So recently, after losing my Vexor (and earning a sweet 90mil in escalation loot drop) I’ve decided to upgrade to a VNI. Apart from doing DEDs I’m thinking about ratting in C1/C2 WHs too with this ship. Any recommendations?


Yes, be aware that DED complexes and sleeper anomalies are very different. A Vexor or Vexor Navy Issue and an Ishtar will have a really bad day in unknown space.

Fly a different ship in unknown space.

I’ll just refit it when I decide to go in WHs then.

Refitting will not help a Vexor Navy Issue. A very expensive fit Gila on the other hand can handle class 1 and 2 sleeper anomalies just fine.

Hmm… okay then. Screw the sleepers, what about the DEDs then?

I guess 100mn-VNI can handle all the sites that have no

  • web
  • neut
  • target painter.

Even the sites with occasional web/neut/tp are not really an issue. The issue is when the site has specific rats, eg the serp ded10 has a boss with 50km-range web.

DED complexes from 2-5 should not be a problem with the Vexor Navy Issue. The 6/10 needs a high damage boat and the 7-10 can be soloed in a Myrmidon.

World of warcraft player detected. No DED complex has a “boss”.

They kinda are “bosses” but they are more the loot pinatas in the last room

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The technical term is “commander” (it drops a “commander wreck” )

Also you are wrong, there is a commander battleship named “Big Boss” in a DED. (serpentis DED, can’t remember the one exactly)

WoW is calling you I guess.

Also the “commander structures” have a buffed up rep, so calling them “boss” seems on point.

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That would be the Serpentis Paramilitary Complex or 7/10.

The Prison Camp and the Serpentis Fleet Shipyard (8 and 10/10) are super easy if you know, how to do DED complexes.

A VNI can’t enter a 2/10 :slight_smile:
What about a Gnosis compared to a Myrmidon? Does it work as well too?

Now anyone got a fit for me?

in a VNI ? My ishtar had issues tanking the 8/10. Good thing I killed the pointers first, I had to warp off because the whole room damage is not manageable when webbed and my drones were often the targets of the rats (I lost several BTW)

if you have a VNI fit that can do a 8/10 I wish you showed it. Maybe I did something wrong with my ishtar ^^ .

Won’t work.

I said Myrmidon and for 5 billion isk, you can have a fit. I am sick an tired thinking for everyone for free.

You previously wrote

The 6/10 needs a high damage boat and the 7-10 can be soloed in a Myrmidon.


  • NO, you didn’t specify myrm for ded8.
  • On the other hand I was talking about VNI in ded8.
  • Also, the topic is on “VNI PvE Fit”

so OF COURSE when you answer me I guess you read the title or my post and made an effort to think of its meaning, especially when you didnt specify otherwise before.

I am sick an tired thinking for everyone for free.

You post is full of error AND of aggressivity. Save your time, save ours, don’t post if you are not cool enough to bring something positive to the topic.

No, you were telling us some stories about DED complexes that are not true.

Your words are nonsense. Either you specify WHAT is not true, and why, or you keep your over aggressive and useless judgement for people who are interested in it - if they exist.

You were completely wrong in your statement that there is no boss
You were wrong in your statement that I am playing Wow.

You are wrong in your statement that your behaviour now is giving anything good to anybody. I merely stated than my ishtar fit could not handle the ded8, so a VNI would even handle less, and you are insulting me.

YO Vexor Navy Issue no for the DED complex above 4 /10.

LCARS /Transmission

Should I just buy a Myrmidon instead of a VNI? Myrmidon can handle sleepers, can do better DEDs too, and it’s cheaper than a VNI (for the hull) Also, since I’m Alpha, I’m going to have to wait for heavy drones to be unlocked to allow the VNI to be effective in the first place anyway, so would the Myrmidon be a better choice?

That is very difficult to answer. Both are fine at what they can do and in the case of higher DED complexes, the Myrmidon (or Dominix) is the better choice.

However, you can do all kinds of anomalies in nullsec with the Vexor Navy Issue, just switch to a Myrmidon when you find a DED complex.