Voluntary Cryptomining and F2P Model

Recently, some unethical website operators have made it into the news for running cryptomining as a form of malware embedded in web app components that run without the users being aware of their machines being co-opted. Some approaches are even more unscrupulous.

Turning deviousness into wholesome and diverting past-times is what the EVE community does best.

It occurs to me that MMO networks represent a considerable opportunity for mutual benefit if conducted above board with permission from all involved. Components like the client or a launcher are often left active and idling for long periods of time.

If a user were to select the option to run the crypto mining as a background operation, the developer could well harvest the hashcash generated by the entire participating network. As a reward, the user could receive an ingame token of value, really any sort of incentive to stay attached to the network and active. PLEX tokens are an obvious destination, but other parallels such as what are generated by research projects are also viable.

Rewards might as well be based on some processing metric and of course time spent running the app. That may be unfair, but then also consider that some players might just open a great many clients that are barely processing any data.

I imagine a lot of community site operators might find this worthy of consideration as well.


lol, people paying for electricity to run computers for hours and hours and hours to only get paid HARDLY what they put in… makes no sense to me. Why not just NOT mine and save your money… lol but thats why me. Unless you get a dedicated 1800$ miner machine… its just not worth it. I tried it and made around 10-15$ a month… my electric bill was around 45$ a month btw.

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I wouldn’t be suprised if it is happening already, the launcher particulary…

im closing my launcher now.

One word. Tulips.


This really. Also, if I can’t buy beer with it, it’s not actually a currency.

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And in other news, Eve has decided to abandon their graphical interface and migrate to a text-based interface. Sources cite that it is NOT to free up clock cycles for extra cryptomining.

Ignoring the fact of course that the cryptomining train has come and gone, of course.

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yet people are JUST getting into it lol i wonder if theres a late train, ya know>?

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