Version 21.06 - Havoc - Known Issues

That new hire really does have a wicked sense of humor. He’ll fit right in with the UI designers.

I think he found the comms cable labeled “Fountain”, because corp and local DO load for another toon in another region…

I was thinking this…

So if you hold Dscan button and select an anomaly with the system map closed nothing happens, but if the system map is open it will track and Dscan the anomaly. So i have to keep the system map open but minimized for faster scanning.

This map remaining open seems to have decreased preformance and increased load times for other pieces of the UI etc.

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Warping at a custom range currently does not work. If i set a range to warp at, say, 25km, i will land at 0km.

This had nearly gotten me killed twice now.

After third DT (was in 16.00) i see this (no system name). re-login / restart game don’t help me.


Propmod Tooltip Overlay is incorrect when the Propmod is off, it looks like it doesn’t count in the mass-increase from activating the Propmod:


If you activate the Propmod, the Tooltip switches to the correct values:

Loading issues:

  • undocking
  • docking
  • jumping systems
  • entering plexes via accel gates


  • black screen (sometimes)
  • UI disappearing or freezing
  • overview and other UI not loading / unable to interact with

Symptoms can last anywhere from 15 seconds to a minute or longer. Which is enough for a frigate to get blown up by rats.


  • The very first time I undocked, after logging into the game, I was stuck on a black screen for over a minute. The game client was unresponsive.
  • The first time I jumped from through a stargate into another system, UI features failed to load properly. Couldn’t see in-game assets (e.g. stargate, my ship, structures etc.)
  • Another time when I took an accel gate into a plex, the enemy player had taken out my Hookbill’s shield’s and half my armor before I can even see him (couldn’t see him in space, nor my overview) and target him.
  • One time I warped from one end of the system to the other. At the other end of the system was a gate camp and a few structures. Again, it took a long time for everything to load. I was a sitting duck unable to move or do anything for quite some time. Luckily I had warped into a bookmark 700km off of the gate so I didn’t lose my ship in this instance.

My Internet Connection:
I have a 100Mbps Fibre to the premise Internet connection. My PC is connected to my modem/router via ethernet. This is the best connection I’ve had in all my years of gaming (and I’ve been playing Eve Online on and off since 2008. I’ve never had Internet or LAN connection issues when playing Eve and I certainly do not have them now.

My PC:
CPU: Intel Core i5 13600K
Graphics: Nvidia GeForce RTX 2070
OS: Windows 11, up-to-date
Drivers: all up-to-date

What some people has described on reddit and the forums is indicative of there being a GPU memory leak that came with the HAVOC expansion. However I’ll note that my experience differs, since the worst case of loading/lag was the very first time I undocked and then the very first time I jumped through a stargate. I’ll note that someone else mentioned their lag/loading times were “consistent” too.

I’m not a game dev, so my knowledge is limited, but to me, it seems the latest expansion came with some issues that impact game asset loading? Perhaps there’s bottle-necking? Code Opimization issues causing inefficient use of resources?

Honestly, I have no idea. I’m at a loss.

I was really looking forward to getting back into the game with this new expansion, but with the way it plays currently, it’s simply “unplayable” for me right now. :frowning:

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Both need to be merged to resolve issues introduced by the havoc expansion

Autopilot currently fails to jump when it arrives at an Ansiplex even with all the settings, automatic pay, etc. It still fails and just sits there.

Ok, so as of last nights update, after down time, the servers are no longer responding to login request today… Its pretty obvious that its not an internet issue on my end, as im able to report it to you now… It would be really nice of your Devs would test drive these patches/updates/expansions prior to release, as its Thanksgiving day and i was really looking forward to being able to play while our Turkey cooks :confused:

Thats a new feature to reduce afk gameplay and reward pvp! :sunglasses:

I haven’t seen this addressed by CCP yet. Nothing in patch notes about it, and no responses in forums. Disappointing that this play style is not being addressed. This feeds most large ship production in the game, and is a source of isk for many.

Logging off stops all active missions but one from being tracked. To make them show up in the opportunities sidebar they each have to be manually tracked again.

[insert rant about not fixing what is not broken]

When a mission objective is accomplished, the mission tab on the sidebar doesn’t get updated until you jump system.

Yes, it is true. Also, it updates if you unfold shiptree or solar map into the fullscreen and fold back.

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Drake Navy have wrong effects?

Are you making up issues? You also claimed grouping turrets no longer work.

Any idea when the Air Career Programme will work properly again at tracking wormhole scanning? Quite annoying for a new character to waste time scanning the little blighters to progress on ACP to no avail…

And is there any hope of WHs that have been scanned in the past week being credited?


Sorry to be a bore and a nag, but this is quite a big deal with the ACP. Any news?

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Is the server coughing up mothballs again? Launching drones takes 5 seconds (1 tick per drone), dragging something into another hangar moves items visibly one by one. Modules activate late, gate activation takes noticeable time. Now I just fleet warped to 0 to an Ansiblex with Desto Set and AP on and expected the game to jump through the Ansi, but we just sat on the gate and nothing happened. Happens repeatedly. Letting the AP warp to the Ansi by itself does not help either, nor turning it off and on.


Well, the good news from experience with a new character this morning is that the ACP is finally tracking wormhole scans once more.

Would have been nice if you had confirmed that this had been fixed. Unless of course, nothing has actually been done to fix the definite problem of a week or so ago, in which case it probably means it could recur…?

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Alligator has no role bonus and ship bonuses. good job ccp

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