War Declaration Augmentation by LP and Corp Shares


(Pleasure Hub Node-514) #1

Remove payment of ISK for wardecs. Replace with Concord LP bought item (war share) that instantly convert into corp shares (with Concord) that are used by player corps to vote on declaration of wars. Declaring wars spends shares.

I’ve thought for a while that wardecs shouldn’t be paid by ISK, rather a set number of LP bought items called war shares. This change in payment model compels wardec groups to become mission bears themselves or recruit people to do so–putting more assets out in the open to be attacked by other wardec groups or past defenders who see an opportunity to strike during someone’s krab phase.

Trickle-down Wardecenomics

Defenders receive half of the corp war shares attackers use to place attacks or re-up attacks. These corp shares have no ISK value and cannot be transferred in any way other than war declarations. Defenders can use these war shares as a starting pool to build up more shares (either doing Concord LP missions themselves or being WarDec’d multiple times to build war share count) to launch an attack at anyone they choose.

This new model doesn’t prevent an attacking corp from issuing as many declarations as their Concord LP reserves can cover (which is perfectly fine), yet it does encourage more people to be in space and incentivizes defenders to make counter-attacks with the shares they accumulate from being attacked.

LP bought War Shares instantly become visible in the corporation shares window upon purchase by any member of the corporation.

The idea of turning LP into shares is done with the purpose of having people in the corp seeking to declare wars be able to contribute directly to a corporation’s stockpile of war declaration shares, rather than outside alts being able to donate large amounts of LP (if LP donation was a thing) or send shares anonymously.

The ‘give shares’ function is disabled for this war shares. By this mechanic they can’t be sold on the market or transferred to an alt, however corp directors can right click on them and use them to place ‘votes’ on corps to attack thereby ‘spending’ those shares. If you dissolve the corporation you lose any shares stockpiled.

Buying two types of wardec payments with Concord charters/shares:
Clusterwide Wardec (sanctions attacks anywhere in entire New Eden cluster but requires more LP)
-LP earned by any Concord mission agents
-Attacker spends 200 Concord shares to initiate a war declaration cluster wide on corp voted target.
-Defenders receive 100 concord shares for being attacked. Assists defenders to do missions and gather difference of shares to launch their own attack another time.

Regional Wardec (sanctions attacks on a region by region basis and requires less LP to do so).
-LP earned by any Concord mission agents
-Attacker spends 50 Concord shares to initiate a war declaration region wide on corp voted target.
-Defenders receive 25 shares of attacker’s Concord shares.

Share Charters are purchased for 500 Concord LP each.

Leaving a corporation wipes personal reserves of Concord LP.

90 Day Universal Share and Concord LP Wipe
Concord NPC shares and Concord LP accrued either by attackers or defenders are universally wiped the same day for everyone playing Eve Online in increments of 90 days to prevent ubermassive stockpiles (i.e. January 1, 2018 then again on April 1, 2018 etc etc.) The cycle is built in to establish a day or two of reprieve for Concord office agents who want a vacation from filing paperwork for Capsuleer grievances.

(yellow parasol) #2

you want them to run missions? don’t you have a better idea for that part?
why would you force this boring horror onto someone who wants to fight people?

Hiring mission runners, who know they’ll join in on a war, isn’t going to work. And no one would engage the mission runners, if they actually fought back, because then everyone “knows” they’re bait. That means simply using alts wouldn’t work either.

Am i missing something?

(Daichi Yamato) #3

Yeah, mission runners don’t want to wardec and wardeccers don’t want to run missions…

That and this is a very convoluted mechanic…

(Pleasure Hub Node-514) #4

Yes, I am advocating mission running as an integral part to Concord sponsored War Declaration system. Provide value to Concord and organization will sanction your pews. If you don’t want to shoot people in the face in high sec without jumping through a few hoops for Concord go hunt elsewhere.

People will certainly attack them. Strikes against bait ships are still content for attackers and defenders–certainly a little less braindead of an activity than just sitting on a gate waiting for gate fire.

How would that not work? You already offed a solution here. Hired mission runners earn Concord LP (that buys shares) for the wardec corp while being bait who can ping a defense fleet if a war target shows up. Mission bears get to mission and surprise people punchers get to punch.

Concord LP earning activities could be expanded to include law enforcement against suspect and criminal players, however these are inherently intermittent so Concord NPC missions would be much more stable earning pools.

Bear in mind I am also advocating that Concord LP and Concord Shares are wiped every 90 days for balance reasons.

(Jint Hikaru) #5

So this is just a ‘make it harder to war dec people’ suggestion.

Because everything about this is simply trying to make it harder to buy war-decs and make sure there are less and less of them.

(Pleasure Hub Node-514) #6

Number of wardecs an Attacker can levy is only limited by the amount of Concord LP they can earn in 90 days to buy Concord Shares.

