Version 22.01 - Equinox - General Feedback

You can’t even transfer labor from one domain headquarters to two systems! Seriously? Why were these words about ease of setup, distribution, priorities??? CCP are you really the right people???


"ORBITAL SKYHOOK mechanics are rotten and idiotic! For 3 days anyone can loot at any time, by the end of the cycle there is nothing left!! Hey, this is an online game with different time zones! What’s the point of putting ORBITAL SKYHOOK if you don’t get anything in the end??? "

You misunderstand. When CCP said ‘Invigorating Nullsec’, they meant forcing people not in multi-timezone entities with 24/7 local defense fleets to move so they were in one.

By forcing 24/7 defense of skyhooks, local defense fleets are invigorated against raiders who are using a number of safe, cheap, easy mechanics to come in and then extract (if the local defense fleet does in fact exist). If the locals happen to be asleep, because EvE is a game and not a 24/7 job, they will be stolen from until they abandon their space.


Not even this. You think that we want to sit in defence gangs 24/7 and chase elite pvpers all around our space? Especially since they just hide in ESS (another amazing mechanic by our dear elite pvp devs) so you can’t even kick them out of your space.

This “expansion” is even more tone deaf than the whole monocle BS. EVE is supposed to be a game, not a job for everyone except the chosen class.


Just wondering here, @CCP_Swift , @CCP_Bee .

What’s the reason for the stealth LP nerf ? Some of the LP stores that used to furnish us with faction ammo no longer do, rendering a lot of LP less valuable. As far as I can tell, there is no link between the stores that are still offering the ammo and FW, or Upwell, or any other lore related aspect.

Was this an unintended by-product of the removal of faction ship hulls from the LP stores or, if not, what is the reason for this “streamlining” ?


Are you sick too??? must the defensive fleet guard the ORBITAL SKYHOOK 24 hours a day??? and even the owner does not receive a notification about the theft and only for 3 systems. Place more eyes in every third system???

The entire corp that owns said structure gets a notification.

Oh, you put the structure into a holding corp that is in a separate alliance so that you can’t be wardec’d?

That’s on you for trying circumventing the current mechanics, and then complain when that doesn’t go in your favor.

??? Everyone gets a notification - i believe even the reds - but only up to 2 jumps from the linked skyhook…

and which “current mechanic” am i circumventing if i place the skyhhoks into a holding corp.
skyhooks are null structures - we dont need a wardec - afaik it makes no sense…

Don’t confuse the attack on Orbital Skyhook with Skyhook Reagent Silo. During the robbery, Skyhook Reagent Silo is attacked and there is no notification to the corporation!!! If you don’t know, don’t write!


Now that we have default names for ships, can we also have default names for deployables that we drop?

New changes to mining in Nullsec makes it almost impossible to mine. Please adjust the values and tweak the system.


They “did” already xD

Equinox in average is -50% content volume in 00


Thank you for the additional stealth nerf i.e., the new respawn timers. Very invigorating.

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Let the salt flow through you…

you’ve lost your mind, you obviously want to completely ruin the game. On the one hand you want players to have multiple accounts and PAY, but then when they do it it annoys the sites so that it’s no longer worth having multiple accounts unless you let hundreds of BOT Ishtars circulate.


It’s the new AI eve (did you know that Hilmar invented AI?). The “fun” will be in automating as much and as well as possible. Why waste your time playing a game when AI can do the boring repetitive tasks (becoming all of them in eve :smiley: )


I just say cancel account and ccp can scratch my ass, I’ll just play another game


So now we get the truth – the terrible UI overhauls that include UI elements that fail to render/function properly randomly upon system jump or dock/undock are intentional anti-bot actions.

It all makes so much sense now.


What are the new timers like? Old timers were twenty minutes at max upgrade, are these in the 5-10 minute range for an L3 array?

According to one person who collected the reported numbers from several of the big blocs, it’s at 20 minutes (coming from “immediate” respawn - also there are far fewer anoms than pre-Equinox with Military at 5). A deeper analysis can be found on reddit. I think it’s still a bit early to fully understand the Equinox patch and its full blown effects, but it isn’t looking “invigorating”. It’s looking more like partial asphyxiation in more than one aspect.

As one commentator added on reddit: we’re in trouble if even PH and Goons agree on something.

I guess we’ll have to rub that plex into the skinr or we get the hose again :rofl: