Viridian in Focus - Updated with Lancer T2 Dreadnought + Structure Customization

If you do use JFs, why would you assume that:

… while it’s clear that the vulnerable moment of JFs that these dreads will exploit is the entrance to HS, not a jump to station?

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Because that’s when dreads normally drop you to insta kill you if you make the mistake of aligning to the out gate instead of docking first, for instance. Just my experience with competent characters like Tiky Mikk. :slight_smile:

You’re thinking of the existing situation.

You have not looked at the potential of these new mechanics, and dismiss the danger based on your experience with another unrelated scenario.

Yes, people may pop your JF while aligning towards the HS gate right now, but the place these new T2 dreads will set up is next to the gate itself, lancing your JF while it is landing, to make it unable to jump into HS.

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Not dismissed per se, but it is impractical and more expensive than the alternatives.

On the other hand, this beam can be used to kill the JF while it is still in warp to the gate, so it may not even ever reach the gate for the No Gate Jump to take effect at all.

Well suppose there is a thread of “upcoming changes” (instead of just making a post once the patch arrives) then one guy says “man, area of affect dreads are dumb, they should just be jump siege lock fire” and gets 30 likes and another guy says “t2 dreads seem interesting” and gets 3000 likes, then the second guy is more relevant.

Probably. I mean it could just be alts doing liking but CCP would know how many actual omega players are doing each like. So they’d presumably know if those 30 and 3000 are 30 and 3000, 27 and 1000, or 10 and 50 actual omega players.

Suppose we wait for the patch to arrive and people love it. No harm no foul. And if they hate it… well the cat is out of the bag. How are you going to yank away t2 dreds after people nought the skillbooks for them? If there was a thread for the upcoming changes in the forums, both sides can make their point.

Did you guys miss the point that the Lance Weapon System will have a spool-up time? Depending on how long that spool up time is, you will never hit a JF on its way to HS because he will jump the gate faster than you have fired the lance.

The issue is that according to the stream the lance can affect ships in warp before they land, and JFs are so slow to warp/land/jump you could start spooling and still hit it as its coming out of warp before it actually jumps the gate.

Possibly. But the warp of a JF is telegraphed, so the lance could be spooled up in advance to hit once the JF gets within the last 100km of their warp.

Might be that warp-speed lows become the new meta for JFs on the HS gate. Who knows?


as said, it would depend on the spool-up time. CCP could easily set a spool-up time that is so high that any JF would appear on grid, deccelerate and jump before the Lance fires. So to hit it, you would have to fire “blindly” when the JF is still offgrid to have a chance on a successful hit.

Besides that, I have not heard in the video that you can’t jump a gate after being hit by a Lance. It just said that the jump-drive is disabled, so it cannot jump on a Cyno any more.

ccp doesnt understand how there own game works and the pains of hauling. its becoming to much, from gankers to gate bumpers and more and now they will make it where u cant even jump a stargate and can be killed in a jf in warp to the gate now wtf ccp if this does happen jfing will be impossible becuz we all know the guys in olet,ign and maila will have one of these dreads 1st and it will be worth it for them to camp and they will get good with that lance befor it even hits the main server and even if u picked a long way u will get ganked in hi sec on the way to jita so looks like y’all better hope theres a way for jump freighters to still be able to do there jobs becuz if not ur stuff wont be moved and stuff will be harder to make means prices go up on everything

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Are you whining again?

I think you dropped these………,…………


That’s already happened.
And those who cannot offord to lose ship&modules either PvE or simply do not log in as often. It’s fantastic and the risks is what makes this game exciting to play.

The dev chat from CCP says that it will prevent docking, tethering, jump drives and jumping gates - skip to 10m20s in this video.

If you know which station the freighter has warped from you will have a fairly good idea what line it is going to take. In the video above (30m30s) the spool up time is 15s, and its demonstrated in the video at 45m00s with them hitting a dread as it lands.


That’s not hard to do. People literally smartbomb shuttles mid-warp in Jita.


They do smarbomb shuttles already appearing on grid, deccelerating from warp and the smartbomb hits instant. I’t just a matter of good timing and nothing really complicated. Wouldn’t want to try that with closed eyes and sound turned off.

But, however they will implement it, I just watched the whole Dev-chat video and joined the side of the doubters. Worst thing to allow these lances in LowSec. This is only a new toy for the big groups to easily curbstomp any and all smaller groups still moving stuff around. Pilots will train to hit quite accurate with these. And even while a single lance might not hit a Subcap Ship well, 20 of them will still kill an entire fleet of 50 or even 100 ships dropping out of warp on the same spot. And jumping in 20 Lancers, Siege them and fire the Lance will be a lot faster than a 50 AU warp for the subcaps. All you need is a scout to report when the fleet is entereing warp and a cynochar to perfectly seal their doom while they are midwarp and cannot evade their fate, like a targeted pipebomb. Even if they neut themselves out during it, it really doesn’t matter if the lances just hit and they are covered by more cyno-support anyway.

Those who already can field supers and faction caps without much risk because they always can escalate to the max also can easily field these Lancer-Dreads, debuff any juicy target or even landing fleet of subcaps and should anyone be bold enough to actually fight they will blob him to death via cyno. Don’t like it.

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Not an area I’m familiar with, but does this mechanic allow for any new shenanigans around deadspace/accel gates? Like ESS and maybe others (FW, events?) that are somewhat known in advance?

I can’t see it being particularly useful in those circumstances because with the cost of them you’ve either got to be fairly confident of escaping, or the kills have got to be worth losing the dread for.

I don’t do FW, but with ESSs most of the ones with any value that are worth contesting are deep in sov space so losing the dread is almost certain since it has to be sieged to use the lance, and at best case you might be able to kill some response fleet mauraders.

Ignoring the jump freighter angle, as others have said I suspect the main intention is to introduce a counter to skynetting, but since its going to encourage people to make full use of the docking/tether radius to spread out it could end up needing a lot of lances to be able to affect decent numbers of ships.

you are out of your mind, if you think alliances wont use the beam, soley for the applicable reduction in remote rep assistance. 60 seconds of 50% reps is HUGE.

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Dont siege, have fax. T2 dread wont die