Vmg has fallen, I call on the court of C&P

As of an hour ago VMG has been returned to it’s rightful owners, corps were kicked and now natural Clonescammer is crying.

The crime here that needs brought to Justice is that natural won’t pay his bet.
I await to see the verdict.

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Needs a person taking the bet…

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I reckon to win the bet VMG alliance needs to be closed down?

Deal seems legit in the bright light of day tbh. Watching :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Couldn’t have happened to nicer people.


Your phone battery dropped 8% charge in 23 minutes, hope you have a charger handy!


I dont think so… the boast says “standing strong in 6 months”.

I guess if they aren’t considered strong by EVE terms at that point, then the bet is lost.

But it hasn’t been 6 months yet. You can have a slump and pull it out in the end.

Alliance has had all it’s corps kicked and it’s leadership changed, the person who took the bet now owns the alliance, I think it’s fair to say natural lost the bet and should pay up.


the bet was vmg standing strong in 6 months not “all corps kicked and leadership changed” lets see in 6 months .

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Devil’s advocate.

Technically speaking Clone killer wins the bet, because now VMG is in better hands and in six months likely much stronger than before. In any case, the bet runs for six months.

Sorry. : - )


RIP nerds

Bahahaha, technically that’s correct.
They never closed the alliance,
gutted it certainly but its not been closed.


Seems pretty straight forward to me

Omfg noragen is alive O.o havent seen you in ages dude <3




but its not about being closed its “standing strong” that has to be decided


ah yeah, obviously.

i do thinks its funny regardless though.

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All we need to decide is which entity was being referred to in the bet.

As I see it there are only 2 options here:

  1. VMG as it was at the time the bet was made as led by CloneKiller et al.

  2. Any iteration of VMG including any future form it might take under any leadership.

For me option 1 is the clear winner.

The entity that VMG was at the time the bet was issued is gone. The leaders are gone. The person that made the bet is gone. That iteration of VMG is not standing strong.

Only the most pedantic reading of the words ‘VMG’ and ‘standing strong’ could find otherwise. That would be nothing but a triumph of technicality over common sense.

Therefore the court of Sindara finds in favour of Alocer Agaliarept.

Natural CloneKiller you are ordered to pay the sum of 10 billion ISK.

Case closed.