=2)

type Jita SO adjusted average log10 diff mkt log10 diff avg
Crystalline Isogen-10 52000.00 0.00 45210.25 Infinity Infinity
Zero-Point Condensate 54860.00 0.00 49660.82 Infinity Infinity
Chromodynamic Tricarboxyls 40000.00 0.00 29014.10 Infinity Infinity
Korako’s Modified Drone Control Unit 3757000.00 0.00 3007444.86 Infinity Infinity
Electromagnetic Metaprismatic Sheeting 24500.00 0.00 25941.26 Infinity Infinity
Hyperbolic Metatransistor Array 8500.00 0.00 9219.28 Infinity Infinity
Ultraconducting Ablative Nanocable 11000.00 0.00 11992.29 Infinity Infinity
Isotropic Neofullerene Gamma-9 Infinity 605332.29 628252.70 Infinity 0.02
Neo-Jadarite 16920.00 0.00 10038.82 Infinity Infinity
Neurovisual Input Matrix 239800.00 75.75 211429.95 3.50 3.45
Thruster Console 40990.00 68.74 35999.50 2.78 2.72
Contaminated Lorentz Fluid 226900.00 412.70 238069.87 2.74 2.76
Elite Drone AI 544700.00 1024.32 516358.84 2.73 2.70
Tangled Power Conduit 117600.00 479.81 143544.08 2.39 2.48
Drone Cerebral Fragment 442700.00 2761.63 403235.26 2.20 2.16
Smashed Trigger Unit 14200.00 93.25 15817.03 2.18 2.23
Broken Drone Transceiver 8503.00 92.66 11169.74 1.96 2.08
Heuristic Selfassemblers 29430.00 385.10 31056.86 1.88 1.91
Conductive Polymer 32580.00 432.39 33680.21 1.88 1.89

It looks like CCP made something pretty bad wrt materials “adjusted”.
at first I thought players had exchanged a lot of items with themselves at 0 prices, but it seems the “average” is very close to Jita SO.

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Here we go again, do you have a problem with asynchronous routes between clients and your servers?:


10 years ago a heard an interview where someone said that Eve, as far as its in-game political and economic structure goes, is a gerontocracy.

The changes I have seen since then have reinforced that idea repeatedly.

“Voliitilty” has another definition from the field of economics.

Volatility measures the risk of a security or product.

Increasing volatility increases risk, which means:

Increasing volatility in effect just made things worse for producers and investors, overall which in turn makes things worse for consumers (everyone else).


“SCC Surcharge” actually means TAX and taxes are always passed on to the consumer.


NO exceptions.

I just noticed that you can close the Local Locations window (the small widget that only shows locations in system) can be closed by pressing L again. This was not possible until not so long ago. That’s really great, even though it only works then the window is not in focus. When did CCP change this? :open_mouth:

Mysterious GalNet Crate

Upon opening, you will receive Agency Support Drop plus one of the following:

a random GalNet StreamCast Unit SKIN,
Sunesis Violet Vellication SKIN,

Random RNG loot chests/crates/boxes are the shitest thing to enter the gaming world since dial up!

Please stop.


Another day, another untracked patch to the server, no Patch Notes in sight, despite almost 1GB downloaded data.