Vote Steve Ronuken for CSM 14

OK I’ll tell you this from my perspective as a voter. Over the years I’ve been following CSM so little I may recognize names, link them them to stuff like you Steve to fuzzwork but other than that barely know the candidates. Not know their achievements as CSM at all. Barely know what they do for community outside of what they are known best for. If they are known for anything. Until today, until I was told on one discord I had no idea you are active as a person helping other 3rd party devs.

I never expect ideas to be 100% realized, I know it just can’t be expected. It would even rise red flags to me if there was something like “I promise you” or “I’ll demand from CCP” written in campaign thread.
It’s different if it’s named as an idea or proposal. It shows me what I can expect. And CSM making those ideas happen would be nice but it’s secondary for me.
You are such a strong candidate you may not need this I think. And you’ve got my votes.
But if even ideas are too much, I’d like to at least know what the past achievements are. I know it may make a candidate not do a list of what he said on a Summit because it sounds like boasting and it’s understandable it can be seen as such. But if you for example link Summit Minutes pdf pages and write someting like:

“I was part of the feedback that helped to improve / make more comfortable this” +Summit Minutes link;
“I together with X talked with Y from team Z about issue such and such and it helped to shape this” +Summit Minutes link;
“I proposed this, even if it unfortunately didn’t make it to the game” +Summit Minutes link.
People will ctrl + F the Minutes for themselves to see details.

I just wanna say examples what to expect can never hurt. Personally it’s what I search for in campaign thread. I saw Judge’s thread and he pretty much wrote I made biggest betrayal in the history of the game and I was CSM so vote for me becoming CSM again. Oh nice, null guy doesn’t even say what can be expected. He’ll rewind time and betray CO2 again? How does that relate to other Eve issues?
Or some highsec chick making an essay where she writes in 6+ different ways to visit her blog to get to know her better. She used so much text she could paste her blog fragments into campaign thread for the same length and get better result. Jesus Christ.

At the same time most people tell to vote at all. What am I even voting for.
I wanna vote for Oleca, even though he doesn’t cover any activities I do and he’s on the road for overkill with ideas, which can very well end in none getting a pass. If he gets elected at all. But he put in the effort for details.

Lack of details can be seen as one more thing. CSM has no power it was created for in the 1st place. CCP just needs a focus group for it’s ideas. Me restarting my sp farm to be able to use 2 votes, even though I would otherwise most probably stay alpha for another year, like I’ve been past year, has no meaning at all. And it’s really sad. And all I can do is rely on candidates recommended to me, candidates I don’t even get to know unless I make my own research. Or just ignore the elections like I think most people do. And 1 Oleca is exception that proves the point.

I don’t mean to offend you, like I said you have my 2 votes. I know I can trust you. But overall things seem to look bad to me in CSM and I know it’s not that new really.

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