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Who is Reicher514?
Reicher514 began his Eve story in the fires of a nullsec war. It was the year 2012, and back then he played on a character named Reicher inariana. Weeks after starting the game he received a recruitment email from a corp in Test Alliance Please Ignore. The mail told him that he should join the corp and come out to a place called Fountain. A few weeks later, the Fountain War began. As a newbro, he had no idea what was happening but he did know that something was happening. After the battle of 6VDT, he took a small break from the game.

When he came back to the game he found out what had happened to his old corp, and learned about post-war Fountain. It was in the ashes of Fountain War where Reicher514 would go on to join the group that he would spend the majority of his Eve career with, Spaceship Sammurai. Reicher514 joined the member corp Concordiat after it was recommended to him by his old corps new CEO. He enjoyed flying with them and harassing Li3 in Fountain. He flew with them for quite a while, but then went AFK. He played on and off in highsec during this time.

In 2014 he came back to the game and created the character Reicher514. He gave highsec one more try, but it didn’t work out. He missed nullsec and decided that it was time to make the trip back out to null. He sent a message to the Securitas Protector and join back up with Concordiat. He would spend the next 2 years in the corp.

During his time with Concordiat, Reicher514 decided to try something new. He left Concordiat to form a corporation known as Blackbood Execs. Soon after the corp formed, Reicher514 moved his corp out to nullsec, and they joined the alliance Short Bus Syndicate. Being the CEO of a nullsec corp taught him a lot about what it takes to build, and run, a community within Eve. As the CEO of Blackblood Execs Reicher514 found himself spending the vast majority of his time docked in station running the corp and talking to people. He thought about splitting the responsibilities, but it wasn’t feasible. He also found it hard for the corp to make any sort of isk, and as result, he found it hard to provide ships to the newer players in his corp. In order to combat this, he used isk from his own wallet as well as running corp mining ops in order to be able to afford ship handouts. In the end, he ended up merging his corp back into Concordiat. Running a nullsec corp gave him a deep appreciation for all of the work that people do in order to run, and support, these large groups of players.

Reicher514’s time in Concordiat was never boring. His corp was extremely tightknit but allowed for new people to be a part of it. Concordiat was the main corporation in the alliance Spaceship Samurai. Securitas Protector, the corp CEO, was also the head of the alliance. The corp moved around a lot, and the reasons ranged from, were getting evicted, our alliance died, or we wanted content.

Concordiat was in Spaceship Samurai and was a part of Hero Coalition at the time. Shortly after he settled down in Catch, Pandemic Legion invaded. Spaceship Samurai then merged with Test Alliance Please Ignore and evacuated Catch. They spent a bit of time in Test then ended up joining Confederation of xPIZZAx. Then the alliance died. The corp then moved to Cloud Ring and proceeded to shoot MOA. We were back on our own and pvping to our heart’s content. A few months later, we met Pandemic Horde and joined the alliance. Thus becoming part of Panfam. The corp actually ended up leaving Horde to restart Spaceship Samurai, but they were still part of Panfam.

Reicher514 really enjoyed the PVP content during this time. Fleets were being run daily, and he had space in which he could make money in. This lasted for a bit, but as Reicher514 and his corpmates were having fun shooting ships and making isk, powerful forces were aligning themselves. The drums of war had begun to sound.

In 2016 Reicher514’s corp became involved in World War Bee, or the Casino War. It was the first time that he was knowingly fighting in an Eve war of this size. He and his corp spent a lot of time attacking SMA. Then they joined in helping to camp Saranen.

After the war, Reicher514 and his corpmates went back to doing what they were previously. That being PVP roams and making isk. Reicher514 relied on mining to make his isk and would often spend hours at a time mining in the anomalies with his skiff. This went on for a while, and we managed to build up a sizable alliance capital fleet for Spaceship Samurai. Then PL reset us, and the corp ended up disbanding and folding into Pandemic Horde.

Reicher514 took this as a new opportunity and joined up with Waffles. He lived the life of a lowsec pirate for a while and had some fun times. Waffles then deployed to Providence. The content that Reicher514 indulged in was some of the best fights he had ever been in.

After roughly 6 months in Waffles, he joined Dreddit. He spent the next 2 years in Dreddit and fought in the various wars that Test was involved in. He spent the majority of his time, in Dreddit, hanging out with his alliance mates in the Fleet 10 channel on mumble. The most enjoyable part of being in Test was the comradery, and Reicher514 got plenty of it in Fleet 10.

