War in Ukraine

Russia has paid a big price to capture the current territories in Ukraine and they are unlikely to give them up voluntarily.

Since the start few people in the west has been interested in the war, and if they were, they probably secretly hoped Russia would win.

But things could be changing. As Russia makes advances European and American population may be getting more interested in the war and seeing Russias defeated which means even bigger support coming to Ukraine. Among other things Ukraine will be recieving F16 Fighter Jets this summer.

My point is that Russias recent capture of Avdiika which was alleged to be the most fortified Ukrainian position… Well people think the war is coming to an end. But It may as well just be getting started since interest in the war seems to be increasing among people in the west and Russia would never give up the territories they have captured due to how big of a price they have paid.

It is estimated that capturing Avdiika alone has cost 17,000 Russian Soldiers their lives. But the war as a whole, perhaps 2-3x time that. That is all. Have a nice day.

edit Praying for peace and that it doesn’t get completely out of hand :slight_smile:


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