Version 22.01 - Equinox - General Feedback


Is this dynamic 3d preview with moving ships intentional in the Show Info window? This happens when the window opens the first them. The second window opening loads the old ship icon, sometimes but not all the time. When I am off grid from a ship, this new system only loads the static icon. What is the point of this?

The ‘hitbox’ of items in the grid inventory has changed. This makes it very difficult to box select multiple items because to do so you have to place your cursor between items without selecting any before you can start to box select items.


This is a good complaint. With the new dense icon layout, the amount of space between item names is smaller than the space character itself. So you end up with something like: [Item__1][item__2].

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Indeed. Too close together horizontally and now too far apart vertically.


Why are the Skins so Expensive to make !!! this is a cash grab

Would it not be better if this was cheaper so more players do it!

I wont be using it the PLEX price is too high!


Yes, I’ve recently realized it’s a nightmare (evil finger pain) scrolling through a corp hangar with 250+ BPOs…

Oh wow… This is suddenly turning into a selection nightmare experience. Very cumbersome (and frustrating) indeed!

My feedback to Equinox as a newbro.

I’ve been playing eve for 2 months now and I basically joined a nullsec corp from day 2.
I learned a lot about the game already, got into industry, exploration, mining, ratting, pvp and even started participating in shaping the sov space my corp owned. When I saw an expansion is coming it got me super fired up and excited, especially as it was aimed at “Reinvigorating Nullsec”. I watched all the demos, streams and YT videos CCP published with great interest. I was so hyped and couldn’t wait to get the patch. Woke up early today, made sure my client is up to date so I can log in as soon as the patch hits. And so much for the good stuff…

As soon as I logged in I realized everything I had hoped for and waited for wasn’t there and was not going to be. Watching the demos shown by CCP in their streams and YT videos, we were shown this:

They spoke at length about how the new resources are going to change the meta, bring new mining into null sec and allow us to make strategic choices and build our systems the way we wanted. I even remember they were particularly excited to show us how we can have multiple upgrades in our systems and how they implemented a method to prioritize which upgrades to shut down first in case our Skyhooks got blown up by enemies. What we got today however is nothing like it. We were shown systems with 125 000 - 250 000 power, where you can install tens of upgrades, prioritize them, shift workforce around and make strategic choices with your space. Instead we got a single mining upgrade costing 1750 power and systems rarely even having enough to online 1 of those upgrades.

I’m glad you guys put so much effort into developing and showcasing the prioritization of upgrades to shut down when power would be insufficient in case of enemy attacks. This is going to be a really useful feature when I have to prio my 1 or 0 upgrades.

Now, I don’t know anything about balance in this game and how powerful systems with 5-10 upgrades would be. And in terms of balance, maybe you’re right to make those changes. Still, who’s idea was it give us the lollipop and then take it away? Couldn’t you let us have 5 upgrades but make them less impactful? (less ore / less ratting bounty etc). I don’t know a balanced solution looks like and will not attempt to propose changes.

All I’m gonna say is that for a new nullsec player, this feels like the biggest troll in MMO’s history.

Everyone in my corp feels like this is a massive NS nerf.
Really, who comes up with an expansion that has an OPT-IN nerf as its main content?

Instead of logging in today and starting to plan how to organize the couple of systems we own, everyone in my corp was stunned and in disbelief. Nobody wanted to touch anything and was hoping this was some kind of an error.

In summary: I’ve been playing MMO’s for 20+ years now and I have never experienced a worse expansion day in any of them, where players are actively doing everything possible to avoid engaging with the new content. I’m disappointed.


Implementation from test server to main server doesnt always work as intended. Some things got higher than intended numbers while others are skewed. Give them a few days to straighten stuff out.


It’s patch day. Things are going to be bugged or not correct. If it’s still like this two weeks from now, then you’d have a reason to complain.


Please get rid of the ridiculous space you added between lines, or at least let me easily disable it. I don’t know why every modern UI designer seems to be in love with this, but I really wish they’d stop forcing it on me. I want to see as many things at once as possible without scrolling. That’s why I picked the List view mode in the first place.


Just sharing my experience so far with the patch. I believe first experience is just as important as long term balance. People have been anticipating this, and waiting to engage with the new content for months. I don’t see anything wrong with expressing my griefs with the current state. And yes of course, I do hope they improve the situation in the coming days/weeks.


Just my 2 pence on Skinr.
Realistically, it’ll die as the cost is so high. 450m isk for the plex to skin a ceptor plus the components. The resale value would have to be high that it just prices most people out. It’s a nice feature but likely only used by a few.

Also. The design elements available for purchase can’t be previewed on the design you’re working on. This just means you’d have to second guess what it would look like which imo, is a bad thing. Give someone a preview and perhaps they’re more likely to buy it.

The change to daily rewards/opportunities is an interesting one. There’s no more SP available than before but you’ve framed it that way. less SP per day but do enough of them you get the same amount of SP as prior to patch.


So what is the meaning of this " The mining upgrades provide mining sites in the system, with one upgrade for each basic mineral type. Each of those upgrades will provide mining sites that predominantly focus on ores containing that mineral. " What are we going to get for ore in NS now, are we just getting a different sized implement , while they bend us over? Not very many systems i have seen can do more than one array…

They aren’t going to allow you to spawn every type of ore in a single system. Guess you’re just going to have to spread out…

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How are you spending that much? The most I can even get an interceptor to is 60 plex…

Well, no way to actually export that data (obviously)

Totals 90 plex so that’s about 450m right now.

If you take the components required as well, you end up with a silly bill (I know the components are overpriced right now).

But Fermionic x 1800 = 7,200,000,000
Kerr Seq = 5,250,000,000
Alignment Seq = 3,000,000

Gives a total of 12,903,000,000b to generate a skin for a stiletto.

Plus, if you want to sell them on the paragon store, they take a 30% cut.

Plus you can’t contract skins to alts or anyone so if you want to skill up an alt for manufacturing skins, your main has to pay for it via the hub.

So, yeah. I do think it’s gonna die quickly. At first glance I thought this was going to be a good feature but it’s just been micro transactioned to hell and back


So it’s 90 plex, not 450. Got it.

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They must be multiplying it by 5. So they are making 5 skins at 450 plex.

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Since when?! Unless it’s automatically applied why can’t you trade it? I can buy SKINs through the NES store or on the market and do with them what I want… I can understand limiting sales to the hub so it doesn’t clutter up the markets or contracts - but seriously?