Reicher514 then received a private message from an ex-director of Concordiat. Apparently, they were getting the corp back together. Remembering how much fun he had last time, he immediately signed on. He put his items up for firesale, and left Dreddit.

In mid 2019, Reicher514 joined back up with the newly reformed Concordiat. They joined up with Slyce, and moved to Etherium Reach. Things were going pretty well, but Reicher514 soon found himself having to spend less time in Eve and more time focusing on his real life job. He did log on occasionally and kept up with nullsec happenings.

Then as if history was destined to repeat itself, the drums of war began to beat once again. This time Reicher514 heard the drums and answered their call.

In the summer of 2020, Reicher514 fully returned to eve with the intention of fighting in this new war and seeing it through to the end. As it stands, he has enjoyed this war and has made the most of it. The subcapital fight have been quite fun. He doesn’t enjoy the actual entosising of nodes, but he just enjoy running around the constellation killing enemy entosis ships.

Then, over a year after the corp has reformed, Concodiat disbanded due to people not having enough time to devote to the game. Reicher514 completely understood the reason why it was done because he is a firm believer in “Real life comes first”. He followed some of his corpmates to Blackwater USA inc and has been a member of the corp since.

What Happened To Reicher514’s Other Toons?
When Reicher514 started playing Eve Online, he was very particular about whats skills he trained on his character. He wanted his character to only fly a particular race of ship. If he made an Amarr character, then that character would only fly and train Amarr ships. The reason for this was not because he wanted to roleplay. He did it because he didn’t want to look at all of those different skills in the same category. However, he found himself wanting to fly ships from other races. This lead to him biomass the character and start fresh. This happened quite a few times, and you can likely still find some of his old characters by searching Reicher on zkill.

Why Is Reicher514 Running For CSM?
Reicher514 is passionate about Eve Online. Whenever he had a bad day, he knew that Eve and its community would always make the day better. Some of his most treasured memories, most of which involve hanging out in Vegas, happened because of his involvement in the community. Reicher514 is running for CSM because he wants the game to do well and he wants others to get as much enjoyment out of the game as he has.

What Does Reicher514 Actually Do In Eve Online?
Reicher514 is currently a nullsec player and is a line member in Pandemic Horde. He’s been actively fighting in World War Bee, and it has easily been some of the most fun PVP content that he has experienced in this game. Granted recently things have been a bit grindy, but Reicher514 is confident that things will pick back up.

When playing Eve Online, Reicher514 will generally multibox 2 - 3 characters. However, during fleets, he will usually only bring 1 - 2 characters, and he will generally focus on flying only one account at a time. The character that he focuses on depends on the situation. Reicher514 enjoys multiboxing because it provides him with the unique challenge of trying to split his attention between his toons. How he divides his attention really depends on the activity. Different activities in Eve Online require the prioritization of different characters and tasks. Figuring out the best way to do this and getting good at doing it is the part of multiboxing that Reicher514 enjoys.

I maintain s small contingent of characters in highsec. I use these characters to engage in a variety of content in high security space. The content I engage in includes, highsec mining, missions running, the Trigalvian Invasion event, and abyssal sites. I have also owned and maintained several structures within highsec. I used these structures as staging points for my characters in highsec and made their services available to other players.

What Makes Reicher514 Uniquely Qualified For CSM?
In real life, Reicher514 works as a QA Tester in the game industry. A big part of his job is providing actionable feedback to developers. The developers would then use that feedback to make the game better. He feels that he could use this experience to benefit the CSM.

What Reicher514 Will Do As CSM?

  • Advocate for more spaceships for our spaceship game
    At it’s core Eve online is a spaceship game. Thus Reicher514 wants to advocate that CCP continue to add more trigalvian, and edencom, ships to the game.

  • Push CCP to create better and more interesting PVE content
    Abyssal content is some of the most interesting PVE content currently in Eve at the moment. The Triglavian Invasion was one of the most interesting events that Reicher514 has ever partaken in. As CSM Reicher514 would advocate for CCP to continue developing more interesting PVE content. This also includes the development of more endgame PVE content as well.

  • Advocate for community engagement, as well as making the community more visible to newer players

  • Amply the voices of my fellow CSM members
    What is better than 1 CSM advocating for something, how about 2. Reicher514 believes that CSM members should work together to get things done and plans to help push the ideas, that he feels will help the game, of other CSM members.

