Walking in stations?

They could have left the CQ and station dock as it was and not continued the rest of WiS.

It was a significant time sink to maintain.

All this is extra tedium for tedium sake, which is the whole problem of CQ. There’s always a quicker more efficient way of doing it.

Why use dev time to draw up a casino with a whole new UI that is only accessible in stations when you can just have a button on the NEOCOM that is accessible anywhere. Which one do you think players are going to use most?

The library idea sounds like tedious minigames trying to justify a feature, rather than the feature justifying itself.

WIS is not going to happen until there is some actual gameplay involving avatars and station interiors. Not mini-games that people will get bored of in 5 minutes, but actual combat and industry etc.

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The game’s 18+ years old, anything “new” is basically a testing feature for other products they’re banking on, not Eve related. Eve is just being used as a technology testing ground.

These 4 words alone cost a ton of money and development time, which is why the original CQ never had it, even when CCP was at its “peak CQ” so to speak during the Incarna launch.

You’re asking for a whole new MMO engine, essentially, one not built to simulate space. Your request here is like asking the developers of GW2, WoW, ESO, New World, etc to add a whole new “second game” where your character in those games flies a Eve-like spaceship in a new area of that game. Just because a lot of MMOs focus on “RPG engines” where characters walk around does not mean it is technically easy nor financially cheap to build this type of game engine.

Your request is also implying asking CCP Games to maintain both of these engines, and develop the proper networking code and infrastructure to have you and other players seamlessly transition between “EvE in space” (the existing space engine) and “EvE walking around” (this new engine). And I bet a plurality of structures have 0 or 1 person inside them at most, so you need even more dynamic load balancing on top of that – compute resources aren’t free after all. And building these hidden taken-for-granted pieces of infrastructure is more $ and more engineering time.

Understandably, naive folks think doubling of game engines means just a doubling of all time/money costs. But 2 engines requires infrastructure between them where there was no between before, so the costs really are 3x or more. From my experience in the software industry, 3x is a laughably optimistic estimate. Plus, CCP is a business, so if it costs more to make, build, and operate then Omega prices only go up.

I’d rather have Walking in Ships.

You want Mass Effect then.

Not when there are players 17 and under. For Pete’s sake dude, eve is rated PEGI-12

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Should probably get rid of the gambling tbh

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You can open a ticket to disable it for yourself.

This gets brought up every month or two by people who never tried it and vaguely imagining it would be ‘cool’. More flashy lights and whatnot would make it “interesting”.

The problem with Captains Quarters is that it contributes nothing to EVE gameplay. EVE is mostly about simulating a large economy in space, with a fair bit of PvE in space and a small dash of PvP in space.

Casinos, bars, roleplay scenarios, “stabbing people in the back”, watching videos, standing in front of your mirror and looking at you new outfit… none of these add to EVE gameplay at all.

As such, people check it out, see there’s nothing there that advances their EVE game, and stop using it. Which is exactly what happened.

And CCP simply doesn’t have the resources to do it even close to well. They put a lot of resources into it before, and barely came up with a one-room demo. Which they couldn’t even maintain.

It sounds cool, it isn’t in practice. It could maybe be good, but CCP doesn’t have the developer talent to make it so.

Forget it. Let sleeping dogs lie.


The problem with Captains Quarters is that it contributes nothing to EVE gameplay.

The view of the ship was the best thing about it, that’s what we want, not some potato on a platter we have now. We have a ship the size of a potato spinning on a platter like it’s in a microwave.

Since it’s a space-ship game with skins etc., I think the point about a different ship view is entirely valid. If you check out the starter sequence of this “Farewell to CQ” video you can see the ship model floating behind the character.

Having different types of ship views, perhaps tied to different kinds of stations, would certainly reflect the EVE gaming experience more than limited 3D pilot models.

Well I am working on a SFM Demo for how this would work so if ccp needed models they can ask me

Not the point but thanks for playing.

Well, I took a gamble :slight_smile:

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Spoiler Alert… No you could not walk in stations.

We had a pointless individual room, that you were originally forced to load up every time you docked, that ground some peoples computers to a halt. No interaction with any other players, just a locked room.
Then enough people demanded a toggle to turn it off, and I am presuming enough people used said toggle.

As stated earlier, you are asking CCP to develop a whole new game, and add it to EVE. If they were going to do that much work, it would be more worth while for them to simply make a new game and sell that separately.


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it could be a possibility with the new game that CCP London is working on.

At least there should be exotic dancers (male and female) and prostitutes (also male and female). Like on those small icons but more defined features.

Obviously dancers would dance, and prostitutes would prostitute (which could be actually only a screen going dark for few seconds and then some lewd sounds playing and some people moaning).

What about some PVP interactions too? Just to keep the Fiction Portal ppl entertained. (Player Fiction - EVE Online Forums)