Version 21.06 - Havoc - Known Issues

Try buying it again. Can you even do that? :thinking:

Did you try to unequip then reapply again (or however it’s called)?

Catalyst textures are currently borked:

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This launcher behavior of updating but not completely updating something and in the process completely breaking the game client is really getting annoying. Today it updated 2 times, then after a restart and one started client, it said that I could not launch another client because it’s not ready. Then I had to kill that client and restart the launcher, but it needed more than a minute to trigger the cleanup process. Then I could start all clients but just now when I wanted to refit on my depot/wanted to drag stuff from my cargo into a hangar, the game wouldn’t let me. Because the god damn launcher has to cleanup 195 files for a 3rd time… Now I had to close all clients AGAIN and the launcher AGAIN tells me it’s not ready but also doesn’t do anything to GET READY.

This is really getting frustrating.