Version 21.06 - Havoc - Known Issues

This in itself isn’t a bad goal, obviously. I just wish they’d try to accomplish this with actually great ingame experiences instead of skinner boxes and fomo features.


Yeah, I finally realized I had to open the Opportunities window at least once in order for the notification to then occure. It is as if the Opportunities systems isn’t loading on character login now, and only when the window opens the features finally loads up (I can close the window after opening it, then do my stuff and the notifications will come in).

A new bug introduced with March 12 patch that presumably fixed other stuff on the Opportunities window. This can’t be “as intented”

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Is it also part of the update to restrict access to the game from different Countries?
Now if I don’t use VPN I can’t access the game… it’s not fair
There are many people here who have bought omega time. Do you really want to lose so many customers?

Great. Chat servers are wonky again. Haven’t had that in a short while.


Do we have a new capital ship hangar in NPC stations now? No visible player ship, no turning camera at all, just empty dark void.

On top of that the station ad screens create glaring oversaturated brightness on the ship-hulls.


I encountered a new bug. The game turned off all of the modules on my ships in high sec systems near Hek. Attempting to turn them on pulled up arguments such as " you are attempting to activate a passive module." As i got this glitch in a hauler, it means warping, taking a stargate, and all other content is prevented.
Currently i am stuck in game as I cannot fly my ship or turn the modules on (cargo expanders) to recover the state. Making matters more annoying, the ability to even report a bug froze the entire game. Attempting to relog into the game made the entire bottom of the UI disappear.

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