Vexor Navy Issue Needs Changeing

You entire basis for this thread is that they are too good at PVE, which carries very little balancing weight.
For PVP they are out classed by many other ships.

The VNI PVE balance should be changed by making PVE not a braindead 0 risk exercise. The problem is that anomaly rats just do practically zero damage to a speed tanked VNI

Anomalies with higher payout should actually provide a greater threat to the player and should require better ships, something that is just completely lacking currently.

OMG really te fact they do the same DPS as a Battleship or a Ishtar does not carry any weight I give up with you as your delusional.

And in PVP they do over match T1 Cruisers and Navy Cruiser if you go comparing them to PVP ships like Tech 3 ships and Pirate Faction ships and shocking Tackle ships are the most popular then you talking nonsense get clue then come back.

At a fraction of the tank and survivability. Destroyers can do cruiser DPS therefore they need nerfed also.

Increase Tracking to negate speed tank would work to some degree I would concur but I still think Five Heavy on a non Tech 2 Cruiser is to many would the VNI be that bad with 100 M.3 Bandwidth and maybe 25 m.3 increase to drone bay instead so you can carry 8 Heavy or med and lights.

Can they no they can’t around 300-400 dps in a destroyer tops cruiser your looking at 400-600 dps depending on ship and fitting as well as a tank.

Plus no tank on destroyer at all and you can’t get close to battleship in DPS on cruisers only the Assault Battlecruiser can

I can get a catalyst to 500dps T2, faction charges, no heat.

Tech 3 destroyer “walks Away”

Or a Catalyst, you know a fraction of the cost of a T3D easier skill requirements.
Doesn’t change the fact it can easily hit cruiser DPS, just like how it’s possible to make the VNI hot battleships DPS. Just because it can doesn’t make it a well fit ship.

that’s kinda the whole point of an MJD sniper fit… And with a domi it’s super easy to scoop drones, jump, and reengage. Probably lose less dps to that than you do to VNI heavy drone travel time.

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I have flown them I know they do not do as well that is fact there no way round that the only thing a Dominix get is its a bigger tank and you can do 10/10 sites easier but tick wise per hour no it’s worse much worse there was a time when Sentry Dominix where king but that was before all the changes to sentrys.

Just trust me on this as someone who fits and has flown them in recent times I know there just not gonna get as good ticks as a well fit VNI.

Only thing I will concede is that it would be harder for a VNI to run a 10/10 but not impossible is easier for a Dominix to run 10/10…

But my Entire Argument is that is makes no sense for a albeit Faction Cruiser to have 125 m.3 Bandwidth a 50 m.3 bandwidth increase over a standard Vexor and 100 M.3 would be more than big enough improvement still make the ship effective more so than a normal Vexor and bring it more in line with other faction cruisers as well.

So why does it make sense then that a Thorax has 6.25 effective turrets and the Exequror Navy Issue has 8.33 effective turrets. It’s that too many effective turrets for a cruiser?

Up to this point there has been no compelling reason to make this change.

There plenty of compelling reason you just don’t wan’t the change I am wondering why that is.

Simply stating you think something needs changed doesn’t make it compelling.


i.e. You disagree with this ship being changed to do EXACTLY what I want, YOU must have a devious ulterior motive !!!

That to me? No it more that he does not argue for the Reasoning behind the VNI to have a 40% buff over a Normal Vexor and just changes subject to every other ship in game so far He seems to think it legit for a T1 Cruiser to have the ability to use 5 heavy Drones like a Battleship or a Tech 2 Cruiser that all take more training to fly effectively.

His Base argument is well in PVP it don’t perform well but from his arguments it seems he arguing the reasoning is drones are bad in PVP so what difference would it make to reduce the VNI bandwidth to 100 m.3 and from his reasoning add a High slot turret instead if you really wished to try balance more for PVP.

As in General you would use Medium drones in most PVP situations.

Your argument is they are “too good in PVE” when the ships are balanced for PVP.
Balancing for PVE usually bets bad results.

Which is why PVE should be balanced instead. The current state is laughable.

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No my Arguments has always been that they should not have the ability to use five Heavy Drones

Yes the Case of the Grammar police is closed thanks.