  • Pressure CCP as to why it takes as long as it does to fix certain issues that the community agrees on

  • Push CCP to give more attention to lowsec, as well as faction warfare
    Reicher514 may not be a lowsec player, but he has friends that play and live there. He also heard the grievances of lowsec players, and he believes that CCP should start giving more attention to lowsec, and faction warfare.

  • Encourage CCP to continue iterating on the partnership program

  • Advocate for CCP to continue iterating on structures and their mechanics

Keep CCP On The Right Track
Some of these items are things that CCP is actively working on or are already in the game. As CSM Reicher514 will encourage CCP to expand on and continue working on things that he feels are good for the game and the community. Two examples of this are abyssal PVE and the partnership program.

He believes that it is important the CSM tell CCP about things that they are doing that the community enjoys. The thinking being that if CCP does something that the CSM universally likes, then they will continue to do more of that stuff.

Would Reicher514 Push For Things That Encourage Fights
Yes. Reicher514 loves PVP content in Eve Online. He enjoys everything from small to large-scale fights. He does though prefer the massive super fights above all else though. His second favorite being solo roaming with a battleship. He also engages in the occasional black ops drop. The reason why it was not listed previously is that it is almost a given at this point that a CSM candidate will push for things that foster PVP content. Reicher514 wants to differentiate himself by advocating for more than just PVP.

Reicher514’s Involvement In The Greater Eve Community
Reicher514’s involvement with the greater Eve community mainly consists of him hanging out in various Eve Online discords. The eve-related discords he frequents are a collection of various corp and stream discords. Reicher514 cohosts a show with his friend, Dex, every two weeks called Between 2 Keepstars. During the show, Reicher514, and his cohost Dex, talk about the various happens within eve during the past 2 weeks. He does have a tendency to speak from a place of passion, which can cause things to become bias at times. He loves doing the show and interacting with the community as it is what keeps him playing the game.

Reicher514 also created a discord where you can chat with him and share your ideas and chat with him. https://discord.gg/UnbCJvrpSS

That statement alone disqualifies this person as credible CSM candidate. The invasion was a hideously monotonous, bug-ridden and unrewarding grind fest that had no redeeming value whatsoever.

These are valid criticisms of the event. The fact is that it wasn’t perfect. However I disagree in that the event allowed players the the chance to influence the map. The trade route betweeen Jita and Amarr was cut because players made it happen. Yes there are things that could have been done better, but I don’t think CCP should give up on doing these types of events. They should take the feedback from this event and use it to make the next one better.

You sound like an awesome canidate for CSM.
One thing that brought my attention to you is your idea of more ships, even though I am still struggling with holding onto my Isk lol. I just purchased my first Garmur and two Trig ships. Love those designs. I have an idea for something that my interest you too. Pm me if your interested in hearing it.

Most likely have my vote too.

Some many good people to choose from.

Hey man, thank you so much for the support.

  1. There is no exception to this rule: speaking about yourself in the third person is tedious.

  2. Wall of texting is tedious.

  3. As far as introducing more Triglavian and Edencom ships into the game, since almost all existing ships ended up getting variants, it seems likely that variants of the existing ships would have been part of the original plan or they would be a path that CCP would have already decided to distinctly not take. In both cases your advocacy would be a waste of a vote as your addressing a non-issue.

  4. As to CCP events, I spent two weeks logged out for one recent even and even made an alt that will exist only to undock and play during some of CCPs more annoying annual events.

  5. Invasions are great for many but for some of us it is another hassle that finds us moving out of our home systems to avoid invasion effects that either knife our income or make us easier to kill.

  6. We also don’t need a candidate that ‘amplifies the voices of fellow CSM members’ . What we need are candidates that bring fresh ideas to the table and think for themselves, rather than just doubling down on what someone else has already brought to the table.

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I am a firm believer that in game events are good for the game as they add some variety to the game, Granted, not all of them are perfect, and invasions did make inconvenience quite a few players. CCP should take the lessons they learn and iterate on the events to make future events better.

As for the amplifying of other voices on CSM. Well, why wouldn’t I support things that other CSM members bring to the table that I believe help the game. Take the red dot for example. It took CCP a long time to fix it. Brisc seemed to be the only CSM member that was hounding CCP to get it fixed and it took them over a year to get it done. My thinking is that if there were more CSM members that were housing CCP to fix the red dot issue then maybe it would have been fixed faster.

I made a video explaining my plateform and why I am running for CSM. Honestly, I think it turned out quite well. Feel free to give it a watch it.

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My Interview With CCP CSM16 Candidate Interviews - Day 2 - YouTube

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