Want players to pay more, then give players development control

Dear CCP,

Asking for trust on the development of EVE with your track record is like a drunk uncle asking for extra booze money. CCP has squandered millions on development tangents that yielded EVE players little to nothing, with the greatest failure being “Incarna”. The thing is, players paid for that.

Your playerbase paid for “Incarna”, your playerbase paid for “Dust 514”, of which all mention has been scrubbed from the EVE news archive and your playerbase paid for all the abandoned storylines.

As a player I know that, without adult supervision, CCP will manage to toss any additional funds into an abyss that will yield little to no pearls. So, as a player, I want player control on development spending.

CCP need cash for development, players want a say in what gets developed!

So, my ask is as follows;
A permanent voting system that allows for one vote per paid subscription per month. These votes are cast on development focus and will serve as a rigid framework for developer attention. The top voted issue gets addressed first. The CSM will bring forward the issues to be resolved by the developers and this will be done for the differing focal points separately, so as to give developer love to all of the playerbase and to make sure people vote for the part of EVE they have the largest stake in.

Voting is proposed to be devided in the following categories, CSM will have final say on the actual list this list serves as a placeholder seeking to be inclusive:

  • Highsec
  • Lowsec
  • Nullsec
  • Wormhole Space
  • Lore
  • Triglavian Space
  • Faction Warfare
  • PVP
  • Mining and Industry
  • Ships, Rigs and Modules

Every paying player gets one vote per month. Top voted issue in a category gets fixed first. CSM determines when an issue has been resolved to satisfaction. Once the CSM has determined that an issue is resolved all votes cast on the issue are assumed paid in full and removed with the resolved issue.

Sign on if you agree. Stay on topic since moderators on the forum have been going bonkers with the locking of threads. And moderators, please remove off topic stuff instead of closing the entire thread!


That’s not how game development should work. It’s pretty obvious that this will result in Nullsec being the permanent focus of the game and nothing else because it has the most players. On the other hand, stuff that no one plays because they suck will never get addressed because no player is interested in it.

Developers should listen to player feedback about what sucks. But they should not let them dictate how to make the game.


Most of CCP’s bad decision making is due to player influence. I’m against that.


It’s a company, not a democracy so leverage your wallet/time. Everything else would be a nightmare.


First off, Nullsec getting a lot of developer attention wouldn’t be a deviation from the way things are now. Secondly, by grouping into the different categories and moving through the top vote per category EVERYBODY gets some love.

I can just repeat that I find this a really dumb idea. But there is probably not a lot more to say here.


Their most expensive outings had nothing to do with the core game but were tangients.

Right now it’s whomever screams loudests that one thing that CCP is keen on doing. This proposal, if implemented, would give insight in what paying consumers of EVE really want instead of catering to the whims of CCP and their loudest players and allows for the direction to be structured accordingly.

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It’s a company asking for more money from it’s playerbase. Asking for something in return is the way of capitalism.

No, you are paying for a service, Eve, THAT is capitalisms.

Demanding that they grant “us” control over their product is way above and beyond normal business practices. PA paid a ton of cash for CCP…if you want control, put a bid together and buy it from PA as again, that’s how capitalism works.


Without players EVE is worthless. I am not asking for control, just targeted influence for the playing players.

Too bad the paying customers would only be a minority looking to further their own success and secure it from risk

They have a portfolio of intellectual property, copyrights and trademarks and possibly patents.

People think that about elite dangerous but so many people choose the solo option. Some people like to watch movies, some sports, some like to play sports, then there is the gamer. They like to game. I remember playing the mega man games more than once even though I had beaten them.

I chose mega man because if you break it down. It was pve and very similar to running missions. The levels never changed and the npcs were always the same.

Also, eve online will always have players. Maybe just not players that want to play the way you do. PVP will always be a part of it though

I agree that a modern corporation should voluntarily and submissively agree to become a paytowin faux grassroots democracy, in which all internal corporation decision making is determined by outsiders who can purchase a vote for a modest price. As a sign of CCP’s unconditional surrender, I propose that I be appointed General Secretary of the CSM, and I will make the first priority issue a review of CCP’s revenue stream, pricing, and employee salary. I can assure you that when we are done CCP will be paying us to play EvE Online, as we are the real workers here.


Such a bleak view of the democratic process.

CCP the patent troll? Is that the future you want? An empty husk giving out licences?

There is such a thing as a player threshold below which EVE would become a non-viable product. CCP needing cash on hand this badly means we are close to this threshold.

You are just aprehensive that there might be voting that would make your prefered playstyle a bit harder to execute. :slight_smile:

Well if the players were as smart as they like to claim maybe when CCP was looking into NFTs maybe players should have put two and two together. Instead a minority of players were loudly against that and any alternatives. The players really didn’t leave them much choice. Inflation is real and since the game came out they have not increased their prices while I’m sure they gave their entire team inflation raises since 2003.


This could have been solved by growing the playerbase. This should have been solved by growing the playerbase. The true failing is visible in pandemic times being just a minor uptick instead of a great triomph of welcoming new and returning players.

And the costs of running the servers has decreased over the years. Computing power has gotten cheaper and more efficient to run.