Version 21.06 - Havoc - Known Issues

you are both right. no one cares about a spelling error in some description no one ever reads.
but the point also is valid if they cant check for spelling errors in the descriptions, how much spelling error are in their code?
and this might effect the actual game play.

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It also shows a lack of attention to detail, and QC.

And highlights just how rushed (and/or lack of resources committed/spread over too many projects) things are and the lack of testing involved.

Let me tell you about worse buddy . . worse is when you are starting a Marshal wave in abyssal dead space and you see everything on the interface lock up for a minute or two.

I don’t mind losing my ship so much as I do the grumpy reply I got from the GM when I opened a ticket to enquire about reimbursement. :cry:

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What is this? Why are there systems grey and flashing grey? CCP broke yet another system and now it takes ages to load the sec level because the checkers for Trig or Insurgency stuff are borked?

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Nah, that just looks like you need more jump clones and a much larger stock pile of fitted ships than you currently do.

It’s not their fault you failed to think of your own solution to that current challenge.