Defenders also receive half the shares attackers used to initiate an attack or prolong a war declaration. For example, if an attacking corp chooses Cluster-Wide WarDec, purchased (at starting price) 200 Shares, the defenders are given 100 shares to use as they please. Defenders can use those newfound 100 shares to purchase and place two regional level WarDecs on any corp they like (regional attacks cost 50 shares each). Defenders can become attackers and the cycle of war continues.

(yellow parasol) #7

this is bad, if not outright horrible.

have a nice day anyway. :slight_smile:

(Pleasure Hub Node-514) #8

Thank you kindly for your feedback. :kissing_smiling_eyes:

(yellow parasol) #9

lol, sorry. wanted to add an edit.

the feeling of having to run missions to fight people is horrible. i don’t see anyone doing this. ask wardeccers what they think, maybe i’m wrong. vOv

(Pleasure Hub Node-514) #10

If they really wanted to this system still allows people outside the corp to ‘donate’ shares via wardecs at the behest of their overlords, but it’s very inefficient to do so.

Under this proposal wardec, defenders get 50% of shares used to initiate an attack. The mission running corp could place a wardec on the PvP ‘defending’ corp and agree not to attack during the sanctioned period.

The drawback besides losing half of earned shares is that you still have to run Concord LP missions sites. Competing wardec corps are still going to keep an eye on those systems making it more efficient just to all stay in the PvP corp and divide into two internal teams, a PvP defense fleet and the bait mission runners.

(yellow parasol) #11

i fail at imagining how this works. not sure something is missing, but i guess so. i can’t reproduce it step by step. i’ve read your posts, but it makes no sense. it’s not, because i stopped at “people need to run missions”. the Shares part simply eludes me.

this seems overly complex and makes fighting a grind, which is just bad. i fail to see the reasoning behind this, and wh anyone would actually want this.

(Jint Hikaru) #12

You need the ‘shares’ to be able to initiate a war-dec (instead of the current ISK cost)
To earn the ‘Shares’ that you need to spend, you need to have members of your corp do faction missions for Concord. These missions reward your Corp a set number of shares.

You then ‘spend’ these shares initiating a War-Dec.

If you want mullitple war decs you will likely be forced to run these faction missions to earn more ‘shares’. The kicker being, that it’s likely your corp will need to run missions while actively being under war conditions.

While this does get war-decers away from station-games and into space (which to be honest is not a bad thing), I just can’t see the majority of people who actively war-dec actually wanting to go and farm missions.

IMHO this will likely result in a lot less War-Decs,
Unsupported by anyone who likes to war-dec people
Supported by hisec bears etc.

(yellow parasol) #13

that’s my impression as well. i’ve never understood, why people who don’t do certain things, think they could know how to fix them. sure, his/her priviledge to do so, but i agree, this is not going to change the situation for the better. people will rather start ganking. the 15min GCC is nothjng compared to being forced to grind stupid missions.

and i think he/she seriously overestimates anyones will to run missions, running missions during a war and underestimates how bait ships keep people from engaging.

anyhow, i said my part. modern day wardeccers should say their things here as well.

(Pleasure Hub Node-514) #14

Again, from my own experience bait ships don’t keep everyone from attacking and it’s great content, however life in wormholes may color this perception. #RemoveLocal

(yellow parasol) #15

Yeah, wormholes are really a different beast. :slight_smile:

Good Luck with your idea anyway.

(Lukett MyDabb) #16

The only concept that doesn’t make sense is the 90 day wipe of all concord shares. I like the idea that defenders get concord shares that i’d be convinced some would use for their own devilish purposes. (“hey we got those shares from PIRAT and marmite, you want to wardec those dudes we see in the hs belts near us for lulz?” “HELL YEA”)

But That would mean they’d need to keep them, and formulate the best time to do it.

as for this:

sure, some actual pvp groups wardec so they can get at someone they hate so they have nowhere to run in HS, but for the most part it’s used by groups who solely target people because they can get into as many one sided fights as possible, and it would certainly cut down on that and make wargankers think twice on if they actually are gonna kill someone with their shares that they had to work for.

(Pleasure Hub Node-514) #17

The thought process there was a ‘use it or lose it’ paradigm.

Attackers can’t rest on single month or two of heavy Concord mission grind to sustain themselves for a year of sending war decs from their LP pool. They have to re-up on concord mission LP every so often to supply wardec payments. This is the Bait/Krab phase that wardec heavy groups would be required to put themselves through to fund regional trade hub camps. These groups would have to put themselves in space, with a little more risk, away from station games.

(yellow parasol) #18

you two never wardecced, and fought, anyone… right?

(Pleasure Hub Node-514) #19

Essentially, these groups are also giving away hard earned resources, a portion of war shares, to defenders. That taste may not sit well in people’s mouths, however I do see it as a means of greasing the gears of a war economy.

As you said…

(Pleasure Hub Node-514) #20

I’ve wardec’d incursion runners for the lols before.